Stadium Comfort and Protection from the Elements

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Protect yourself from the elements at or going to the stadium and add comfort to your visit. enjoy the sporting game in comfort. Football season can bring some cold, wet weather.

People attend sporting events often, and making the visit to a stadium comfortable can mean protecting against the elements. While some venues are enclosed domes, others are open air and require more protection. People need to protect themselves from cold, including stadium seats, and rain and snow. In some cases it may be more of a comfort issue than a health concern.

Choose Your Colors Or Team

Some people will opt for items with a team logo, mascot or colors.  Others will use the same item in multiple places.  Even if a person attends only one sport it might be that the person attends professional, collage, and high school games.  Perhaps a more generic look would be best for them.


Before bringing anything to a stadium check and see what is allowed.  

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Stadium Blankets

A stadium blanket serves multiple functions.  If the stadium is open to the elements, wrapping in a stadium blanket might be a great way to protect oneself against the cold.  And stadium seats can get cold, so wrapping instead of covering might be in order.  Then there is the question of what was spilled on the seat.  Sitting on the blanket might be what is needed to keep clothing clean to go elsewhere after the game.

Stadium Seats

A stadium seat can also be the barrier between your clothing and any dirt left on the seat.  It is more effected at protecting from a snow covered seat or water from a recent rain than a stadium blanket would be.  It can also provide a nice cushion for you to sit on.  And, if the seating is bleachers it can establish your territory.  It will keep others from literally squeezing you out.

Starter Jackets

If it gets cold in the stadium you will want a heavy jacket.  For most games a starter jacket over layers is a way of protecting against the weather and showing team colors.  Even for an indoor stadium you must still get into the stadium and leave after the game is over.  A starter jacket gives you protection against cold and rain or snow.  Of course, in certain locations on really cold days a starter jacket may be inadequate. 

Team Cap

Much body heat is lost through the head.  So, in cold weather add a knit cap to your attire.  It signals team support and will do little more than your head normally would to block others’ view of the game.  


Either in the stadium or getting to the stadium you might have to contend with rain or snow.  A poncho is a wise choice.  If t is needed in the stadium it will not block others’ view of the game like an umbrella would.  And, if you are not allowed to have a stadium seat, or just do not have one, a poncho can protect you from sitting in a wet seat.

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Updated: 06/10/2017, blackspanielgallery
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