Slovenian Greatest Poet France Prešeren

by tomaz

One of the greatest Slovenian poetry writers, disrespected in his own time, becomes a legend in this time!

Trough centuries people are creating poetry. They’re writing it to entertain people, to express their feelings or maybe they’re writing it just for their own pleasure. But poetry is art and many people nowadays enjoying it very much. So that’s why Slovenian people are really proud of one man, called France Prešeren.

Who was France Prešeren?

France Prešeren was Slovenian greatest poetry writer. He introduced a lot of different poetry genres to Slovenian nation, so culture there was raised to the European level. Today, Slovenian people represent one of his songs as Slovenian national anthem and every man, women and even child know him and more important - respect him for what he did for Slovenian culture.

France Prešeren was creating in Romanticism, so that’s in 19th century. His songs are talking about unfulfilled love, and friendship, well they're generally talking about life. He also worked as a lawyer and that was his first job. He wrote his poetry collection book, and he never really wrote for money. In his later life he married Ana Jelovšek and ‘forgot’ about his first love Julia Primic, who was unfulfilled love of his life thus most of his songs were written for her. His life has changed a lot, when one of his best friends, Matija Čop, died.

He died in February 1849, at the age of 48. On his deathbed he confessed that he had never forgotten Julija.

Something about Slovenia

Slovenia is a small country in central Europe. The country is famous for it`s natural beauties and other attractions. Slovenia was once a part of Yugoslavia, but those countries separated in the year 1991, when Slovenia also became an independent republic. As we’re talking about France Prešeren, we have to mention that he wrote the poem ‘Zdravljica’ (English: ‘A Toast’ ), which became a Slovenian national anthem.

Where is Slovenia?

France Prešeren then and now

France Prešeren came from a farmer family. As a child he was showing great potential, so his parents decided to provide him with a good education. He enrolled at the University of Vienna, where he studied law, against the wishes of his mother, who wanted him to become a priest.
But despite all hit talent and smartness he had a weakness. He loved alcohol. Because of that weakness, he became really disrespected by the people, and everybody knew him as a drunk. Even his poems were not really popular in his time. He died young and poor without anyone knowing what he he did for their culture.
Now he is well known in Slovenia and also in the countries aboard. Children learn about him in school, Slovenian people are celebrating ‘culture day’ every year on the day he died, lots of streets were named after him and there’s also a big statue of him in the capital of Slovenia (Ljubljana). Once disrespected, but now he is one of the biggest legends in the history of Slovenia.

Updated: 07/11/2012, tomaz
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