Submersible Halloween Lights

by blackspanielgallery

Submersible Halloween lights add a whole new approach to decorating. And, the same lights can often be used for Christmas decorations, and even showers.

Submersible Halloween lights allow a wide range of innovative decorating schemes. They can be placed in a water-filled vase and used as a centerpiece, in a pool, or wherever there is water. Or, they can be used out of water. Since they are waterproof, outdoor use is not a problem.

The things I would recommend that you look for include the words battery operated. A battery operated light string does not connect to your electrical supply, so if it does short out the damage is likely to be confined to the string of lights. Another feature that is highly desirable is remote controlled. It can get messy reaching into water to turn lights on or off, especially into a full vase.

Advantages of Submersible Halloween Lights

Waterproof Halloween Lights

There are several advantages to using submergible Halloween lights.  First, they do not need to be submerged.  But, this solves a problem I have experienced with Christmas lights.  The strings of lights do not plug into each other, nor into an extension cord.  I have had waterproof cords get ruined when I placed the connection in a slight depression.  A small puddle after rain can work past the electrical tape I use and get into the cord, shorting it out.


Another advantage is electrical supply.  I have just one outdoor outlet that can accommodate two plugs.  It is in the back of the house, so I must run two long extension cords to light up decorations.  This limits how much I can connect to them.  Battery operated lights can simply be placed where needed.  I should also point out this eliminates tripping hazards between the decorations, where it is harder to see cords on the ground.

LEDs Make Things Possible

LEDs draw little power compared to other lights.  This allows batteries to be used, and to have longer lives.  And, if the batteries are rechargeable through a solar cell, the sun can replenish the power supply. 


A side effect, albeit an important one, to the above is LEDs are environmentally friendly.



LEDs that are submersible have many uses.  They can be used to decorate for Halloween, Christmas, or even wedding receptions.  And do not overlook them as shower decorations.  Many lights have different modes.  Select the color that best fits the occasion, and the mode, such as flashing or not. 


Submersible decorative lights can be placed under water in a vase, added to a fountain or pond, or any of many other places.


Please Check Product Reviews and Descriptions

Some products are submersible, but that does not include the battery packs.  Many products have been reviewed, and some not shown here have not fared well in those reviews.  Some are new, and yet to be reviewed.  It is possible to get what you need in the quality you desire, but you must check the description and reviews for each item.  It appears some companies are still struggling with the design, while in other cases they products are performing quite well and as advertised.

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Updated: 09/02/2018, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 09/03/2018

The origin has lost its meaning over the years. Now it is a time for parties, and the lights are for decorations only.

Tolovaj on 09/03/2018

Considering the pagan origins of Halloween we can't do much without the proper lights. Everything starts and ends with the battle between darkness and light.

blackspanielgallery on 09/03/2018

I suspect there will be even more options by next year. If you can keep the battery pack dry there are others available now.

dustytoes on 09/03/2018

This is a wonderful way to light up for the holidays and special events.

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