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by MuminBusiness

Do you love SodaStream and maybe have a soda stream Soda Maker? Well, Have a look at the Soda Mixes all in one place.

Are you saving money on your sodas? At an average of 25cents for each can of Soda, a Soda Stream Soda Maker is definitely a winner.

Think of all the bottles you are saving. The planet already thanks you but if you are the manager of a family that loves Soda then your bank balance is thanking you and that is what you will feel the most immediately.

You now have a SodaStream Soda Maker so what to do with it?

If you got one of the suggested Soda Makers then you already have what you need to get going, however you could also get a whole range of flavors to suit anyone’s needs.

The other thing about using the SodaStream collection of flavors is the fact that for every 100 calories of mainstream sodas you or your family would consume, usually a SodaStream alternative would only contain a third of that. Also in terms of sugar and carbs and fat, SodaStream comes out healthier against them all.


Cola Soda Mix

Create your own Cola drinks right in the privacy of your home.  Take a look at how much healthier your home-made drinks will be.

Are you based in the UK, then get your Cola Soda Mix

Cherry Cola soda Mix

Depending on your taste buds, this could be lovely or horrid.  Only buy if you already enjoy the Cherry Cola Taste.  

From the UK: There is no Cherry Cola Flavor but you can get Cherry which does taste pretty good.

Cranberry-Raspberry Soda Mix

Here we have Cranberry - Raspberry Soda Mix.  A great one for the ladies - Our insides love cranberries.

Only 36 calories a serving, and 50 servings in each bottle.

If based in the UK, then get your cranberry/raspberry mix in the UK, otherwise, just click on the image and get your Sodastream soda Mix sent directly to you.

Dr Pete SodaStream Soda Mix - The Dr Pepper Lookalike

This Dr Pete, a take on Dr Pepper, tastes like Dr Pepper. So if you like Dr Pepper, this is definitely one to try at home. Have as much as you like for a fraction of the price.

Unfortunately for UK Dr Pepper lovers, there is no alternative in the UK (yet!)

SodaStream (Soda-Club) USA

Other Regular Soda Mix Flavors From SodaStream

There are quite a few of the regular flavors.  All of them come with 50 servings in each bottle so they do represent value for money when compared with store-bought soda.

Here are a list of the flavors.  Just click on the name or image to get them.

Cream Soda

In the UK, then obtain your SodaStream Cream Soda.

Fountain Mist (like Mountain Dew)

Ginger Ale

Lemon-Lime (Equivalent to Sprite)

If in the UK, obtain your Lemon-Lime.


Root Beer




Lemon Iced Tea


In the UK, get your lemonade soda-Mix

Peach Iced Tea

UK SodaStream Lovers

Most of the flavors are available on Amazon and you can obtain a sampler of 12 separate flavors.  Have a look by clicking here.

I have linked also to a few of the flavors above that can be obtained in the UK.  I hope that helps.


SodaStream (Soda-Club) USA 468x60 Static

A funny Take on SodaStream

Diet SodaStream Soda Flavors

Sodastream also has a range of diet flavors which include

  • Cola Free
  • Diet Caffeine Free Cola
  • Diet Cola
  • Diet Fountain Mist
  • Diet Pink Grapefruit
  • Diet Lemon Lime
  • Diet Ginger Ale
  • Diet Orange
  • Diet Root Beer
  • Diet Green Tea ( in a range of flavors)

And more.  Take a look over here to see the full range of diet flavors available to you.

Energy Drink from SodaStream

Get some energy the more natural, cost-effective way.  Sodastream has produced a flavor that is similar to Red Bull and works in the same way to impart energy to you the consumer of this lovely product.

There is a diet and a regular version of this.  Both of them can be obtained by clicking here

MyWater Essences from SodaStream

These are great flavors that just enhance teh taste of sparkling water.  They are not the full blown Soda Mix flavors.  They give a hint of flavor to water making it even more refreshing to drink.

The Flavors available are 

  • Raspberry
  • Lemon/Lime
  • Mint
  • Orange (which comes in April 2012)

To obtain it in the UK, click here

For everywhere else, just click on the image as you have been doing above.

SodaStream USA No Batteries Banner 4

I hope you can see just how versatile SodaStream is.  They have made flavors that suit everyone and created a kitchen gadget (Soda Maker) to be proud of.

Save money, Save on waste, Save our Planet, Get Sodastream.

SodaStream Video

Updated: 06/03/2015, MuminBusiness
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MuminBusiness on 03/20/2012

ha ha! They still do make them and I suppose some love it and some hate it! We Love it!

brettb on 03/20/2012

My god, do they still make these? I remember them from the 1970's. Cola never tasted so foul lol :)

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