Star Wars Party

by blackspanielgallery

Star Wars makes an excellent party theme, considering the number of people who enjoy the movies. And, it is an easy theme to pull off since there are an abundance of products.

Whether it is for a birthday, for Halloween, or just for a fun gathering Star Wars makes a fine choice to be the theme of a party. In fact, it allows for a choice of becoming a costume party, or not. The characters of Star Wars are well known, and Yoda is particularly appealing to a child. And, what is great is the abundance of Star Wars decorations and party supplies that are available.

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You Will Need Party Supplies

Party supplies such a cups, plates, and napkins can be found with the Star Wars theme.  The easiest way to purchase them is in sets.  The set shown below is designed for eight guests.  There is a possibility of having more guests than eight, so the first order of business is to determine how many sets will supply your party, allowing for a few lost cups and plates.


The set shown coms with eight cups, eight plates, sixteen napkins, and one table cover.  Many sets do not include cups, and the table cover is a major plus.   Using a set assures a continuity in the designs of these essential items.


Star Wars Decorations

The Star Wars theme is supported by balloons, special strings of lights, and standing characters. 


There are reusable Star Wars stickers that glow in the dark, so place them around and set the mood.

Special Light Sets

Decorate the area with special Star Wars light strings.  R2-D2, C3PO, and Yoda are perhaps the nicest of the lot.  And, if it is a birthday or a Halloween party that the lights are being used for, a figure in a Santa Claus suit will not do.  Here I have shown a few Star Wars light strings that should work well for a birthday, Halloween, or any occasion party.

Star Wars Light Set


Star Wars has a unique sound, a special form of music that is unmistaken to anyone familiar with the movies.  It is different.  It is special.  For a Star Wars party the music must be playing in the background.  It will give your party another powerful dimension.

Cake Toppers

Star Wars

Whether it is a birthday cake or just a cake used as part of the party food, a cake can be transformed into a party enhancer with a Star Wars cake topper.  Below is a set of two cake toppers that really say Star Wars.  Just place them on your cake and show your cake off before cutting it.

Cupcakes for Your Party

Top off your cupcakes with Star Wars figure picks.  This is a particularly nice way to treat your guests since you can allow each guest to take a figure used as a cupcake topper with them when they leave.  If you allow these to be taken away with the guests it will really add much to your party.


The Star Wars cupcake kit has a themed cupcake tree that holds twenty-four cupcakes, twelve each of Darth Vader and Yoda picks, and fifty special cupcake papers.

Star Wars Party Favor Dispensers

Door greeters that can stand at the door with candy for Halloween can also hold party favors.  And, there is quite a variety of Star Wars door greeters from which to choose.  My favorite is Yoda.  Then there is the menacing Darth Vader.  These are just a couple of the ones that are available.

Star Wars Balloons

Special party balloons really add to the festive atmosphere of the event.  Balloons can be simple, have a character on them, or take the unique shape of the character.  Those that take a unique shape are special, and can really light up children’s eyes.  Certainly a nice balloon would do much for your gathering.  And, there are nice Star Wars balloons available.  Just have them filled with helium that you can find at a party supply store and make your party complete.


Star Wars Cookie Jar

For an even more creative touch you can have cookies in a Star Wars cookie jar.  Yes, the favorite robot R2D2 cookie jar is easily found, and can be filled with cookies for the party.  This takes your party to a galaxy far away, or so it will seem to those attending.  

Star Wars Cookie Jar

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Updated: 11/13/2019, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 08/28/2015

Thanks. I wanted to get this out before the hype starts for episode 7.

DerdriuMarriner on 08/28/2015

blackspanielgallery, Thank you! Star Wars appeals to all ages, cultures, and genders. It's so fun to bring something whose appeal is both timeless and timely into celebrations. In particular, Master Yoda is so well done, as are the balloons.

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