Should I hang my head in shame or just go on and laugh?

by barbarab

I started playing "Where's George" but never thought it would come to such a thing as this.

Where's George is a delightful way to track your spending money.

You just have to be prepared for wherever you bills end up!

I started with Where's George in December of 2006 when I "found" my first George. I don't even remember what denomination the bill was isn't that terrible. Even after these years, I have
only found three. Perhaps the thrill of bills and writing on bills is only for a few really off the wall people such as me! Goodness knows hubby does not have a joyful time with this game!

Where's George can be found online under that title. If you live in Canada, it is "Where's Willie!" Well of course, it would be wouldn't it? This is a site that promises you will not go to prison for writing on money, that in fact it is a perfectly legal pastime and can be quite enlightening to see where
your money goes once you spend it. You do not have to buy a stamp but it helps to get your bills recognized supposedly by other Georger's. On the other hand, you could also wind up with your money being shredded should a strictly governmentally minded worker find it. Apparently,
though not illegal (probably because how could anyone catch you doing it) if the bank tellers find it they can turn it back to the federal reserve bank for a newer, non defaced bill.

Poor money, can't ever have any fun. Think of it! These bills are out there on their own, trying to stay ahead of the watchful teller’s eyes and hope they are hit by a Where's George player when
SWOOP comes the hand of the government and shreds them up for dinner! Not even a farewell entering into the databank.


That at least would be something wouldn't it, a lovely eulogy perhaps? To have the government worker enter the bill as its last, that would be too cruel for the players. The bill might
enjoy the publicity but think of the poor human, sitting at their computer desk, opening up their email, seeing they have a Where's George hit. Oh the thrill, the joy of that email!

Only to click on the site and find that the government worker has written, "You will never see this bill again! It has been found by the Federal Reserve and Shredded! The same fate awaits any other bills you send out! You have been warned!"

Worse than this fate however, I never thought to see. Such shame and agony in all my years it never occurred to me.

I had not played with the bill stamping and waiting for a hit in many a month of days when tonight I had that wonderful email saying "Your bill has been entered into the Where's George database!"

I opened it eagerly. Then oh great sorrows, I was shot down so hard, the bottom fell right out of my toes! If there were such a thing that is, having the bottom fall out of one’s toes. The bottom (of your feet) is literally under your toes, therefore there would be nowhere for the bottom of your toes to fall out of would it? Nevertheless, the tears dropped hot, kerplop, onto my chest and with heaving
sobs I cried, "Oh fiver! That you should come to this lowly spot!"

Sorry, that would be a ten spot wouldn't it, not a five spot, a five is always just a fiver, well not JUST a fiver, it’s that it is only that isn't right either...oh forget it, let us just get on with the telling of this sad tale. Sad but true. Moreover, do not, please I beg of you...don't you just love writing a piece full of colloquialisms and cliché has and split infinitives? "I do, really I do"...can’t you just hear that drawl?

Please try to give the poor ole fiver a break and realize once they leave your hands, the bills, like children, are on their to travel that wide world without your guidance. Through my tears I cried, "Oh if only I had known perhaps I could have swayed your track and said don't go down that
road oh Five dollar bill!"

Alas, it was not to be. I read the words the person had entered into the database and will share it here, as a lesson for bills everywhere. Be careful all George's wherever you roam; this could be the last place you see on your journey.


Read This and Weep With Me

This bill has travelled 402 Miles in 2 Yrs, 45 Days, 10 Hrs,
59 Mins at an average of 0.52 Miles per day.  

It is now 402 Miles from its starting location.


No, that is not the sad end of this tale. That is only the distance and time of this tale.


04-Jul-2009 09:34 AM

Bay Minette, AL

Initial Entry

hubby and I on way to swapmeet and man it is HOT! but I have lots of lincolns
and georges to enter and they are all in good shape! come on and hit me!

Yes, that is where FF898---02B (the middle numbers are never shown to protect its innocence/oh if that were but true!) began it's journey, so full of promise on Independence Day. Fitting wan't it, when the end is known...

18-Aug-2011 09:34 PM

Sarasota, FL

2 Yrs, 45 Days, 10 Hrs, 59 Mins

402 miles at 0.52 miles per day

Tattered and used in an adult emporium


There, truth be can only hope poor Fiver does not have to stay!ation.tion.
Wheres George site of my five dollar bill

Updated: 08/19/2011, barbarab
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barbarab on 08/19/2011

oh no!! I don't know how I could do it but I did...I edited the title (left the 'h' out of shame) and it deleted my comment!!! I am so sorry whoever sent it...please forgive my fumbling fingers!I have sent a message off to Chef/wizzley so hopefully he can fix my mistake!

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