The Right Way To Success - Failure

by Jerrico_Usher

How to use failure to fuel success and the realities of what "failing" actually means. Failure is Success's yang, where by success is the yin side- neither can exist alone!

When you first start out pursuing your dreams, you have to be well aware that there is no instant reward to keep track of or even expect.

The reason many fail is because they want this perceived reward, actually feel for some reason they are entitled to it without first putting in their "dues" and when it doesn't show up in a relatively short time span, they tend to think they're not getting enough for their time and work load. The next step is usually not the right one (persevering) it's usually them quitting and blaming everyone but themselves for it.

What many don't realize is that the "primer" period of success is often tangibly fruitless,(but not fruitless in reality) . In reality there is a lot of things happening that are very tangible- you just don't yet recognize it, appreciate it, or even respect it.


Success and Failure


Failure Is Just Success In The Mail Room Working It's Way Up

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There are a lot of things in play- even quantifiable if you know what to look for and think realistically about life, to measuring tangible success!

Faith is important in the beginning. Faith is the act of believing in something without tangible proof. For many this faith is not strong enough so they don't make it the first mile.

You have to realize that although in the beginning its all work and little play, but no pay- that later when things pick up your invested time will absolutely pay you back ten fold. It takes patience!

The most amazing thing I've ever heard was that someone who didn't fail there way to success, has not yet succeeded. Instead, they live in the illusion of perceived success which is often short lived like unearned shortcuts.


Failure Fortifies And Provides You With The Next Step Towards, Success

As many of the books in the carousel above will also tell you, without the concrete foundation that failure fortifies in you, success is next to impossible.

The secret to success is not to fear or avoid failure- it's to embrace it as a cog in the machine that's as vital as success and responsible for it.

Learning as much as you can about failure and it's REAL nature- not the one taught in school or the hard knock life experiences many see as a negative or debilitating thing, will take you far (so I included resources to books that can teach you that immaculately).

The lessons you learn from failure, gaining true and accurate direction of what to try next, and the awareness that buds out of each and every failure, etched into your brain through the pencil of frustration, actually fuel the next move and ultimately your success.

If you're not fortified and cheated your way to success (i.e. shortcuts, not earning the right to be in the position your in etc...) then the first time you hit a snag your success will crash like a house of cards.

This is because (in the particular skill set/goal) you don't know how to recover, work around, or deal with even a small (perceptively) problem. A problem that would be nothing if you'd put in the work and learned in the process can be critical if your not prepared to deal with it.

Trying then failing isn't failing in the way most think. It's actually adding a notch to your belt of success. You now know what doesn't work, you can figure out how to retool and re-tune your plan.

Your vibrant and ready to go out there again anew.

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I Like To Think Of Failure As A Great Book I Want To Read And Grow From


Jerrico Reading

If you take failure as some archaic concept meaning you lost, you lose, you can't pick yourself back up instantly, or as some status decelerator- then you don't really know what the potency in failing brings!

E! True Hollywood Stories are a great resource for seeing how  actors you know and love (and may think were just born into luck) failed and likely worse than you ever have, and succeeded. This show shows their actual struggle to the top- many mortals would fail far before they did, and although at the top they make it look easy- it was likely anything but!

The following book is all about how the super successful failed and used those failures as stepping stones not hurdles... There are also countless videos like the one below on YouTube that give you similar success stories from failure.

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Great Failures of the Extremely Successful
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Failure is a VITAL and NECESSARY component to success and growth


Learning is it's own reward, is actually a very powerful phrase if you're aware of what it actually means. Through learning we grow and can avoid pitfalls. Our failures take on a whole new meaning, especially when we see that failure is not bad, it's not even negative, in fact failure just lets you know there is a wrinkle that needs ironing in your plan. This gives you an opportunity to iron it and learn how to build a habit of ironing any future wrinkles like this automatically.

One thing you have to realize early on is, when you learn to deal with any failure by building a skill set or harmonizing with the situation, the situation isn't itself "fixed" nor will the events cease to happen.

