Best Labrador Cufflinks

by Marie

You will find the sweetest selection of Labrador Cufflinks on this page. What better than to present man's best friend as a delightful dog gift to be worn and treasured forever.

Men can be very tricky to buy for but here is a beautifully, novel gift idea with some Labrador Dog Cufflinks. The Labrador is one of the best loved dogs because of its loving and loyal nature.

What a gorgeous idea to present these cufflinks to someone who adores dogs, perhaps they have a Labrador or they've had one which has sadly passed away. Well the cuff jewelry is a wonderful reminder which can be worn forever.

Man's Best Friend

A Labrador is Loyal for Life

These Black Lab Cufflinks are adorable. They look like they have a painted black enamel finish with a silver color base. Any guy who owns, or has owned a Black Labrador will find these cufflinks to be very special indeed.

I loved reading the review from one buyer who bought these as a wedding gift for her husband. As she said, she looked hard to find some Labrador jewelry that wasn't going to be too expensive and discovered these which she said were worth every penny. Their Black Lab couldn't make the wedding so was there in spirit instead! Great story.

Retriever or Lab Silver Dog Cufflinks by Cuff-Daddy

You can always tell a dog-lover when he pays tribute to them by putting on this simple 3/4" x 1/2" sized cufflinks that is made from silver-tone-plated brass shaped into a ...

Only $29.95

View on Amazon

JJ Weston silver plated and black enamel Labrador dog cufflinks with presentation box. Made in ...

Silver plated and black enamel labrador dog cufflinks. A well appreciated pair of cufflinks for any dog owner. Presentation boxed. Made in the U.S.A

View on Amazon

JJ Weston Labrador dog cufflinks with presentation box. Made in the USA

Silver plated labrador dog cufflinks. For any dog lover this is the perfect pair. Presentation boxed. Made in the U.S.A by JJ Weston. These measure an inch in length.

Only $65.0

View on Amazon

Mid Priced Labrador Cufflinks

For dog owners who don't have oodles of money to spend, here are a selection of mid-priced dog themed cufflinks which won't break the bank.

These are some cute silver colored Retriever or Labrador cufflinks which would match up perfectly with a white or a black dress shirt. The metal has a wonderful shine to it and would be a great memento of a loving dog.

The small silver plated and black enamel Labrador cufflinks are elegant in their simplicity. They would stand out very well against a white cuff on a shirt or blend in rather inconspicuously on a black one. I love the fact that every time they are looked at, they will bring back happy and fond memories of the dog and his master.

JJ Weston are a leading supplier of American made cufflinks and gentlemen's accessories. They do not disappoint with these delightful Labrador dog cufflinks which are silver plated and come with a presentation box ready to gift.

If you haven't yet seen what you're looking for, do look below at what eBay also has on offer. You can only see a small selection of Labrador cufflinks on this page but if you select an item and go through to eBay, you'll find many more items including new ones, affordable, expensive and antique and rare designs.

Luxury, Hand Painted Lab Cufflinks

How exquisite are these Yellow Labrador hand painted, enamel cufflinks set onto a sterling silver base? If you're looking for a distinctly special gift, perhaps for an important event or occasion, these Yellow Labs have a delightful charm that I've not seen anywhere else.

I love just how realistic these enamel cufflinks are which is probably down to the fact that they are hand painted and not finished by a machine. Being hand painted means that each pair of cufflinks will be ever so slightly unique. How great is that to wear cufflinks which cannot possibly be exactly the same as anyone else's?

Updated: 10/05/2017, Marie
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Marie on 05/02/2012

They are a wonderful gift for anyone who adores dogs. Thanks for visiting, Sheila.

sheilamarie on 05/02/2012

Great gift for a dog lover! I love the wedding story!

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