Spa Breaks in Europe

by EliasZanetti

This is a post about famous spa towns around Europe and the pleasure of body treatment across some of Europe's finest destinations...

Modern way of life can be so tiring. I guess many of us know what that means from personal experience. So much stress… and everything happens so fast, don’t you think? The world nowadays moves in an unprecedented speed; information on Twitter travels with the speed of… light. Under these new realities, which I seriously doubt that they’re about to change anytime soon, the mind can get easily tired, not to mention the body. What can one do?

Well, one can just be inspired by our remote ancestors and indulge into water's healing power. And when I say remote ancestors, I mean really remote: according to Wikipedia, it is since the Bronze Age that people were interested in hot springs! 

Spa relaxation
Spa relaxation
aurora_design on flickr

Spa is nothing new; it might sound a bit luxurious to some due to the fact that nowadays spa breaks are usually connected to people'€™s minds with big hotels and luxurious holidays. This is not entirely true though; there are literally countless cheap spa breaks for all budgets and tastes around the world. Nevertheless, some spas are more famous than others. In Europe in particular, there is a big list with spa towns that attract millions of visitors each year. Spa can be therapeutic but can also be fun! Spa is life!


Marienbad, Czech Republic

Marienband means Spa
Spa at Karlovy Vary
Spa at Karlovy Vary

I don'€™t know how many of you have heard anything about the town of Marienband in the Czech Republic. I personally knew it from the classic film "Last Year at Marienbad"€ by Alain Resnais even if the film wasn'€™t shot there! I do recommend you to watch it though; it is a miracle of modernist cinema. To go back to our subject though, the town of Marienband is one of the finest choices of spa towns around Europe. To impress you, I will only need to invite you to check the list of its visitors: the American writer Mark Twain, Emperor Franz Josef, the Czar of Russia Nicholas II, the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, Franz Kafka, Rudyard Kipling and Thomas Edison among many others I can safely assume... Impressive!


There are other spa towns in Czech Republic such as Franzensbad which hosted people like Goethe and Beethoven and Karlovy Vary but one shouldn'€™t confine himself in one country! So what about moving to England now? 


Bath, UK

The country’s most popular natural springs are to be found in the city of Bath, known for its history and culture and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. First thing to do is to make sure you find a place to stay among the over 300 places for accommodation in the city. Booking your Travelodge hotel in Bath would be a wise idea; it will surely help you finding the best spa hotels in bath. In other words, take a nap first and then run for your baths! 

Roman Baths
Roman Baths
Thermae Spa
Thermae Spa

Bath is known for its Roman Baths which are Bath’s most visited sight. However, its waters are not available to the public anymore. No reason to worry though; the visitor will surely find his way toward the new Thermae Bath Spa. Combining the old with the new, as the 18th-century Hot Bath and Cross Bath are integrated with new impressive facilities, this is the city’s new hot spot as it concerns spa, and not only, lovers: spa holidays are for all after all!


cultured chaos

Bath is surely fascinating as a destination and not only for its waters but let’s move now to France. In Vichy people seek treatment for intestinal issues and digestion while in Aix-les-Bains, a city located to the Alps region, people seek to take pleasure from the sulfur springs. But it’s not only France. Central Europe in general is full of these places where people search to treat their body and mind inside some hot waters…


Vintage postcard of a famous French spa town

Sovata, Romania

Sovata Spa
Sovata Spa

I was lucky enough to visit Romania’s wonderful town of Sovata. Located in Transylvania and 1.600 meters above the sea level, Sovata hosts the Bear Lake. The water there is helio-thermal and salty and it is recommended for rheumatic pains and for gynecological symptoms. The town is small but very touristic and picturesque with cheap hotels for all tastes. While it is obviously a less famous destination, it is definitely recommended.

Sovata, Bear Lake
Sovata, Bear Lake
Elias Zanetti

What is more, what would you say about Baden bei Wien in Austria? Mozart was there once if you really want to know! Thirteen baths are awaiting the visitor in this lovely Austrian town with a history that dates back to the Roman times. In Austria you can also choose to visit Bad Ischl.

There are much more spa towns around our favorite continent. And as I said before, the world we live in is a stressful place nowadays; what better way to relax and treat the body other than indulging into spa pleasures? Organize your ideal spa holidays in Europe and enjoy then!

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Hope you all enjoyed my tribute to Europe's spa towns

Elias Zanetti

Updated: 04/26/2013, EliasZanetti
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DerdriuMarriner on 03/15/2017

EliasZanetti, I love that you started with the beautiful Czech Republic, especially with Marienbad, my favorite spa and one of my favorite book and film subjects as a French undergrad. Nice pictures -- especially of Sovata with the woman looking right at the camera and the man next to her holding up his hands -- and product line, with Fried Flowers and Fango looking like something to get.

EliasZanetti on 06/28/2013

Well...when we have very close to our house we tend to... not giving it all of our attention but during our holidays all things look more fun!

katiem2 on 05/25/2013

This is going on my bucket list, to do sooner than later.

EliasZanetti on 05/15/2013

Thank you writerartist, glad you enjoyed my post...

WriterArtist on 05/14/2013

After reading this article, I just remembered that I am due for a break. Sigh!
Love the images, these places are worth visiting.

EliasZanetti on 04/26/2013

I had a wonderful time in Sovata, it's a very tidy place even if sometimes it does get overcrowded :) I haven't read the book yet but the film was indeed a small miracle!

Thank you for your comment and support Mira :)

Mira on 04/26/2013

Come to think of it, a spa holiday is a great idea. I never realized it until I read your page. Also, I have to go to Sovata. It's so well-known here in Romania, and made its way into songs etc., and yet I've never been. Thanks for the article! And yes, Last Year at Marienbad is wonderful. Read the book too, and it's fantastic.

EliasZanetti on 03/25/2013

It is a great feeling, yes :)

katiem2 on 03/25/2013

Oh my these spa retreats seem so magical with an old world mystique I'm adding this to my bucket list. What a beautiful experience this would be. :)K

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