Start Your Own Dollar Store Or Booth

by Jerrico_Usher

Have you ever walked through the doors of a dollar store and wished you'd of thought of that? Well you still can!

I have long thought about it. I went to an auction (flea-market) in Roseville, Ca, and saw several merchants with multiple spaces rented (called "lots") and their only "set-up" furniture was big boxes stacked in parallel to one another in both directions (forming a big cube of boxes with clean pathways for walking (ironically the white line separating the several lots they rented for the day became the charted walkway between 2-3 rows of dollar store type items, but about half of it you can't get from the local dollar store.

Different stores sell different things so if you could find the secret base of purchasing wholesale you could offer anything from any of them right? Care to venture on? I have some answers...


Your Dollar Store!


The merchant at the local flea market was just a normal person who found what I found and am about to share with you here. The resource for getting all those dollar store items requiring only a business license and tax ID to join their free site (no membership fees). From there you can tap into a $40 Million dollar dynasty of dollar tree and beyond products you can buy low and sell medium or high depending on your venue.

What this merchant sparked in me was that there was a resource somewhere that you can buy this stuff from and anyone can do it. I found a similar business a long time ago, I'm betting this was the same site (just with a site facelift), but overall it's a great resource available to anyone willing to brand your business with a name and business license.

Further seeing this woman selling at the flea market like this and all the traffic it provoked, broke me out of the Dollar Store only mentality and put my mind on creativity mode. I started to see HOW this resource could be used and could empower a small business with a unique way to sell the goods (eBay gift baskets made from the products sold for an overall bulk profit, etc...). I also thought this would be a great short term idea for building seed money for the venture you really want to go on. It's also a fantastic fundraiser idea used by many school districts and businesses!

Below is a Book you can get on Amazon for about 29.00 that breaks down the business of starting a dollar store (if your goal is to go all the way) and even gives you a full business plan... below that is a resource I found while freelancing for a client (who was resourcing for his client). One of the companies he was trying to promote with article marketing is the very nexus of where most dollar stores get their loot!


Get The Official Book And Business Plan To Starting Your Own Dollar Store!

How to Start a Dollar Store Plus Business Plan

Finding The Resource To Wholesale Goods, A Stumbleupon At Work

I was writing articles for an article mill just before writing this article and low and behold their reference URL was to a 40 million dollar a year publicly traded wholesale products company and site. They have no limit (buy one or buy in bulk) and offer everything I've ever seen at a dollar store and more. This is the real deal.

You won't go out and buy or rent your building just yet, that is, unless you have some capital  and you shouldn't jump into that too fast anyway.

You don't even have to start a brick and mortar store at first. In this article I'll give you some ideas for how to use this resource I found to get your business off the ground. I'll cover how to generate capital to start your enterprise. Once you generate that money what you do with it is up to you.


Bargain Wholesale


You could also incorporate your status quot into something completely new i.e. moving from a flea market setting to sharing space in a local mom and pop store, networking with other businesses in the flea market to lower your overhead and offering non competing items, to building a website offering bulk discounts or using the product base to create baskets or other creations to sell on your own blog!

I used to want to build baskets from dollar tree items to sell online but the dollars add up! This gives me a way to get the same items cheaper than the dollar store and baskets are created much cheaper- profits are higher, and in LOW bulk.

In further exploring this site I came to learn how it works to do business with them.

Before you get into your venture you need product, and before you can get product there are some steps you have to take to qualify. Don't worry, the requirements any layman can qualify for, just have to take some legal steps.

I'm not a spokesperson of this site, I'm just excited about the idea and am sharing this information with you (I don't make any money if you go there, buy, or sign-up, I know, I looked for an affiliate link and there isn't one!)... nonetheless this may be the portal you need to gather some seed money for a business venture you've been wanting to fund!

To Qualify:

Quoted from the sites FAQ

They also have a minimum order of $500.00 which anyone can afford to start a small business! You can get enough merchandise for 500.00 to take up a space at a flea market (about 10 x 12 space cost 25.00 in Roseville Ca (Denios), but I'm sure prices are comparable to each area) that's about 500 items you can resell and make a 30% markup or more if you charge more than 1.00 for some items. With a business license you don't pay tax on anything until you sell it (sales tax) so this makes it easier to get stock and pay taxes later. 


With that the place to go is: Bargain Wholesale (the top image is the site's front page).


Their FAQ section is very helpful and you can download a catalog in PDF (or view in browser) format that will show you a lot of what they offer, BUT this is JUST a sample, I came to realize on the site once you sign-up with all your business license  information you will get some login credentials to enter the site like a virtual warehouse of all the stuff you can buy and resell. Anyone can get a business license, it's about $25, the reason for it is simply so the government can track and obligate you to pay sales taxes and any taxes involved in your area for businesses.

This is where you will see more than dollar items and much more than is available in that downloadable catalog. 

Once you're there, you just need a niche idea to employ your new powerful resource into a business that generates you money. 

Below are pages from the catalog you can download free on the site (before signing up) so you can see what's offered. 

those big numbers are the price in cents

Notice you can get all your own dollar tree items there at a discount (side effect)
Catalog ExampleCatalog Example
Catalog ExampleCatalog Example

Some Ways To Use This Resource To Build A Home Based, Mobile, or Brick And Mortar Business

flea market

flea market co-op


website for bulk purchasing

creations of resources into new products i.e. the "mans basket" the "anniversary basket" or other creations (candle sets etc...) with themes...

Use this as a resource for party planning and even food drives...

I'll let your imagination go wild at this point. My job was to bring you the resource and information- I wish you luck! Thanks for reading!

Updated: 11/29/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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Jerrico_Usher on 11/29/2012


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