Swarovski Crystal Ornaments

by Digby_Adams

Glam up your Christmas Tree with sparkling Swarovski Crystal Ornaments

If you love a Christmas tree with lots of light and sparkle, then add crystal ornaments. There is no other type of Xmas ornament that will make your tree shine more. Swarovski crystal ornaments are created by world-class artisans and are the top of the line when it comes to crystal Christmas ornaments.They are really crystal gemstones for your tree. Some people prefer all white lights for a very sophisticated look. I on the other hand love a riot of color as the ornaments reflect light.

Make Swarovski Ornaments a Family Tradition

Each year Swarovski creates a crystal snowflake ornament. I live in northern Maine where snowflakes are the rule in winter. My family lives nearby. For years my Dad has given my Mom the annual snowflake ornament. This is to keep her spirits up because she hates snow and driving in it. She also hates to think about her children out and about in it as well. 

If you have someone like a favorite aunt that you never know what to give, you can give her one and then each year give her next in the series. 

Many people believe that angels are real and that they help them in their daily lives. These are actually spiritual beings that help them in their struggle against the forces of evil. Other people believe in earth angels and the good works that they do. If you believe in angels you'll love including Swarovski angel ornaments on your tree. 

Angels are often thought of beings of light that fight the dark forces of evil. Including a sparkling angel on your tree will remind you and your family of the true meaning of Christmas and the fight for salvation. I have a good friend who always puts a crystal angel on her front door Christmas wreath to keep her home safe.

Angel ornaments are a wonderful holiday pick-me-up gift for people who are having a rough time. Even if they don't believe in spiritual angels, they will take comfort in your concern for them.

Swarovski Crystal Angel Ornaments

It's easy to see why the Aurora Borealis Suncluster is one of the most popular items that J'Leen sells. While it's not an offcial Swarovski design, it is made with Swarovski crystals. This impressive three-dimensional design with bright any part of the Christmas tree that you put it on. It measures only 1.25 inches. So it's perfect on a Christmas wreath as well as the tree. 

Most of the Christmas ornaments made with Swarovski crysals are transparent and clear. However, the one big exception of Swarovski crystal Santa ornaments. Swarovski Santa ornaments have lots of bright red embellishment. In addition to Santa, you'll find a red Santa's hat ornament and Santa's mitten ornament. 

Red is the new neutral and it looks great on any color Christmas tree. Of course if you have  a traditional green tree, it will look wonderful. I am the youngest of seven kids. By the time I came along my Mom had scads of Santa ornaments. She created an advent wreath, to help the kids understand how long it was until Christmas Eve. She had the ornaments in a box in an envelope with a number. As the smallest I always got to put the Santa on the wreath on Christmas Eve. (In the morning Mom added a Baby Jesus ornament).


Swarovski Santa Ornaments

Jay Strongwater Ornaments for Swarovski

If you are a fan of artist Jay Strongwater, you'll be thrilled that he creates pieces for Swarovski. His distinctive art pieces and designs are coveted by homeowners everywhere. Make your Christmas decor very special by including one of his pieces. 

Mother-in-law tip: If you're meeting her for the first time or spending your first Christmas with them, this is a name that is certain to impress her. 

Updated: 09/13/2014, Digby_Adams
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WriterArtist on 10/15/2014

I have always been enchanted with glassware, it is so magnificent and a piece of art when treated. A bit understated when compared to diamonds, it can be put to so many creative uses. Swarovski crystals are one of them - love these beautiful, sparkling ornaments.

VioletteRose on 09/15/2014

These are so beautiful!

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