Side Tables with Lamps Attached

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End tables with attached lamps and floor lamps with tables like these work overtime in your space, adding much-needed light and storage.

In both large rooms and those spaces where floor space is at a premium, adding 'double duty' pieces make good sense while adding to your overall decor scheme.

The great thing about these simple to sophisticated end tables with lamps attached and floor lamps with attached tables are a real boon for us avid readers and hobbyists who need adequate lighting and a place to accommodate our accoutrements (fancy word for 'stuff').

No matter your decor style, there's a side table with an attached lamp or floor lamp with an attached table for you to light up your indoor world in a warm glow you can appreciate in both form and function.

Scroll down for a peek at these double-duty lighting and end table solutions along with my helpful tips for appointing just the right piece for your favorite space.

The Many Styles of Reading Lamp Tables: What's Your Style?


traditional end table with attached lamp and magazine rack
End Table with Build-in Attached Lamp & Magazine Holder Rack Oil Ru...
space-saving end table with attached lamp and magazine rack

Small living spaces are more and more becoming the norm rather than exception, so it's a good idea to make each piece count more than once, like having added storage, having more than one purpose and consuming minimal floor space.

I like the all-in-one features these end/side tables have with their attached lamps, drawers and/or shelves to boot. If you need the extra storage, the bottom shelf will do nicely to house books, remotes and other small, hard to find items that seemingly go astray on a whim.

Add natural weave baskets and fill with remotes, keys, reading glasses - whatever your need is.

Or, if you're quite the decorator type, consider adding decorative vases, candles and other, related items in threes upon the shelf or table top. Really, you have any number of choices to add form or function to your space. It's all about you!

end table with attached lamp and magazine rack
End table with attached lamp and magazine rack

Hmmm: Is 'it' a floor lamp with attached end table . . . or an end table with attached lamp?

swing arm floor lamp with attached glass tray table and white shade
Swing-Arm Floor Lamp with Attached Table: Side Table and Floor Lamp

You might have already decided on either a table or floor lamp, or after having seen both, here, you may be undecided.

Your intended purpose for the lamp and attached end table, decor, floor space and cost are all considerations when weighing your options.

While it's a bit of a flip flop: an end table with attached lamp or a lamp with attached end table, your allotted space should carry the most weight in your decision. The floor lamp, here on the left features a small table that's ideal for readers' books and glasses. Obviously, a side table with an attached lamp like those above, provides the most storage for more involved activities.

Luckily, both lighting solutions have many style options and price ranges. I included several different decor genres as we go along.

Traditional Style End Table with Attached Reading Lamp

How Do You Read?

Just as you would shop for a massage chair or remote controlled recliner, your reading habits have more to do with what style end table with an attached lamp you ultimately settle upon.

Are you one who needs a lot of ambient lighting when reading? If so, you'll want to steer clear of an uplight, where the lamp shines toward the ceiling--not good.

Like me, do you have a ritual like sipping hot tea or piping hot coffee while tackling that page-turner? What about reading glasses? Consider a floor lamp table with a more-generous tabletop to corral your accouterments.

Hopefully, by now, you've settled on your new table's style and usefulness and are able to narrow your playing field by a wide margin.

Adding Storage to Your Space - End/Side Tables with Attached Lamp and Magazine Rack


popular styles of traditional end tables with attached lamp and magazine rack

The section here, is a popular topic: storage solutions.

This floor lamp will fit nicely between two chairs in your common living space, as the swing arm can be adjusted wherever the most light is needed.

The table's lower level features an attached shelf and the bin-like wood trim corrals those slippery magazine stacks, while keeping your faves at-the-ready and within arm's reach.

The lamp's pleated shade makes for a better fit in bedrooms and the tabletops dark finish is easy to meld with your existing pieces. 

This end table is the more natural wood finish, while those below are a few other options so you can work them into your existing furniture pieces.  

oval side/end table with attached lamp and magazine rack
Oak finish wood side table with attached lamp and magazin...

Narrow Space-Saving Reading Lamp Table with Swing Arm and Attached Magazine Racks


Narrow Space-Saving Reading Lamp Table with Swing Arm and Attached Magazine

The oval tabletop in a dark wood finish will fit in nicely as an attractive addition to any space where floor space is at a premium.

Like the other side table lamps with swing arm reading lamp I talked about earlier, you've the option to bask in the downward glow while reading.

Plenty of room below deck to keep reading materials in place without the fuss of a formal arrangement. Indeed, this reading floor lamp is the quintessential 'form meets function.'

Don't you love its cherry finish?

As shown in the enlarged picture above, The narrow oval design lends to its versatility while the fluted shade will work in both bedrooms and common living areas.


Somewhere In Between Decor

Transitional style is a go-between genre; it's not quite traditional or contemporary. These pieces are a good investment if you tend to redecorate more often than average, as the genre can conform to either of traditional or contemporary.

You'll simply need to stress one style with accessories and/or wall art if you want to change face in your room.

This transitional style floor lamp has distinctive elements: wood and iron that are virtual chameleons in the decorating world.

I recommend a floor lamp with table attached much like this one where you have nondescript furniture pieces, like solids and neutral tones that can transform with a few changeouts. You'll definitely realize a great 'return on your investment' using transitional pieces

Mixing Elements for Depth

I'm lovin' this modern marvel of a side table with attached lamp and its linen shade.

It's these three elements: wood, metal and fabric that add depth and interest in one, tidy package. The linen shade has the modern, tell-tale clean lines and the wood adds warmth to any hard-edge space.

The lamp is topped with chrome, adding that final edge for a layered look that's simple, sleek and sophisticated.

While this end table's wooden base looks a bit rustic, you can add that WOW! factor with a deep pile white, shag or flokati rug underfoot.

Or, for a different look, consider an authentic cowhide rug. The sky's the limit!

Modern design can employ these three elements quite successfully, opening the door to a infinite number of combinations, color and texture being incorporated into one room.

Your Decorating Budget: Keeping Things Reasonable


Budget-Friendly Side Tables with Attached Lamps

When decorating, it's easy to get enthused and lose sight of your budget; I've done just that, myself. Having the internet at our disposal is a real boon, as we can always find a more reasonably-priced alternative if we look earnestly.

I was happy to find these end tables promising the same warm lighting, storage and form. You may have to make some allowances with cheaper tables but if you're not hard on furniture, chances are you'll do just fine with less-substantial pieces like these.


Wood Finishes: Keeping Your Space Cohesive

While it's true these end tables with reading lamps are not your room's primary contributor, it's a good idea to keep your furniture finishes as close as possible in support of your decor.

Obviously, you won't find a carbon copy of your existing pieces but a dark wood finish in a similar style should suffice pairing with your living or bedrooms. You might tie the lamp table in with another table or nightstand by placing like accessories on each. One example might be a conch shell for each table; this way, you'll have some cohesiveness in your space.

Remember, in decorating, less is often more.

Updated: 08/07/2015, HomeArtist1
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Mira on 05/15/2015

These side tables with lamps are a great idea.

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