Stop Smoking Process 1/3: Understanding and Diagnosing the Addiction

by godbersen

This page helps you to understand and analyze your smoking addiction.

A process that leads to a sustainably smoke-free life normally requires a systematic approach and should consist of three levels:
1st Diagnosis
2nd Therapy plan
3rd Therapy realization

It is more likely to succeed in quitting smoking with a sound understanding and a proven methodological basis than with a "do not think just do it attitude". This series of six videos will help you to understand your smoking addiction and guide you through the process of giving up cigarettes.

Understanding the Smoking Addiction

The first video of the video series defines the smoking addiction from a rather scientific point of view. Because you should not be bored with academic discussion a simple and reliable definition is provided: One who (regularly) smokes is addicted. And smoking is a severe addiction that causes serious damages to your physical, mental and social health from the first cigarette on.

Because everyone is the architect of his or her own fortune you are responsible for being addicted or overcome your addiction. However, to understand the smoking addiction and its physiological and mental causes you should understand the concept of the addictive memory that pressures smokers to relapse when they experience a lack of nicotine in their biological system and/or perceive situations or mental states that they learn to associate with smoking during their smoking career.

Even though the addictive memory is at least in parts irreversible the video concludes with an outlook on the approaches to sustainably give up cigarettes.

Stop Smoking Series 1/6

Analyzing the Smoking Addiction

The second video explains how a sound analysis of the addiction should be the basis to successfully quit smoking.

The initial point is how you can determine the degree of your addiction by using the Fragerstom test. Furthermore, it is explained what the test result means to you and for your personal stop smoking process.

The main part of the video deals with the smoking habits which are the core of a smoking addiction. The key to reach a smoke-free life and not relapse afterwards is to understand, break and replace the cognitive, behavioral and social pattern you have built up during your smoking career. Through presenting a simplified example you receive a guideline on how to analyze your smoking habits and integrate the evaluated results into your stop smoking therapy.

Stop Smoking Series 2/6


After you have learned how to analyze and understand your smoking addiction in this chapter the next part of the series will deal with how to design your personal stop smoking plan which should be based on the results of the diagnostic level.


Updated: 08/29/2012, godbersen
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