Supernatural Episode Guide: "The Great Escapist"

by LizM

Episode Guide for Supernatural Season 8, Episode 21: "The Great Escapist"

We're getting close to the end of Season 8 and scattered plot points are beginning to collide in typical Supernatural fashion. That is to say a lot of blood, pain, and new plot points. Just how sick will Sam get? What with Crowley do with Kevin? Do they finally find the third trial? Read on and find out.

Where We Left Off

The previous episode, "Pac Man Fever" left us with:

  • Sam getting sicker
  • Kevin kidnapped by Crowley
  • Castiel still on the run

Written and Directed By

Director:  Robert Duncan McNeill
Written by:  Ben Edlund

Guest Stars

Curtis Armstrong as Metatron

"The Great Escapist" Summary

Warning - Here Be Spoilers

Crowley has Kevin locked up in a replica boat with two demons impersonating (badly) Sam and Dean.  Kevin still won't tell the demon boys where first half of the demon tablet is hidden, saying all the information is on the walls.  The demon boys give Kevin Crowley's half of the tablet saying they took it from Crowley and Kevin gets to work on translating the third trial.


Castiel is still running from Naomi and her goons and is flipping rapidly through all the Biggerson's locations so that he is basically everywhere and nowhere all at once.  This confuses both Naomi's troops and the servers at Biggerson's.

Meanwhile, the real Sam and Dean are back in Men of Letters headquarters.  Sam is very sick and Dean is bumbling his way through trying to care for Sam but actually gets things rights by asking Sam to let him help instead of just grumbling like he usually does.  They are interrupted with a video email from Kevin.  The video was set to autosend if Kevin didn't cancel it which, as a distraught Kevin screams, means he's dead.  Thinking Kevin is dead, the boys pour over the notes Kevin included in the email, hoping they can figure out the third trial on their own.  Sam spots a symbol he recognizes from college as used by a tiny remote tribe of Native Americans and means "messenger of God."  Legends surround the tribe about blessings so Sam insists they go because it has to be Metatron and that they go there at once.


Back to Castiel, in order to get Castiel to sit still a moment, Naomi has her goons murder everyone in the Santa Fe, New Mexico Biggerson's except for one waitress whose eyes were burned out and keeps repeating a message for Castiel, "you have to stop."  Naomi and her goons show up and begin to interrogate Castiel for the location of the angel tablet.


At the tribe the boys find a casino with no guests since 2006 and a tribe member who perfectly matches a man in an antique photo leading Dean to guess that really long life must have been one of the "blessings."  Sam starts remembering tiny details from his childhood very clearly and relates a heartwarming story of Dean reading to little Sam and a story about Dean riding a "farty donkey."  Sam continues to get sicker and spikes a 107 fever forcing Dean to put Sam in ice water to save him.  When Sam wakes up he leads Dean to a room filled with books and they find Metatron who has been hiding for a very, very long time to keep the archangels from trying to use him and is unaware of the current situation.


Crowley shows up at Biggerson's and takes Castiel from Naomi with the help of bullets made out of a melted down angel blade.  Turns out one of Naomi's goons is actually on Crowley's payroll.  Crowley shoots Castiel in the gut and then pulls the angel tablet out of Castiel's gut.  Crowley leaves to handle a developing Kevin situation and Castiel and the angel (Ion) alone.  Ion tells Castiel he doesn't know what it was like, always knowing everything that Naomi had made them do because she never completely erased the memory of the angels working closely with her.  Castiel pulls the angel bullet out of his gut and presses it into Ion's eye.


Kevin realizes the demon boys are fake Sam and Dean and winds up confronting Crowley.  Just as Crowley is choking Kevin, Metatron snatches Kevin away and leaves Crowley burned fairly badly.


Metatron heals Kevin and explains he could enter the boat because he is the scribe so he just "erased" the angel wards.  The third trial is revealed to be to "cure a demon."  Metatron tells Dean it has always been about the choices humans make and that Dean must consider the cost of closing the gates of Hell and what the world would be like with Hell closed.


Sam and Dean leave and are presumably heading back to the Men of Letters headquarters (without Kevin who we can only believe stayed with Metatron) when Castiel suddenly appears in the middle of the road.


  • Third trial is to "cure a demon"
  • Metatron alludes to possible downsides if the boys close  the gates of Hell
  • Sam believes the trials are purifying him from the demon blood
  • Kevin suggests there is much more on the demon tablet than just the way to close Hell


Dean:  "Want me to do the whole airplane thing, with the spoon? When’s the last time you ate?"

Sam:  "You rode a farty donkey."

Sam:  "You really haven’t heard of us? What kind of angel are you? We’re the freakin Winchesters!"

Castiel:  "In the words of a... good friend, bite me."

Crowley:  "So, my demons were too polite?"

Updated: 05/04/2013, LizM
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