Superman and Batman Pint Glasses with Detachable Capes, People

by Regi_B

For superhero collectors, geeks, and fan boys -- maybe that is redundant? -- inspired, dishwasher-safe pint glasses with capes you can remove.

One beautiful thing about capitalism is the creativity that comes with trying to make a buck. The items in this article are certainly inspired by creativity.

Whether you are a Batman fan or you lean more toward Superman, there is now a pint glass for you -- assuming you are also a pint glass fan.

With the detachable cape included, these may be the best "full-featured" pint glasses I have ever seen. (What is a "full-featured pint glass"? It is something I just made up right there. Go with me on this!)

While we do not live in Gotham or Metropolis and these superhero pint glasses will not always save the day, a set could well save the party!

What Are Superhero Pint Glasses?

Some genius somewhere -- you will note how "inside", inspired, and in-depth my knowledge and retelling of these nifty products are -- came up with this idea to go beyond the norm of imprinting superhero logos on drink glasses. Why stop there! These glasses need accessories -- accoutrements! And thus, came to be Superman and Batman pint glasses with capes, people!

With each, you get what you might expect -- a pint glass with your favorite Justice League superhero's emblem printed upon it -- and something more -- the nice touch of a removable cape. (It is attached and detached with a simple silicone band -- as the glass is dishwasher-safe, but the cape? Not so much.)

Batman Pint Glass with Cape

When you go for a Batman pint glass, you get The Dark Knight's logo printed on glass.

With it, comes Batman's cape in a set-up so ingenious not even Bruce Wayne could have come up with better -- it goes on and off the glass via a silicon band. Nice!

When this glass comes in the mail, you will be saying, "Holy kegger, Batman!" or something way more original than that!

Superman Pint Glass with Cape

Sure, sure -- you have pint glasses, but how many of them can fly?

Okay! I KNOW the Superman pint glass can't fly just because they put a cape on it, but if it could. If it could!

Your Superman pint glass with cape will be a head turner, though. People will be all, "Hey, Bro! Where'd you get that?"

And you can be all, "This cool, funny writer Regi B told me about it," and I will thank you -- with good wishes and humble whatevers!

What to Put in Your Caped Superhero Drink Glass

  • Water,
  • Other liquids that are safe to drink, and of course,
  • Never Kryptonite, no!

Got to Have a Superhero Pint Glass with Cape Right Now?

Updated: 03/27/2012, Regi_B
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Regi_B on 03/28/2012

Thanks for saying so, Terri! I like these glasses a lot! Each one would probably make a great gift for most any fan of Batman or Superman. I'm hoping to find a Wonder Woman glass with a cape, to give to my wife.

TerriRexson on 03/28/2012

Very cool! Definitely a fun gift for a superhero fan.

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