Spy Gifts for Boys (and Girls)

by SusanM

Great spy gifts for boys (and girls) who are mini spies.

Do you know a mini spy? Usually it's a boy but with characters around like Harriet the Spy - girls can be mini spies too.

There's some really great spy toys around for kids. Some of these feel like real spy equipment, others are just fun. But both make a great Christmas or birthday gift for any mini spy.

Spies Need to See in the Dark

These cool Stealth Binoculars are made from real infrared night vision technology. They let you see up to 50 feet in total darkness so mini spies can still get the facts in the dark. The binoculars have 4 different spy modes: Stealth mode. Long-range Mode, Spy Mode and Military Mode so boys can feel like real spies.

Mini spies who are also interested in nighttime animals and insects will find these great in the backyard for nighttime adventures too. For mini spies who don't like the dark much they are also a  good way to make the dark feel less scary. 

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Creating Secret Writing

There's not many invisible ink pens available which is a problem because they are a mini spy  essential. This one is the most popular of all the invisible ink pens available. 

This spy pen also has the advantage of being able to hide secret messages from the enemy (usually siblings). So it's fun for kids.

Everyone seems to have had to find their own way of using this pen though to make sure it's as secret as secret can be. Writing with small letters was one useful suggestion to increase the secrecy of this writing.

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These CSI spy kits are wonderful for boys.

They have a real forensic science investigator feel to them (they don't feel like a "toy"). This takes their spying to a whole new level. From collecting the clues to actually getting scientific information from them. This is realistic and fun for mini spies but it's a great learning experience too. 

But because of their realism these CSI spy kits are for older children (aged 10 years and up). 

Spy Kits for Mini Spys

CSI Fingerprint Analysis Kit
Toys R Us
CSI Impression Kit
Planet Toys HK Ltd.

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This Lazer Tripwire set gives kids their own high tech security system.

Boys can protect their room from intruders - like sisters or littler brothers. The set is also great for pretend play because it feels so high tech. Like professional spy equipment. The alarm sound isn't too annoying for adults either.

It's one of the best kids' spy toys that can be used inside. Great for wet weather days when boys get cooped up inside. 

It's a sturdy toy too so it will last well beyond Christmas or a birthday. 

Lazer Tripwire

Wild Planet Lazer Tripwire
Wild Planet Entertainment, Inc.

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This book has the "cool factor" and is a great pick for boys who are interested in spies and the spy world. 

DK Eyewitness books are fabulous for older kids (around 8 years and up). The photos in all the DK books are absolutely amazing. Really eye-catching. 

Most of the text is in snippets so it's interesting and a fast read for kids. This means it's a really good book to encourage a boy who is a reluctant reader. 

The price is good too if you're looking for a gift that will impress a boy spy without costing too much. 

Enter the Spy World

Spy (DK Eyewitness Books)
Updated: 09/04/2012, SusanM
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