Tactical Flashlight Reviews

by Tested_to_Destruction

Looking for the best tactical flashlights on the market? Here are the top five reviewed and compared.

A tactical flashlight can be a useful type of hand tool, particularly when you need a work area or specific task illuminating. All jobs are not equal and some require that you perform them in poorly lit locations or when working on detailed close work.

An led flashlight is compact, lightweight and can be attached to a tool belt or holster - which keeps them close to hand. Originally designed for use with firearms, they're flexible enough to be used in the world of the construction industry and really can become a handy tool when you're shuffling around crawlspaces or trying to refit pipework in a tight space that lacks any decent light whatsoever.

The five best tactical flashlights are featured below. They're the best value for money, the best selling in their category and the best overall quality and design.

Streamlight 88850 Polytac LED Flashlight with Lithium Batteries, Black

This is a five star rated tactical flashlight and worth every cent. Compact and lightweight, it will deliver a stream of light that is surprisingly bright and effective. If you need to cast strong light from an easy push button source, this is the one to consider around the 40 bucks mark. The LED ability is top quality - C4 technology and the on-button is located in the base - allowing you to manipulate it one-handed.

It's under 6" in length, weighs only 4.1 ounces and with the diameter being only 1-1/4", you've got a rugged small flashlight in your hand that will happily produce around 130 lumen's of light for up to three hours at a time. The housing is durable - nylon polymer - and the beam is focused, superbly bright and to be honest - behaves like a mini-floodlight. Superior quality and lighting at an affordable price. Highly recommended.

Streamlight 88850 Polytac LED Flashlight with Lithium Batteries, Black

The super tough Streamlight PolyTac LED Flashlight is made of high impact nylon polymer to withstand heavy tactical or outdoor use. This handheld flashlight features a bright LE...

$49.86  $46.59

Streamlight 88031 Protac Tactical Flashlight 2L with White LED Includes 2 CR123A Lithium Batteries and Holster, Black

This is a top quality tactical flashlight and covers all the bases required for illuminating working areas. It's incredibly lightweight at under 3 ounces, slim, long enough to grasp in hand (or mouth as the case may be) and throws a respectable arc of light wherever you direct it.

It's powered by a pair of lithium batteries and will stand up to rugged use. It's also waterproof - another bonus. The on/off switch is conveniently located in the tail cap and a snap to operate and you can also switch between a variety of beams - high beam, strobe and low beam. It comes with both a flashlight holster and a belt clip, so you can choose which method suits you best re carrying. Shockproof, user-friendly and built to last - and all for a little under 45 bucks.

Streamlight 88031 Protac Tactical Flashlight 2L with White LED Includes 2 CR123A Lithium Batterie...

The combination of small size and C4 LED output results in one of the brightest tactical personal carry lights for its size. The Streamlight ProTac 2L professional tactical flas...

Only $49.98

Streamlight 88005 Night Fighter NF, C4 LED Tactical Flashlight, Black

This is an expensive enough LED tactical flashlight but well worth the purchase price. The housing is aircraft aluminum - which offers plenty of durability and longevity. It's powered by a pair of standard lithium batteries (included) and it throws out enough light to illuminate the darkest of spots.

It comes with a wrist strap and a belt or pocket clip, waterproof and able to withstand being dropped and knocked about, it's a quality flashlight that's built for a hard days work. Heavier than the previous models at 5.2 ounces, it doesn't feel overly detrimental when in hand - the weight is a non-issue due to the ease of use. The light is that strong it's almost blinding and overall it's comparable in quality to models with twice the price tag. A great 'bang for your buck' choice.

Streamlight 88005 Night Fighter NF, C4 LED Tactical Flashlight, Black

Features machined aluminum construction with anti-roll design and an infinitely adjustable polymer grip ring. Tailcap momentary and rotary on/off switch. Removable pocket clip a...

Only $79.95

Denali Super-Bright 6 LED Heavy-Duty Aluminum Tactical Flashlight, 2-Pack

If you want a cheap tactical flashlight at an affordable price - this one's a great choice. In fact this is a pack of two led flashlights, which makes it an even more attractive deal. They're lightweight - the pair come in at under a pound, they're powered from standard AAA batteries, and they're both shockproof and waterproof.

They're designed for one handed operation - the on/off switch is located just below the head of the flashlight, and they're easy and comfortable to hold and work with. Light wise - they won't illuminate a large area but they more than adequately light up directly in front, which is often all you need in a tight space. A good quality pair of flashlights, nicely put together - bargain price, want buying.

MAGLITE XL100 LED Flashlight, Black

Another of the best tactical flashlights, this one from Maglite. Known for their torches and lighting equipment the world over, what does around 30 bucks get you from the company? You get 83 lumen's - more than enough to work with and surprisingly bright - shockproof, waterproof, a housing that's durable and definitely built to last.

Operation is easy - a tail-cap located on/off switch that will switch through it's five variable light modes in a breeze. You get low beam (dim), strobe, SOS, nightlight and signal. Not sure you're going to need the SOS when jammed beneath a sink but still - it's there if you need it. There's far more features than listed here and it really is a cracking little flashlight for less than 30 bucks. Treat yourself - Maglite lives up to its name with this one.

Maglite XL100 LED Flashlight, Black

This Maglite flashlight has four unique settings for effectiveness in the field. Choose from strobe, signal, S.O.S., Nite Lite, or "normal" settings. Engineered for optimum ligh...

Only $150.00
Updated: 06/25/2012, Tested_to_Destruction
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