Tall Men's Leather Motorcycle Jackets

by Digby_Adams

A leather motorcycle protects your skin, keeps you warm and makes you look great. Here's a great collection of leather motorcycle jackets for tall men.

There is nothing like riding on a motorcycle. It's a wonderful feeling to ride down the road and feel the wind in your face. However, it's important to dress the part. While leather motorcycle jackets look great, they are worn to protect the biker. If he is in an accident, high-quality leather will protect his skin. Other fabrics just shred. Tall men like to ride bikes and they can have a hard time finding good quality, comfortable and attractive leather motorcycle jackets in their size. Comfort is a major consideration when selecting a leather motorcycle jacket. Quite frankly, so is price. Just because you're a big guy doesn't mean that you have to spend a fortune to look good and feel good on your bike.

Tall Men's Leather Motorcycle Jacket from Size Small Tall to 6XL Tall

Very Handsome Retro Brown Style and Top Grain Buffalo Hide

My husband and I love to ride motorcycles and I'm always on the lookout for great moto fashion. This leather jacket is one of my favorites. It comes in tall sizes from Small to 6XL. So you big and tall bikers do have a great fashion choice. The Small Tall fits chests 37 to 38 inches. The 6XL chest measurement is 53 to 54 inches. 

Top Grain Buffalo Hide

What does top grain buffalo hide mean? It means the leather is made from the very top, outside leather layer. Buffalo hides are so thick, they can get several layers from each hide. The top grain has more natural, rough looking grain and natural scars. It makes it stronger than the split grain and looks better as you get that deep, rough grain look.

The buffalo made to make this jacket is not the American buffalo. It is water buffalo that are found in India and Pakistan. Indians and Pakastani factories are famous for well-made leather products. 

The jacket shown above is one of my favorite jackets. The top grain buffalo hide has a very attractive retro brown color. If you want a motorcycle that has vintage appeal, without the vintage price this is the one. 

Side Zipper

Comfort and Fashion Detail
Side Vents for Comfort
Side Vents for Comfort

These side zippers let you adjust the jacket for the perfect fit. They come in really handy when you're riding on a motorcycle. They are also an attractive design feature. The zipper is aligned perfectly on the seam and there is an leather zipper pull. 

Note how the zipper is fit into the design with the additional side seams and the finishes on those side seams. The side pockets also have zippers. When your riding down the road at 60 mph, you don't need your stuff flying out of your pockets. 

Of course when your walking down the concourse of your favorite mall, the zippers help protect you from pickpockets. Great designs like this is one of the reasons that moto fashion is so popular. You'll look good and be comfortable, even you don't ride motorcycles. 

Motorcycle Jacket Fashion Details

Air Vents and Liners
Leather Jacket Back View
Leather Jacket Back View
Leather Jacket Vents and Removable Lining
Leather Jacket Vents and Removable Li...

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Leather Supreme Men's Buffalo Hide Caf Racer Motorcycle Jacket

This men's quality retro brown genuine top grain buffalo hide café leather motorcycle jacket has a long list of features. Like a zippered air vent on each sleeve and two vertica...

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Riding on a motorcycle can be really hot or really cold. Your jacket has to let you adapt to rapidly changing conditions. This leather jacket does just that. Look at the picture on the left and you can see the back air vent. Of course, you do have to stop riding to open these yourself, unless there's someone sitting in back of you. On the right you can see zippered chest pockets that are also air vents. You can also see the removable lining. 

This leather motorcycle jacket is available on Amazon,on of the most trusted and popular shopping portals in the world.  CLICK HERE for pricing information and to purchase this jacket from Amazon. 

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Digby_Adams on 08/06/2015

I agree. I think the retro design is very sophisticated.

CruiseReady on 08/06/2015

Any one of these lovely leather motorcycle jackets would dress a tall guy to make a lady smile, but I like the brown one best.

Digby_Adams on 08/06/2015

Thank you WriterArtist. Leather is really necessary for motorcycle riders. Faux leather just doesn't stand up to the wear and tear.

WriterArtist on 08/05/2015

Love the elegance that leather brings in the "Haute Couture". A wardrobe is not complete without this glamorous attire. You have showcased some beautiful designs of leather motorcycle jackets and I like them all.

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