Space Bedroom Decor for Kids

by CruiseReady

Delight a young child with a rocket ship bedroom or inspire a teenager with a solar system theme. Maybe they'll become an astronaut someday!

Thrill an aspiring astronaut with a bedroom makeover that will delight them. Choose a solar system theme for older kids, or rocket ships for little ones.

Little kids love rocket ships, and older ones are learning to appreciate the earth's place in the solar system.

Give them a sleeping place that may inspire them to learn about space travel or the universe, with a space themed bedroom.

Speaking of sleeping places, do you know how astronauts sleep in space? Watch a short video made by a fellow named Chris, who has actually been there and done that.

But first, learn a few quick facts about man's extra terrestrial adventures. Maybe you already knew all of them. . . and maybe you didn't. Why not check and see? You may find something that will surprise your space loving offspring when you repeat it to them!

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Solar System Bedroom


Start With a Great Space Bedding Set

This One Glows in the Dark!

What a blast of a comforter set!   Like blasting off on a rocket ship, that is.   On a black as outer space background the stars and planets glow gently in the dark.  Dreams of being an astronaut will come easily in a space bedroom anchored by this unusual space bedding set.

Available in twin or queen size, the lightweight comforter and pillow shams are  machine washable.  Set includes comforter, one or two shams (1 with twin, 2 with queen)  and a solid black bed skirt.

A matching sheet set is available, or just use solid black sheets and pillowcases  to complete the look.

Fast Space Facts

for Kids and Adults
The Cassini unmanned spacecraft orbits Saturn, collects data, and sends it back to earth
The Cassini unmanned spacecraft orbits Saturn, collects data, and sends it back to earth

Fast Space Facts

for Kids and Adults

Here are some random facts about space:


First Ever.  Russia launched first ever man-made object to go into orbit around the earth.  It  was named Sputnik, which is the Russian word for satellite. The year was 1957.

Different Names. In the U.S., the men and women who go into space are called Astronauts.  In Russia, they are Cosmonauts, while in China, the word is taikonaut, but the French say spationaut.

A Tight Fit. When America launched Alan Shepard, its first man in space, he rode in a capsule sitting on top of a Mercury Rocket.  The capsule provided just enough room for one average sized man to sit - 100 cubic feet.

Sputnik, Courtesy NASA

Roomier Quarters. The space shuttle crew area is about 23 to 25 times bigger than the first capsule, and has a flight deck above and crew quarters below.  The crew quarters include bunks for sleeping, a bathroom, a galley for eating, and storage compartments.

 Short Flight. America's first manned space flight was sub orbital, and lasted only 15 minutes.

Longest Mission. The longest space shuttle mission was STS-80, flown by Columbia.  It lasted 17 days, 15 hours, and 53 minutes, and had a crew of five.

Sleeping in Space

Is Different Than Sleeping on Earth

When astronauts are ready to go to sleep for the night, they don't use a bed.  They don't even have a pillow to lay their head on.  

How do they do it, then?  To find out, play this short video, in which Canadian Chris Hadfield shows you how astronauts sleep in space.

 This video was filmed on the International Space Station.

Before watching the video, had you wondered just how people manage to sleep when they are not under the influence of the earth's gravitational pull?  Maybe you never stopped to really give it any thought.  Or, maybe you already knew.

Did you already know how astronauts sleep?

(a poll)

Night Lights

For Little Astronauts and Young Astronomers

Zazzle has a selection of nightlights that are just the thing to give a comforting glow to the room of a budding aeronautical engineer or space traveler at night.  Here are a couple of examples.  Just click on one of the links below  the images to see the details or find more cool designs.


Rocket Ship Bedroom


Rocket Ships, Planets and Stars

Ultra Soft Microfiber Twin Comforter Bedding Set

This cool duvet for little kids who love rocket ships, planets, and space will brighten up any bedroom with its happy print on a neutral background. Comes with a matching pillow sham, and coordinating sheets and pillow case. 

One neat thing about this particular bed covering is that the colors make it easy to complete the look you are trying to achieve.  There a number of fun pieces that are easy to find, and will give them a bedroom full of smiles.  (Some good ones follow)

Pages About Space for Kids

by the same author
Before man went into space, it was up to Animal Astronauts to prove it could be done. Crucial flights were made by dogs, monkeys, and other animals.
Information for teens and parents of tweens, about the International Space Station and space camps. Also Gift ideas, including books & astronaut costumes for space minded kids

Space is Not Just for Boys

Read About America's First Female Astronaut

Space aspirations were once the sole territory of little boys.  That's just not true anymore.  So, if you have a little girl who is showing an interest in space aviation or astronomy, please do what you can to encourage her!  

You might be interested in reading a short piece, called Sally Ride's Legacy Lives On,  about America's first female astronaut,

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DerdriuMarriner on 08/14/2017

CruiseReady, Haven't sci-fi films always tended to show space travelers lying horizontally on mattress-like surfaces within enclosed horizontal capsules?

CruiseReady on 09/09/2015

My grandson was keenly interested in all things NASA when he was quite young. Wish I had thought to get him some space bedroom decor then. (Though he did get lots of books, a couple of models, and a trip to space camp at KSC.)

happynutritionist on 09/05/2015

I enjoyed all the facts you included with the fun decor for kids. The closest I got to using space decorations in my children's rooms was to use those stick on stars that glowed in the dark all over their ceilings. It looked a bit like your background here in reverse :-)

CruiseReady on 07/03/2015

Wouldn't it be wonderful to see more youngsters developing and interest in the sciences? You never know what will start the ball rolling.

blackspanielgallery on 07/02/2015

I like the collection. These will start the inquiry, and soon will come a telescope.

CruiseReady on 06/24/2015

So cool that they got to see it! I love it when it comes over our house.

Digby_Adams on 06/24/2015

I would have loved these as a child. The International Space Station was visible a few months ago. My brothers and sisters and their kids had a party to watch it. I don't think space travel should ever be taken for granted.

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