Super Mario Plush: Piranhas, Pipes and Plants, Oh My

by JoHarrington

It's not merely the main characters who have been rendered as plush toys. For those recreating the Super Mario world, there are background pieces too.

It's never been just about Mario and the bosses. There is some serious platforming to do along the way.

Our favorite plumber has to leap to reach things, jump over things, avoid things in his path which might maim or kill him. They are such fundamental attributes of the game that they deserve plush toys too.

And they have them! Only in the Super Mario world would you want to cuddle up to a pipe.

Plush Super Mario Toys by Nintendo

Made by Nintendo, but sold by many different Amazon storekeepers, Super Mario merchandise has patently gone into over-drive.

These Super Mario cuddly toys have got a label on them.  It states that individuals aged seven and older may purchase any one of them.  That's good, because I doubt anyone is pretending that these are for kids.

When I envisage them in a room, it's a student's room, a gamer's room, the living abode of someone who's bought it for the craic.  There's a certain amount of timeless chic going on here.  It's retro, but will be there in the future too.  It's cool.

It's freaking Mario!  Ok, I'm stopping with the introduction here.  You know this game.  I know this game.  There's probably no-one born during the past fifty years who doesn't know this gaming universe.  So let's see what we've got now.

Super Mario Pipe Plush Toy

Pipe Cuddly Toy

I live in a world where you can buy a cuddly pipe toy, and that is fabulous! 

You can get a plush Mario, Luigi, Peach and all the rest - and that is great - but I think of all the range this one delights me the most.

It's the sheer randomness of it!  The surreal beauty of the fact that I could have a bit of piping to cuddle up to in bed, all in the name of Mario platforming.  Perhaps it's just me.  I'm still giggling every time I see it.

To the uninitiated, Mario is a plumber.  Pipes like this factor a lot in his life.  He generally has to swallow a tiny, blue mushroom to become small enough to crawl inside one.  Or else he's jumping onto them as a means to get along.

Super Mario in Pipe World

This level will demonstrate just some of the characters you can own as plush toys. It includes the pipe.

Star Starman Cuddly Toy

When you wish upon a star,
makes no difference who you are...

You will become downright invincible!  Something in your way?  Not a problem!  Your sparkly, twinkling Mario will mow through it like bruises are things that happen to somebody else.

A Starman plush toy is great in its own right, but also think about the actual function of cuddly toys. They exist to protect you from scary things that lurk under the bed.  How perfect for a Star plush!

One of these in your room will see you right, as you encounter all the goombas of life.  Whatever your age.

Star Starman Plush Character

Coin Block Plush Character

Coin Block Cuddly Toy

Stars aren't even close to being the only things floating in the sky to help Mario.  There are coin blocks too!  How many happy hours have I spent banging my pixel head against one? 

Actually, let's not work that out. It would probably be too indicative of my lack of a life.

Alone of all the plush Super Mario toys, the coin block is practical too.  It unzips, so you can add stuff to the container inside.  Parents recommend this for holding all of those tiny Mario figurines.  I see it more for holding more adult treasures. 

The choice is yours.

Super Mario Mega Mushroom Plush Character

Super Mario Mushroom Cuddly Toys

If you're going to play Super Mario, then you need to know all about these magical mushrooms.

And you've just had some kind of mushroom
And your mind is moving low;
Go ask Alice. I think she'll know.
Jefferson Airplane

Unfortunately Alice isn't here. But I am and I'm an expert on the subject of mushrooms.  Let me help out here.

The yellow and red one turns you into Mega.  You become gigantic and stomp over all obstacles in your path.  The red and white one turns you into Super.  You heal heart points and become full sized again.  This latter point is particularly useful if you've previously nibbled on a blue and white mushroom.  That makes you tiny enough to run under cracks in walls or down pipes.

The green and white 1-Up mushroom gives you an extra life.  All clear?  All useful stuff.

The Effect of Taking Mushrooms on Mario

Piranha Plant Cuddly Toy

Of course, not everything in Mario's way is that benign.  Some of the flora and fauna of the Super Mario universe is downright deadly. 

Piranha plants exist in real life too.  At least Venus Flytraps do, and that's pretty much the same thing. They eat flies and other small insects. 