The reality is that the situation keeps happening but you learn to harmonize with it so it's no longer an obstacle for YOU, an issue, or a hurdle you can't easily and quickly overcome.

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Failure Is Success In Work Clothes








The change happens inside you. Nothing external changes really. If it did, other people adjacent to a successful person would also catch the success cold without doing anything, but in reality that doesn't happen.

Failure is success in work clothes, success is the result of USING failure to "hop" over some of the work to reach success faster. Success graduated on a concrete foundation in other words. If you never fail, you never build that concrete below your success the more you fail in any given area the more you learn and the more "padding" you build up above that concrete foundation.

Failures are powerful enough to build skill sets if you're willing to run against the wind, swim against the current, so to speak, and persevere just an inch more. The struggle is the actual work you NEED to endure through. On the other side is often not only success, but a new skill set to fortify and maintain it.

Feeble Building

Build Your Success On Rock, Not Sand

You don't want your entire success building to be without foundation. Imagine working in a building made with no reinforced beams, concrete, or foundation just some plywood stitched together quickly. Sure it will stand nicely until the wind blows too hard, but its very integrity will falter.

I wouldn't want to be successful this way. In fact those who do achieve success through failure (as opposed to the get rich quick mentality to success through shortcuts), do not fall when things go horribly wrong.

People who are fortified by lessons learned in failure are like a rubber ball and bounce, but the gravity of the fall itself just makes them bounce higher when they hit rock bottom. They always end up in a higher more stable place because they've learned not just how to become successful (mechanically i.e. learning how to do it) but in failing they've learned how to fall without landing on their face and thus falling is just a minor inconvenience... they can walk it off. Past failures can also teach them how to not fall all the way down but to throw an anchor out to stop their fall.

Those who didn't fail, have no idea what to do when it all goes bad. Fortification of skill sets are how you build habits that create harmony in almost automated fashion.  Again, it's you that changes to harmonize not the environment or circumstances.

The universe has a revolving credit account in your name and at any given time you’re depositing into the worth of that account. You essentially deposit currency into this account every time you work towards your goal. If you don't have faith that changes the very value of your contribution because you'll feel cheated or disappointed if you concentrate on the reward now rather than later. If you concentrate on this will all be worth it, I leave it in the universes hands to handle the details of my reward, but right now I'm in the working stage of my dream, then you will have a faster, frictionless trip to your dream.

The irony is that we put way too much value on the short-run and almost none in the long run. Would you rather have 1.00 now or would you rather have a penny a day that would double every day for a year? That is today you get one penny (put into an account not your hands), tomorrow 2 pennies is deposited (now 3 cents in your account) then the next day 4 pennies... and so on.

Working towards your dream is like the pennies. If you expect the money now, you won't see any value in the pennies that double every day and later give you an enormous return on your investment, in fact to take this metaphor a step further, you don't even get to know that the pennies double, you don't even know they exist, but they do.

Faith is sacrifice without the stigma. The fact is it feels like sacrifice only when you contrast it with the reward you want NOW. When you have faith you don't think about the reward, you think about weather or not you’re stepping closer to your goal, and you realize that every baby step is just such a journey. When you don't concentrate on instant results/reward you tend to notice the progress you're making more, because your reward is not just the dream manifest, it's enjoying the journey to your dream!

Good Luck!


Updated: 08/07/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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katiem2 on 08/11/2012

Great article Jerrico, I love failing as it means I'm working my goals. My favorite word is NEXT! :)K

Jerrico_Usher on 08/10/2012

Thanks for sharing Tolovaj!

Tolovaj on 08/10/2012

I would like to add one interesting and not most known quote by the man who made a lot of dreams come true, W. Disney: You may not see it when it happens, but sometime a kick in the teeth may be the best thing for you.
Thanks for this inspirational wizz:)

Jerrico_Usher on 08/07/2012

Thanks 2uesday and Cherylone! Glad to inspire you Cherylone :) 2uesday I love your post, it's deep and absolutely true!

cherylone on 08/07/2012

I really enjoyed this article. I sometimes forget that the work I do today will pay off for tomorrow because sometimes the work just doesn't go well. Thanks for the inspiration.

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