Stuffed Dachshund Toys

by Marie

Aren't Dachshund Toys the cutest soft stuffed cuddly dogs. Also known as hot dogs, wiener or sausage dogs due to their long bodies and they make playful plush pets to snuggle.

A plush Dachshund is quite possibly the cutest soft toy I've come across, although I have to admit to being a big fan of most dog breeds. My great uncle always kept one of these across the bottom of his bedroom door to keep out any cold air. These soft stuffed dogs are far too good to use as draft blockers!

Whether you're looking for a Red, Black and Tan, girly Pink or even a Puppet Dachshund, you'll find something right here which is available to purchase now. You can see the most popular choice of Dachshund Plush. It's clear that this breed is adored by many owners!

Red Plush Dachshunds

Gretel Red Dachshund
$18.95  $12.0

Red Dachshunds can have fur coats in any shade from a pale golden red to a dark mahogany. Some have a coat which is all the same color and others have some black fur hairs mixed in. Most have black eyes and coal black noses which stand out from their reddy color fur. 

I adore the small, 3 inch Dachshund on a keychain. This would make a great little pet pal which any Dachshund fan could clip to their keys, a purse, a bag or a zipper. He makes an adorable little stocking stuffer or even a party favor gift. It won't replace having a larger pet plush to cuddle but makes a wonderful extra and would also make a great choice for a collector.

A customer favorite is the Gretel Red Dachshund which looks incredibly cute and is deliberately under-stuffed to make the body more floppy and snuggly for a child or adult to hold. He is around 12 inches in length which is the perfect size for a young child. I love the way the larger, 15 inch, Russ Stuffed Dachshund has his head cocked to one side as dogs do when they're listening to you. Russ are another great toy maker and get great reviews for their plush animals and toys.

How adorable is this sweet little Aurora Plush Dachshund which looks like a sweet little puppy. He is 12 inches long, which is a nice little size for children to hug, hold and carry, and comes with super-soft plush fur. 

Also lovely is the slightly larger 14 inch long Dachshund plush by Melissa and Doug. He's a life-sized dog which has a rigid frame to keep him firmly upright whilst still being smooth due to his soft black and tan coat.  The sturdiness means he's better equipped for being dragged around (on a leash?) by a child rather than being cuddled in bed. 

This Dachshund is very life-like and would make a nice little reminder or keepsake for a real pet which has recently and sadly passed away. I hope you are finding this wizzles page to be useful because it has been written with care. You will find more options for this breed below.

Does Pink Look Good on Me?

You'll never see a real dog in this Color!

How about a totally girly, pink glitter stuffed Dachshund? A little girl who loves all things sparkly, pretty and pink should fall in love with this toy right away. I've never seen another Dachshund like it!

Webkinz are collectible plush toys. They all come with a special code which can be used on the child-friendly Webkinz website online so children can play with their Dachshund on the Internet as well like a virtual pet. So buying one of these is twice the fun of a normal stuffed dog.

Dachshund Plush Puppet

Looks like a Toy but this is a Puppet!

A Dachshund Hand Puppet

Folkmanis make many realistic looking plush animal puppets. Most of them don't even look like puppets, they just look like regular stuffed toys. This dachshund puppet has an opening in his tummy where you insert your hand so you can move his mouth to make him look like he's barking or even talking away.

Having an actual dachshund puppet is pretty unusual as they are hard to find. For a child who has a dachshund or craves this breed of dog, it's a great choice. Not only can they cuddle it like a regular plush but can play with it (or have an adult play with it) as a puppet too.

Updated: 10/05/2017, Marie
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Does the Weiner, Dachshund Dog make the Cutest Plush Toy?

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Marie on 01/09/2012

Thank you @bhthanks, they are very cute aren't they.

bhthanks on 01/09/2012

They look so real, very cute!

Marie on 12/27/2011

Yes perfect for a real Dachshund fan :) Thanks for stopping by, Sojourner

sojourner on 12/27/2011

My best friend has a house full of dachshunds-great place to come back and shop!

Marie on 12/23/2011

Thank you Sheila :)

sheilamarie on 12/23/2011

Adorable dog toys, kinworm!

Marie on 12/21/2011

Thanks Ethel. I think it's great that there are so many different dog breeds available as stuffed toys now.

ethelsmith on 12/21/2011

I agree with you. These are just the cutest stuffed dogs. Lovely

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