Unfortunately for the platform gamers amongst us, the Nintendo variety eat plumbers too.

I was quietly amused and delighted by the prospect of a pipe toy above.  This is yet another one, but with extras.  I'm just pointing this out, in case those reading know nothing about the game. That's not a plant-pot under the piranha plant.

The natural habitat of your average piranha plant is a pipe.  They live in them, pop their heads out at regular intervals and shoot fireballs at passing plumbers.  Evolution is a wonderful thing.

Piranha Plant Plush Character

Petey Piranha Cuddly Toy

I ummed and arred about including Petey Piranha here.  By rights he should be in with the boss monsters plush toys. 

But it felt right to include him with the lesser piranha plants.  After all, he is one of them.  He probably just grew in a pipe where the Mega mushrooms had a colony.

Unlike his fellow flora, this nasty bit of botany isn't confined to the pipework nor the ground.  He can fly!  And spit goop at you!  And ensnare you in vines!

Just the sort of plant you want as a cuddly toy.  Oh yes.  But great for recreating boss fights with your Mario plush toy.

Petey Piranha Plush Character

Bob-omb Cuddly Toy

It's a bomb.  With feet, a fuse, a wind-up key and intelligence. 

There are probably world governments instructing their military to invent these for the real world right now!  Well, there would be, if they weren't keenly aware that a whole generation grew up learning how to thwart them.

They will possibly all be mispronouncing the name too.  I called it Bob-Bomb for months.  My friend called it Bomb-omb.  Both names just look right!  But it's officially Bob-omb anyway.

Sanei Bob-omb Plush Character

Sanei Chain Chomp Plush Character

Chain Chomp Cuddly Toy

If a Bob-Bomb plush toy... sorry Bomb-omb plush toy... erk! One of those above! 

If a Bob-omb plush toy isn't your thing, then what about a Chain Chomp?  It just so amuses me that such things exist.  I'm tittering away as I write!

A Chain Chomp is fundamentally a ball and chain with teeth (because heavy irons aren't scary enough already).  They act rather like ferocious canines.  In fact, Shigeru Miyamoto's inspiration for them was a dog attack upon his good self, which was thwarted by the dog reaching the end of his chain.

Bullet Bill Plush Character

Bullet Bill Cuddly Toy

I was so stuck on this level, the first time I encountered a Bill Blaster in Super Mario Bros.  I don't know what was up with me.  I still dream about trying to get up that hill!

The cheer, when I finally did it, must have been heard for miles.  Happy days.

Thereafter, I could do it every time.  I timed each jump, dodged each Bullet Bill and made it to the top without incident.

For this reason, my main recommendation for the Bullet Bill plush toy is for it to be awarded as a kind of medal.  Accomplishment.  Valor in the field of running up pixel cliff-faces.  That sort of thing.

And if this becomes real, then I deserve one!

More Super Mario Plush Characters

Recreate the world of Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser in your room. There are plush toys for many different characters and attributes within the Super Mario universe.
Bowser never looked this cuddly before! Check out the bosses in the Super Mario plush toy collection.
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Seelyon on 06/20/2015

So many cute Maria toys!

JoHarrington on 03/03/2013

The same thoughts are dawning upon me too.

Paul on 03/03/2013

It's dawned on me that I need more plushies in my life.

JoHarrington on 03/03/2013

Paul - Those Goomba plush toys would soon squish if they were on my floor. I'd leap from the furniture onto them, then knock myself out trying to get coins out of the brickwork with my head.

JoHarrington on 03/03/2013

Yes, but I could so see the likes of me and you with them. In fact, I have a friend with a Creeper plushie as his Skype avatar. It's so the adults here! *glances at my Yoda plushie* *smirks*

Paul on 03/03/2013

Shame you can't see them squish though! :(

Paul on 03/03/2013

Jo - I've never seen any children with plushies like these before. It's again one of those weird marketing directions.

JoHarrington on 03/03/2013

I'm just in love with the Goomba! The expression on their faces makes me laugh every time.

Paul on 03/03/2013

I love the bullet bill and chain chomp plushies! I want them.

JoHarrington on 03/03/2013

They are cute, but they also have that cool chic too. I always thought it would be adults more than kids to buy these. :)

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