Should You Celebrate Father’s Day?

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Mother’s Day was long celebrated but it seems unconventional to say fathers were special and needed to be celebrated too.

Father’s Day celebrations and the history of honouring fathers can be traced back to Pagan origins and the Saint Joseph’s Day in early Christian time but United States owe the modern day frolics.

Can one deny the role a father plays in bringing up of child? A mother is who nurtures the baby in womb and brings it in the world. A father is one who shapes the future of the child by setting up examples, being a role model, being a hero to be followed and providing necessary finances for the family. The role of father is no doubt challenging and demanding. Fathers are contributors to the family’s welfare and well-being. They must be valued, and they stand equal to mothers when a comparison is done.

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Celebrations Days in a Year

Mother's Day vs Father's Day

Many other days such as Grandparent’s Day and Children’s Day are celebrated but not as prolific as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, now the runner up Father’s Day comes close to second but does not supersede Mother’s Day celebrations. Mothers are more popular and have gain a celebrity status whereas fathers are looming in the shadows. Why is this difference so obvious? One needs to see the sweating and work schedules of a working Dad who wants to make the ends meet and never wants any deficit in rearing the child to adulthood.

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Role of Dad

Best Dad Ever

Aren’t Dads the BEST? Dad was the one who held me in his hands probably second or third after my mother after I came into existence. He gave me lessons on how to play soccer, baseball or volleyball. He was the one who taught me how to survive a bully. He was the one backing me when my finances went wrong. He was the one who rescued me when I was caught on the wrong foot. He definitely was the person I could rely upon.

Father’s Day Origin

How Father's Day Came into Existence


While the world was busy celebrating Mother’s Day, Sonora Smart Dodd in Washington who was brought up by single Dad wanted to give a token of appreciation to her own father. He was a war veteran from the Civil War. Sonora’s mother died giving birth to her sixth child. Her Dad a widower and a former farmer took care of all the kids single-handedly. This brilliant humanitarian idea was taken up by Dodd’s Church which honoured her father along with all the churches in the Spokane Ministerial Alliance. In 1972, the US government decided and authorized to celebrate the third Sunday in June every year as Father’s Day.

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Gifts for Father’s Day

What Gift is Best for Pop?


A lot of kids give handmade gifts to their fathers. If you are one who is short of time but can afford to buy expensive gifts, you ought to present him something to be cherished. For once pamper him to the brink of overflow. Do not neglect giving him gifts. A necktie, photo frame, coffee mug, Father’s Day cards are some of the common gifts. Golf clubs if he plays golf, fishing rod if he loves fishing, home tools if he loves to fix, gardening tools, music player, DVDs, instruments if he enjoys music and a lot of gifts can qualify for this special day if your father is one who has one of these hobbies.

Which father would not love the devout attention? Make this day incredibly special for him.

No matter how minimalist is your father, he would love to get a Japanese or German knife if he loves to cook or use it as some kind of tool. Humble and hand-written, customized cards are always handy. A gesture from you is what really is needed. A family vacation, a spa, a movie or a baseball game, anything that you remember and appreciate his presence is welcome.

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History of Father's Day on YouTube

Why do we Celebrate it?
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WriterArtist on 05/30/2023

DerdriuMarriner - I think giving cash or gift certificate is a good idea. One can buy anything - a grocery item, a mug of coffee or just save it for a rainy day.

DerdriuMarriner on 05/09/2022

Revisiting your wizzley brought to mind something that I'd meant to say, through a second comment, after the first reading and shared reaction.

In particular, I like your suggesting, in your last sentence, as a gift "A family vacation, a spa, a movie or a baseball game, anything that you remember and appreciate his presence is welcome."

What would you think if additionally one gives one's father at least $20 to do or get whatever he likes?

Veronica on 06/11/2021

A very good idea for an article.

I think we should celebrate everything possible including Father's Day.
It is easy for the hard work that men put into child support and child-rearing to be overlooked by a woman's contribution.
In the UK father's day is June 20th this year. As our wonderful BSG suggests, we are going for a simple lunch to a local Italian. My husband wants no gifts as such. A meal with his children and grandchildren will suffice.

DerdriuMarriner on 06/05/2021

WriterArtist, Thank you for all the practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.
In particular, I like the gift basket because it can be a grouping of anything that he likes: not just favorite eats with favorite drinks but also, for example, favorite colors as clothing or favorite sports as golf equipment and golf wear.

blackspanielgallery on 06/03/2021

Celebrations of such days need not be lavish, a simple meal as a family in a modest restaurant does well.

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