SLAP Watch Brand Watches

by Regi_B

It took Europe. It has taken the U.S., but I am writing this because I think SLAP Watches are pretty cool -- whether they be for kids or adults.

If you are here reading this, you most likely know some of "the what" about the SLAP Watch.

This article is intended to give people more of that "what", as well as some of "the why", with a little info on "the how" to buy a SLAP Watch.

If you like what you see, please let me know. Also, if there is anything I can add for you, please "slap" me a comment at the bottom.

And now, on with the SLAP Watch info!

The SLAP Watch Origin Story

I know some "youngins" will read this, but no doubt most who come by this article will recall something of the 1990s, and for some, one piece of that something will be the slap bracelet. Kids wore them, and they were a big deal for a while. The Germany-based makers of the SLAP Watch thought why not update the band to medical-grade silicone (as the old slap bracelets offered something of a vinyl covering) and make room for a snappy, quality watch? Hence, the birth of the SLAP Watch in 2010. Today, SLAP Watches are part of pop culture in the U.S., and are sold to kids and adults alike -- and perhaps, are here for a bit of a stay.

SLAP Original in Cardinal Red
SLAP Original in Cardinal Red

SLAP Watch Colors

One of the elements that makes the SLAP Watch "happen" is the interchangeable nature of the product. Sure, you can buy one watchband with one timepiece and never separate the two. Certainly, you do not have to do that.

Perhaps, you want to wear your alabaster white watch in your electric blue band today. And maybe tomorrow will be a day to wear pop star pink with camo green. With SLAP brand watches, you can do just that sort of mix and match.

Indeed, SLAP Watches come in a range of colors with catchy names, like:

Models of the SLAP Watch

There is no one SLAP Watch. In fact, with mixing and matching, there are technically thousands of SLAP watches. That said, the company names a few models, like so:

SLAP Watches may be a fleeting thing, or perhaps they will be here a while. When I look at the brand's models, I see something designed with attention -- and not cheesy. (It will be interesting to see if I will think that a year or two from now.)

Buy a SLAP Watch Online

Finding SLAP Watches for sale online is not hard at all. I have included links to online purveyors of SLAP Watch models in this article. The largest companies selling SLAP Watches online are Zappos and Amazon.

May your SLAP Watch shopping experience be a good time! ;-)

Updated: 02/22/2012, Regi_B
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