Shoe Christmas Tree Ornaments

by Digby_Adams

Dear Santa just bring shoes. Make your fashionista dreams come true with these hip and trendy Christmas tree shoe ornaments.

Sex in the City Shoe Christmas Ornament

I grew up in a household where feet were important. My mother used to say people with diabetes have to be careful of their feet and wear the right shoes. There was only one flaw in her argument that I could see. No one in our family had diabetes. But that didn't stop my mother from making sure that I always wore practical shoes that tied for the best support. And these practical shoes were always worn with socks so that my feet would not get blisters and then life-threatening infections.

So did this teach me proper respect for me feet? Nooo. From a very early age, I have just loved heels. the higher the better. Carrie Bradshaw was my idol and I coveted every single pair of shoes that she wore. When she stood in front of a Fifth Avenue shoe store and looked wistifully at a $400 pair of high heels, I was her soul sister.

Carrie was also my inspiration to be a writer. Hmmm. Yes I do know that she isn't a real person. But that was the life I pictured for myself. Sitting on a bed typing a witty column and wearing cool outfits and those shoes. Well I do write for a living. But I still live in rural Maine, not chic Manhattan. In between writing for online sites, I take food scraps out to the compost pile and I chop wood for the fireplace. My shoes are still mostly practical. A rebel day for me is not to wear socks.

Every once in a while my husband and I head to Boston for a weekend in Beantown. Then I get to wear my outfits and my high heals. At least out to dinner and dancing at night. During the day we walk all over the city - and I don't see how Carrie and those other NYC fashionistas survive in those 4-inch heels.

But my husband got the picture and he has quite a sense of humor. So he always finds the cutest Christmas shoe ornaments for me and hangs them on the Christmas tree for me to discover. He was beside himself when he found out that they had Sex and the City shoe ornaments.

Girls and Shoes

Stranger 6

I think he's gotten me almost every one of them - the wilder the better! My miniature shoe ornament collection would rival that of any NYC shoe hound. I love them so much that I hate putting them away on January 1. So I've started displaying them in my walk-in closet. I've put in decorative pegs in one of the walls above my shoe rack.

I just wish that my own shoes looked as good as my shoe ornaments. But when you only spend maybe 5 weekends a year in the big city - and non of them in Manhattan, how many pairs of leopard print heels can a person use? Please don't tell me that I've grown up to be my mother.

Well I do go contra dancing (you might call that square dancing) on a regular basis and all of the ladies in our group coordinate outfits. This year we have a pink theme and I get to wear pink heels. I am in heaven. Now those heels are only an inch or two high. I mean we do dance for several hours. Thank goodness for Dr. Scholls comfort inserts!

I think for the Christmas swap gift this year, I get my co-dancer a pink Christmas tree shoe ornament. The nice thing about Christmas ornaments is that they don't cost a whole lot, so you can afford to go for the glitz. I love the Kurt Adler Christmas shoe ornaments. He is brings his distinctive ornament style to shoes. And yes he designs a lot more kinds of shoe ornaments, that just the Sex and the City shoe ornaments. They are glamorous and everything you've every wanted your shoes to be.

Did you notice that Hallmark Barbie shoe ornament with the pink boxes and shoes. Don't you just love it. This is the perfect girly-girl, shoe-lover gift. Give it to both big and little girls, who dream of shoes the Night Before Christmas!

Zebra Print Shoe Christmas Ornament

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Updated: 11/21/2012, Digby_Adams
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sheilamarie on 09/30/2012

Haha! I love this wizzle! Alas, I can't wear heels at all. Never have been able to. But they sure look pretty and would make great Christmas tree decorations. I love that your husband gives you shoes for your tree.

Sara on 12/07/2011

Who knew! Shoe ornaments? Enjoyed this. Thanks

ethelsmith on 12/03/2011

Hahaha I loved the start of this page. Seems we had very similar mothers. Unusual idea for the Xmas tree, thanls

thepurpleturtle on 11/26/2011

Hanging heals on the tree is very interesting. I think that Shoe Christmas Tree Ornaments are a great way to bring fashion to tree trimming.

boutiqueshops on 11/22/2011

Oh so very cool!

pawpaw on 11/21/2011

Different, but pretty cool.

Jimmie on 11/19/2011

I guess I'm too practical to be crazy about shoes. I am tall and married a short man, so no heels for me. Can't say that I'm sad about it, though. High heels are adorable on the Christmas tree but not on my feet.

Holistic_Health on 11/18/2011

Oh, I know a shoe collector these would be perfect for.

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