Skateboards for Girls

by lou16

As more and more girls turn to skateboarding it’s good to find some cool skateboards for girls. Not all girls want skulls and flames on their decks after all!

Some Great Skateboards for Girls

Girls Skate Too!

My daughter first got on a skateboard when she was about three – she really wanted one and so with trepidation we brought her one.   I had visions of broken bones and tears, hubby had visions of showing off his skateboarding skills and passing them on to our daughter.   Turns out his skills weren’t into tricks, but merely staying upright on the board for a few minutes!   My daughter thought that she just had to be on the skateboard and she was skateboarding so she sat on it and had the time of her life!

The skateboard was put away after a few weeks and new interests were found, a couple of years later the skateboarding bug bit again.   This time it was fuelled by a next door neighbour with a skateboard and dd learnt how to actually skate properly.   No broken bones and only a few grazes and we’re all happy except she wants a cool deck!

Luckily for my daughter I know about a great print on demand site called Zazzle which offers a range of great skateboards for sale including some great skateboards for girls whether they want classic girly designs or more of a gothic punk design.

Pink Skateboards for Girls

I don’t imagine many boys would like a pink skateboard, but I know a few girls who would love one.   My daughter actually thinks the pink skulls deck is the best one out of the following so maybe they do still want skulls and flames, but with their feminine touches on the designs!

There are so many different pink skateboards for girls available that I had trouble narrowing it down to just three so I cheated and added some in other sections!

Purple Skateboards for Girls

I love purple and if you have a daughter you’ll know that most girls go through either a pink or a purple stage as they grow up, sometimes both.   My daughter has always loved them both equally, but my eldest two nieces were both solidly in different camps – Camp Pink and Camp Purple.

Let’s have a look at some cool purple skateboard decks, it was hard to narrow it down to three so I've added a few in other sections too!

Which is Your Favorite?

Of course there’s more to skateboards for girls than just pink and purple, but here’s one last purple one that sums up a girl skateboarder’s thoughts really well – silly boys, skateboards are for girls!   It kind of reminds me of the rhyme my daughter used to chant with her friends – Girls rule, boys drool – in fact that might look good on a skateboard as well.

Click on the skateboard for a larger image and you'll make out the words easier - I think my daughter prefers this one to the goth princess skull designs now!

Girls Skull Skateboards

Some girls do love skulls, but we can find goth punk princess skull designs that also say I’m a girl, but I still love skulls.   If you don’t believe me check out these cool designs from Zazzle.

I'm going to come right out and say these are seriously cool, they're almost enough to make me want to take up skateboarding myself, but my lack of balance could be abit of a problem.

There are literally millions of different designs of skateboards on Zazzle which I find mindblowing in itself, but it does mean that no matter what things your skater girl likes there is bound to be a board for her.   They come in a range of different sizes and the decks are made of North American Maple.   They come with what I am told are the highest quality components otherwise known as Ricta wheels and Independent Trucks – this means nothing to me, I just think they look cool!

Not only are there different sizes of skateboards available, but there are also three different types which are called – Comp, Mini and Old School.

The Comp skateboards are supposed to be the best shape and construction for all terrains, basically think perfect competition skateboard and this is what they are.

The Mini skateboards are basically as they sound a scaled down version of the Comp skateboards, still made with the highest components so you’re still talking a top quality skateboard.   Looking at some of the girl skateboarding sites I would suggest that these boards are ideal for girls aged 5-11.

The Old School skateboards are a different shape, to my non-skater eye they look more like a surfboard than a skateboard!   These skateboards are what is referred to as a 70s retro style and they have a pointed nose with a tapered tail.   Personally I think they look the coolest, but my daughter would probably take one look at one and say – what the?

Unicorn Skateboards

I’ve always thought there was something magical about unicorns, but I think that might just be a female thing which is why these unicorn skateboards make great skateboards for girls.

One of the great things about buying products through Zazzle (besides the 100% satisfaction guaranteed) is that a lot of the designs are able to be customized to suit.   If you don’t see a design that jumps out at you, make your own!   It really is simple to do so if you are buying a skateboard for someone who skates you can always add a montage of photos of them doing different skateboarding tricks – how awesome would that be?

Zazzle also offers licensed skateboards including some from a number of musical acts, as well as television shows such as iCarly -

More Skateboards for Girls

Let's face it if there's one thing that a girl loves it's choice, so here's a few more for you to choose from.   If you enjoy skateboarding there's actually nothing that says you can't have more than one board.......I'm just saying!

There are so many cool skateboards for girls available on Zazzle that it was hard to narrow it down to these few here.   I may have to create more selections for you at a later date so if you’re searching for skateboards for yourself, daughter, friend etc then be sure to bookmark this page and call back again to see what I have in store for you.

All of the skateboards on this page are available through Zazzle and I have always liked the quality of their products – their printing process is fantastic.   The designs are printed to the highest standards with the brightest colors, sharpest images and most importantly they will stand up to the toughest of skating.  

The 100% satisfaction guaranteed promise that they offer shows that they really stand by the quality of all of their skateboards which is reassuring.

Updated: 05/31/2012, lou16
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sheilamarie on 07/22/2011

Sounds like a lot of fun! I'll bet lots of girls will want one of these!

Holistic_Health on 07/19/2011

This is a great idea. So often when boys dominate a sport, the gear is done in a way that doesn't make girls want to attempt it. Cool!

WordCustard on 07/19/2011

Oh this is a cool selection of girl's skateboards! I like the way they have plenty of attitude but with a feminine twist. I was also laughing at your family story in the introduction, I'm glad your daughter finally surpassed her dad in skateboarding skills! :)

mandeesears on 07/19/2011

I remember being a bit cautious when my daughter asked for one too! Her first was not near as nice as this great collection to choose from.

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