Shark Birthday Party Favors

by SusanM

Planning a shark themed birthday party? Get your teeth into these fun shark birthday party favors.

Sharks can be a big hit with many kids. So if you're organizing a shark party you'll want some great shark birthday party favors to go into your party favor bags. Luckily there are some really good shark themed favors around. The only tricky thing is finding them. To make things easier and quicker I've collected some of the very best shark party favors.

Classic Shark Party Favors

Shark Party Hats

Party hats have to be the most classic kids' party favor. You can get paper shark themed party hats but I thought these more realistic ones were fabulous. 

Kids will love these shark hats because they're a real novelty hat. They look great. They're fun and playful. they're also a really creative design. Watch the sizing with younger kids though. They might be too big.

Now they are more expensive than normal paper party hats. This would be because of the material and amount of work in these compared to a simple paper hat. So they might not be good for your party budget if you're having a lot of kids as party guests. But you could always give this to your child as an extra gift for their birthday. 

You Can Make Your Own Shark Party Hats Too

Or Try a Shark Hat Craft

You can also make a similar looking shark hat as a party craft idea - not as a party favor. 

This shark hat is very creative looking and fun to make. so if you've looking for craft ideas for your shark party this might be a good one. 

It's an activity that's best for kids old enough to be able to use scissors and glue both safely and well. 


Another Classic Party Favor...

Shark Blowouts

These are another party classic - the blowouts. They can be noisy but the sound of blowouts is one of those traditional party sounds. Kids love these cheap party favors too. 

There aren't many shark themed blowouts. These are the best I could find. They're a cartoon style but not "cute" looking so they're not baby-ish - and we know anything baby-ish looking can get the thumbs down from kids. Their blue color also makes them good for boys and girls. 

They come in packs of 8 so it's easy to collect enough for every child. You can pop these in your party favor bags or put them on the table for guests to see too. 

Fun Shark Party Favors

Shark Bubbles

Kids love bubble sets so these Shark Tank Bubbles are a great idea. They come in packs of 12 so really easy for party bags too. 

Bubble sets last a while so they're good fun after the party (which means they're good value for money). These are also a novelty bubble kit because of the shark design. So they're even more popular with kids.

I would put these on the must have shark party favor list for kids aged 3 to at least 7 years. For kids aged 8 to 9 years you'll know best if they'll be a good idea or not. 

Shark Stickers

I really like the Dover Little Activity Books. All the ones I've seen make excellent gifts for kids and there's a lot of themes to choose from. They even have shark themed ones. 

So I thought I'd feature this little book of shark stickers from the Dover range. It's another great idea for a party favor bag because kids love stickers. They're cheap and good quality too. I've given this sticker book to a friend's son who is a big shark fan and I was very pleased with them (as was he). 

The shark stickers are realistic looking so good for any age group. They're also a great size to put in a party bag. 

Shark Coloring Book

I'm not a big fan of giving kids coloring books. But if you're wanting something bigger that will fill up a party bag without going over budget something like this shark coloring book does work well. Lots of kids love coloring books too. 

This coloring book is realistic looking - so some kids might like it better than others. It will depend on how much of a shark fan they are. I would expect most boys would like it. 

The coloring book has lots of real sharks to color like a hammerhead and tiger shark. There's interesting shark information in these coloring book for shark fans too. 

Funny Shark Party Favor

I have a chuckle every time I see these small shark toys. 

Kids (including big kids) will LOVE these toys. They're cute without being baby-ish and are a real novelty toy to put in a party bag. They are well made for kids' humor too. Even better they come in packs of 12 sharks so they're great for the party budget. 

These are made for kids 3 years and up - but I think these little fellows would even get a smile from adults. So I think they'll be good for any kids aged 3 and up. 

Plastic Toy Sharks

These plastic sharks come in a bag of 6 sharks and are another good ides for your party favor bag.

These sharks are very realistic looking so perfect for young shark experts. The bag has sharks like a great white, a black tipped reef shark and others.

Even though they're cheap they're good quality and made from phthalate free plastic.

If your party budget lets you give every child a full bag of all 6 sharks it would be really exciting for your party guests.

If your budget won't allow this you can also pop one, two or three sharks in every party favor bag. So these plastic shark favors can be matched to how much money you want to spend. 

Shark Books

You would think books would be an expensive party favor choice. But they're not if you look at early reader books. Early reader books are a great price and usually very good quality. They come in Levels or Stages based on reading level so you'll need to pick a book (or books) that will suit the ages of your party guests. If you have a wide range of ages you can also have a different early reader for each age range at your party. 

This shark themed early reader book I've chosen is by National Geographic. It's got some really great photos and interesting facts about sharks for kids. So it's good way to encourage a love of reading in kids who are shark fans. There are other shark themed early readers available too. 

National Geographic Readers: Sharks!
National Geographic Children's Books

Yummy Shark Party Favors

Gummi Sharks

Gummi candy is very popular with kids and adults. So I was really pleased to find these shark gummi packs. 

These yummy sharks are a nice realistic blue with a white underside. They would look great if they were taken out of the packet and wrapped in blue cellophane before you popped them into your party favor bags. That way you can choose how many to give each child too. 

This candy would also give a great look to the party table too. You would just need a plate of these with the other party goodies. 

Shark Lollipops

This is a great looking shark sucker (lollipop). It's blueberry flavored and another fun and realistic looking party favor for kids. 

For safety reasons at a party these are better for older kids. I definitely wouldn't buy them for young kids like toddlers. 

They come as single suckers not in bags so make sure you buy the right amount. But they're cheap to buy, especially when each child only needs one. 

So a fun shark party favor for older kids.

Shark Cookies

I couldn't find any good shark themed cookies that are ready-made. I thought this shark cookie cutter would be handy though. 

Cookies are easy to make, especially if you buy your favorite dough and just cut out the shapes. This is a fun activity that your kids will love helping with. You can them decorate them in any way you like too. You can go for a realistic look or let your imagination run wild. 

Shark cookies would go great on the party table or in your shark birthday party favor bags.

More Party Favor Ideas

Shark birthday party favors for girls that are cuter and brighter than other shark party favor ideas.
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SusanM on 05/02/2013

Thanks. I enjoyed it :)

belinda342 on 05/02/2013

Who knew there were so many great shark party favor options? Thanks for collecting them all together for us!

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