Stuffed Labrador Toys

by Marie

Stuffed Labrador Toys make loving and loyal plush pets - faithful companion dogs that you get to keep and cuddle forever. Will you choose a yellow, black or brown stuffed Labrador?

You will find gorgeous yellow, chocolate and black Labrador Plush Stuffed Toys on this page and one of them is waiting to be adopted into a loving home.

There are soft and cuddly dogs, realistic looking Labrador toys and large sized plush Labs too. If you can't find a Lab plush that you like on this page, I'm not sure where you will find one!

Yellow Labrador Plush Toys

This Yellow Labrador puppy plush is so life-like and is fashioned with fur that has a velvet feel and is gorgeously soft to touch. He's looking up at you with those big brown eyes and waiting to be stroked. He is 17 inches long.

I love the fact that one customer bought this puppy as a reminder of her own Yellow Lab who had sadly passed away. Having this plush puppy with realistic, facial features is helping her to get over the loss of her beloved dog.

Thumbnail Image Credit: shared with a CC license by Meneer on Flickr

More Yellow Labradors

Garth is a medium-large 28 inch, soft and cuddly, light beige or cream Yellow Lab. He's laying down with his head resting on his paws. He's large enough for toddlers and young children to use him as a plush pillow and to snuggle up with him at night.

One customer stated that Garth is almost as big as her 3 year old son. Lots of people have bought this particular plush for toddlers and young kids because it's so huggable.

Melissa and Doug have made a wonderful, large, standing Labrador toy dog. This stuffed Yellow Lab is super-soft to touch but has a very rigid frame which allows him to stand up easily.

This large chap's going to be too big to take to bed but kids can enjoy putting a leash on him and pretending to take him for a walk - he'll slide with his plush fur along hard floors when pulled!

Lainey is a small stuffed Labrador toy pet. He's sitting on his hind legs and holding his paws out for you to shake or to pick him up and give him a hug. Lainey's black eyes and nose really stand out against his creamy 'fur' coat. Will you be the one to give him a good home?

Large Black Lab Plush

Melissa & Doug Black Lab Plush
Only $41.72

Standing Black Labrador

Here's a gorgeous Black Lab plush which stands up. He's ready and waiting to play with his human friends. If you can't have a dog of your own, or you're missing a dog which has passed away then this realistic stuffed Black Labrador would make a wonderful alternative pet.

Kids think these are pretty real. One girl puts hers in the window so the dog can watch her go to school every morning (how sweet) and another child puts his next to his bed so it looks just like the dog's waiting to play when he wakes up. Children really form bonds with these incredible stuffed dogs.

More Stuffed Black Labrador Plush Toy Pets

Aurora Plush 12" Cole Flopsie

Aurora only uses lock washer or embroidered eyes and nose for safety.

Only $18.98

View on Amazon

Russ Berrie Yomiko Black Labrador 12"

This beanbag is made with new PVC pellets that are placed in an inner bag to prevent any leakage if a seem was torn apart or split Each piece is x-rayed to ensure no foreign or ...

Only $39.99

View on Amazon

Webkinz Black Lab Dog

Webkinz Black Lab Dog [Toy]

$39.99  $28.99

View on Amazon

More Black Labradors

There are lots of stuffed Black Labrador plush toys. Sometimes it's hard to know which to choose and that's where it helps to get someone else (like me) to narrow down your search for you.

I actually used to know a gorgeous Black Lab called Chase who belonged to my Aunt. He and I had tons of fun during my childhood and I'll never forget his gorgeous, soppy face looking at me. So I'm a bit biased towards the licorice color, Black Labs even though I love Yellow and Chocolate varieties of Labradors too.

These Black Lab puppy pets are laying down, except for the one made by Webkinz. This little guy is a small, huggy toy who's soft and cute and sitting up so he can meet you.

Webkinz toys are collectible plush pets. They are cute in their own right but also have the added benefit that, along with the toy, you get a special code which you can enter on to the Webkinz website so kids can play with their pet online too!

The website provides a safe and child-friendly website recommended for ages 6 and upwards to use. There are animal related games and kids can design rooms for their pets and pretend to care for them online which helps to nurture some responsibility towards looking after and caring for an animal.

Brown Labrador Puppy

Do you love Chocolate or Brown Labradors? Here is an amazing cute one called Truffles. Truffles is a bundle of love wrapped in a chocolate color super-soft, brown plush fabric.

At 12 inches long, he's a lovely size to sit on your bed or for a child to easily cuddle and snuggle into. Truffles is great value for money and ready to go to a good home.

More Chocolate Labradors

Ty are known for making great quality stuffed toys at very affordable prices. Nuzzle is a 12 inch Brown Lab puppy and I love his realistic pose which is one many dogs adopt whilst laying down. You can tell a lot of thought went into making Nuzzle.

Brownie is equally cute. He's a very small and adorable 8 inch stuffed dog. What's great about Brownie is that he's standing and you don't find many puppy Labradors which are. His tail is alert, looks like it is mid-wag and he's doing that play-stance that dogs use when they want to play with you and have fun. I love this little guy.

Webkinz also have a Chocolate Lab plush who looks like he's ready to play. Webkinz pets are perfect for children who are old enough to play games online.

Kids (or adults) can register their new Brown Lab on the Webkinz website and then you can decorate a room for your new pet, care for it, feed it and take it to the vet when it gets ill. But don't worry, your virtual pet doesn't ever get too sick.

These plush pets are collectible and addictive for kids who want to collect them all! The website teaches kids a bit about the responsibilites of caring for a pet and is also educational.

Updated: 10/05/2017, Marie
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Marie on 12/10/2011

Yes I think most kids are very lucky these days because the range of toys is fantastic although, as a parent, sometimes a bit overwhelming too. Too much choice makes it harder. Thanks for stopping by :)

ethelsmith on 12/10/2011

Absolutely gorgeous. I love all things dogs so I am biased of course :) Kids are so lucky these days, if the family has enough money.

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