Soccer Birthday Party Favors for Girls

by SusanM

Many girls love soccer too. So here's some great soccer birthday party favors for girls.

Soccer isn't just a sport for boys. I know many girls that are soccer fanatics. So if your daughter is one that loves soccer you'll want some great soccer party favors that are good for girls.

Some of these soccer party favors will be good for girls and boys. This makes it easier to create party favor bags if you'll be having boy and girl party guests. The rest of these party favors are 100% perfect for girls who love soccer but they probably won't impress boys so much, unless they're preschoolers.

Soccer Ball Party Blowouts

Blowouts are a classic party favor, so it's great to see them in a soccer design.

I loved these soccer blowouts not just because they have a big soccer ball but because their  background color is green. It's the perfect color to symbolize the green of soccer fields.

Of course a party favor like this is great for boys and girls so you can pop them into all your party bags. 

They come in packs of 8 blowouts so you'll probably only need 2 or 3 packs. Too easy!!

Soccer Balloons

These balloons are a very cool favor for a soccer themed birthday party. They're also another classic party favor to include in your party bag. 

These are of course good for both boys and girls. I've tried to choose a few of these types of favors so you don't have to gather two totally different sets of birthday party favors if there will be both girls and boys at the party. It's so much easier to have some favors that are good for both.

Soccer Ball Stickers

Stickers are another essential. Kids can be disappointed if there aren't stickers in their party bag.

The foam soccer ball sticker shapes are good for boys and girls. They also come in packs of 55 stickers so you can give each child a handful without having to buy too many packs.

I've also added some sticker choices below that are more girly. You only really need to put one of these stickers in a party bag because they're special looking - but if you can have two or 3 stickers in different girly designs it's even better. 

Soccer Beanie Baby

Beanie Babies are very popular and not too pricey. So they're a good idea for a party favor bag. 

Luckily there's a soccer themed Beanie Baby - Kicks the Bear. He's a nice soccer field green and a cute choice for girls.

He's also a nice pick for a preschool boys' party favor bag, but I don't think many older boys would be too pleased with this cute and girly party favor.

Inflatable Soccer Balls

The color mix of these 12 inflatable soccer balls makes them an interesting party favor. The pink is perfect for girls - but not all girls like pink. So it's good you also have a few other colors like the light blue to choose from in the pack.

If you don't have many boys at your party this favor would work well for all your guests too. A blue or a white ball would be good for a preschool boy - up to about a 7 or 8 year old.

Soccer Book Favors for Girls

You can get some low priced books that work well as party favors in beginner or early reader books. The trick is to match the level of the book with the age of your party guests. 

This Pinkalicious book is a cute example of a book for girls who are learning to read. It's a Level 1 book but I've found the Pinkalicious books are on the harder side of their marked reading level. So it's probably a Level 1 to 2 book. I thought this was a good choice for younger girls because it focuses on GIRL soccer players. Not boys. This is perfect for a girl's soccer birthday party. 

Novelty Soccer Ball Erasers

Girls usually love taking novelty stationary to school. While preschool girls feel grown up when they're given a special "school item". (Although I don't think these are good for children younger than 4 years of age. 5 and up would be a good age group.)

This is a party favor that's good for even older girls because it's not baby-ish or too child-like. The bright colors also give a colorful feel to this novelty. This stops the birthday party favor bag from looking boring with just black and white soccer favors. 

You could give each girl one eraser but I think it's best to give each girl the full packet. That way they get the full effect of the colorful erasers.

Soccer Ball Keychains

This soccer keychain is another good choice for an older girls' soccer party favor.

Novelty keychains are popular with girls and they're great for a school locker, bike lock or home door key. So they're a useful favor that will be used after the party too. That's always good. 

Many boys will also like these soccer ball keychains so they're another easy favor you can pop in all your party bags - as long as your party guests are old enough for a keychain.


Soccer Party Favor Treats

Chocolate Soccer Balls

Chocolates are always popular as a party favor and you can get soccer themed ones. This is another party favor that everyone will love too.

These come in packs of about 80 chocolates so it's easy to grab a handful to pop in a party bag. If you're worried about them dropping out of party bags you can wrap them in clear or green cellophane to keep them together and tie them with a colorful ribbon. Of course if you want to add some color to your party bags pick something like a nice pink or purple cellophane wrapping to make it more girly. 

Soccer Ball Cookies

Cookies are another favorite you can easily drop into a party bag. These cute soccer ball cookies are fun for everyone. They come in packs of 24 cookies too so you'll probably only need one pack to put a cookie in everyone's party favor bag.

Make Your Own Soccer Cookies

If you'd rather make your own soccer cookies you can do this with a soccer ball cookie cutter. 

Making your own cookies lets you put more than one cookie in each party bag without spending lots of money. You can also make girly looking cookies by using colorful icing like pinks, purple and yellow. You could even make rainbow colored soccer balls. That would be a great idea if you think your party bags are looking at little bland with all the white, black and green.

Soccer Ball Lollipops

These are cute soccer ball lollipops that you can pop into a soccer birthday party bag for girls.

They come in packs of 3 but you only need to put one in each bag. But it will make the lollipop and the party bag more exciting if you wrap it in colorful cellophane and tie it with a matching ribbon. 

More Party Favor Ideas

Great ideas for arts and crafts birthday party favors for girls
Updated: 01/30/2013, SusanM
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