Shiny Leotards For Juniors-Cool Metallic Designs For Dance

by LPerry

When it comes to leotards, there is nothing more dramatic than a garment made from shiny metallic fabric. The hardest part will be deciding which one to choose.

Are you searching for shiny leotards for juniors in cool colors and great prices? Leotards are one of the most basic and functional of garments for students of the performing arts. Not only do they allow a dancer or gymnast full range of motion, they allow her to create a certain mood. The basic black version with long sleeves is considered classical. Camisole styles are modern and fresh. When it comes to finding a leotard for pure visual impact, nothing compares to the reflective qualities of shiny metallic fabric.

Wolf Thong-Back In Attention-Grabbing Gold

Wearing a shiny leotard like this reminds one of  being dipped into a vat of molten gold. Why do gymnasts wear such shiny garments in the first place? When it comes to a public competition, many students can be judged on the appearance of their leotards.

Shiny, reflective materials look amazing under professional lighting.Any type of metallic fabric says that something special is going on. Because these types of dramatic fabrics are not usually worn in a casual way, they make a bold statement.

Way back in the day when I used to wear dance leotards, I looked for those that were cut a little higher in the hip socket area. The higher sides really help your legs look longer and leaner.

Of course, thong styles are not for everyone. And a shiny gold one? Perfect for the ladies who are comfortable in their own skin.

This a very racy, very shiny thong-back style for the VERY confident lady
WOLF UNITARD Sexy Thong Leotard Shiny Metallic Bodysuit

Shiny Leotards For Juniors In Bright Primary Colors

When it comes to amazing color varieties for gymnastics and other types of dance, the choices are endless. There is a wide range of shades, patterns and designs to choose from. You can find great colors on like hot purple and neon pink. Amazon is great because you don't have to spend time going from one dance supply website to another looking for the best deals.

Although professional gymnasts,acrobats and dancers may have their performance costumes custom-ordered, there are great off-the-rack leotard designs available in dramatic, shiny materials that are definitely show-worthy.

Learn more about the NawtyFox Brand

So what if you are not a pro-gymnast or dancer?  Wearing a shiny silver, gold or purple leotard  is simply fun. It breaks up the boring routine of wearing plain garments and makes you stand out in a crowd.

Nawtyfox is a very interesting brand that showcases many different types of leotards and bodywear.
NawtyFox Lilac Scoop Neck Sleeveless Leotard

The Sookie Active Tank Leotard Collection

The Sookie collection is another good option to browse through if you are searching for lots of pretty color choices, a decent price, satisfactory reviews, and a basic cut without extra bells and whistles.

There is something about reflective silver fabric that gives off a cool, sophisticated vibe. It can be more wearable than gold, but that can also depend on your skin tone.

View all the shades in the Sookie Collection

 There is no doubt that the dancer or gymnast who wears super-shiny leotards will never go unnoticed. Fabrics made of shimmering lurex-type materials have a liquid effect that is really cool. They look wet even when dry.

Classic cut leotard with a beautiful metallic shine- comes in 17 different colors
Sookie Active Metallic Sheen Classic Tank Leotard (Ladies)

Metallic Spandex Fabric Catches Light So Beautifully

Leotards That Shine Can Have Multiple Fashion Uses

Way back in the early 1980's, shiny spandex was a huge part of the disco scene. Those of us in a certain age group no doubt remember those skin-tight pants and lame tops that were stretchy enough to spend all night dancing.

Shiny leotards are now a staple for the performing arts and are mainly used for costumes. However, some women wear metallic garments to go out for a night on the town. A shiny leo can look alluring under a skirt and jacket.

Because the body-hugging fit and fabric show off every curve, the confident lady can wear a garment like this with jeans. Because they catch the light, they rev up your complexion.

 Red is amazing and definitely not for a wallflower. The shine makes it that more dramatic and attention-getting.

 This pretty Natalie leotard is available at Discount Dance. You can also check out their full range of shiny styles & colors.

You can find camisoles, tanks, one shoulder cut-outs, long-sleeves, and even hooded metallic leotards in rainbow shades.

The camisole style pictured here also comes in turquoise, silver, gold, and fuchsia.

Adult Metallic Camisole Leotard by Natalie
Adult Metallic Camisole Leotard by Na...
Discount Dance by permission

Fabric Care For Metallic Lycra Spandex Garments

Caring for a Lycra spandex garment isn't really that difficult. Many manufacturers recommend hand washing and line drying them only. However, depending of the fiber blends, you may be able to machine wash on a delicate cycle, then air dry. Using bleach, fabric softeners, an iron or dry cleaning this type of material can ruin the shiny finish of metallic leotards.

5 stunning, shiny long-sleeved gymnastics leotard designs for girls. If you love the look and feel of shiny spandex material in pretty colors, you might love these.
Updated: 02/13/2018, LPerry
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