Stop Smoking Process 3/3: Realizing Your Therapy

by godbersen

This page contains a video on how you realize your therapy plan and deal with cravings when you quit smoking.

The third and final chapter of the series deals with the phase when you actively quit smoking. The video points out what you should do before you set your definite stop smoking date, what you should keep in mind when you quit, how to schedule your stop smoking program, how to cope with cravings, and how to sustain your success.

Integration in the Overall Process and Key Factors

Active dehabituation is the last step of the stop smoking process. It is essential that you make a comprehensive and detailed analysis of your smoking addiction first so that you can design an effective stop smoking plan. Having these two fundamental preconditions for successfully and sustainably giving up cigarettes, you now need to set a definite stop smoking date which means you must be fully committed to quit. Then you can and should invest all that is necessary to reach your goal of smoke-free life. You should be highly motivated, active and strictly willing to never make an exception.

Stop Smoking Series 6/6

Schedule of a Stop Smoking Program and Coping with Cravings

We recommend that you plan your stop smoking program for a time of eight weeks with tasks set for each week, every two weeks and ad-hoc. Weekly tasks should be the evaluation of your progress, the analysis of the effectiveness of your stop smoking strategies and meetings with an external supporter. After every second week you remianed smoke-free we recommend that you reward yourself. Finally, you should ask a relative, friend or professional if you can contact him or her in cases where you face the threat of a relapse.

Because it is very likely that you face cravings after you have quit smoking you should be prepared to withstand them by using acute and causal means (see the detailed description in the video).

Quit Now – It Will Be One of the Best Decisions of Your Life

After you have watched the videos in this series you will have gained a sound understanding of the smoking addiction and the ways to break this addiction. You will also have more than an idea why you should give up smoking. Without listing all the benefits you gain from a smoke-free life you can be aware that you will be better off on a physical, mental, behavioral and social level. To quit for good will be one of the best decisions of your entire life.

Finally, the entire LifeWorldsTeam wishes you good luck on your way to a (smoke-)free life. And we have faith in you because we know you can do it and you will stop smoking.

Updated: 08/31/2012, godbersen
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