Tape Measure Review and Comparison

by Tested_to_Destruction

A tape measure is a must have workman's tool. Useful, ever ready, the top five measuring tapes reviewed.

A tape measure is one of the most basic tools in a tradesman's toolbox. Usually found hanging off the utility belt, close to hand and ever ready, they're a cheap enough accessory and, much like a measuring wheel, nothing else on the market will do the same job.

It doesn't matter whether you use a retractable tape measure or move up to a digital model - no other tool can provide the same results. They're common place and constantly in use and nothing quite feels so bad as putting your hand to your belt and finding it missing.

If you're looking for a replacement or simply need one as you're starting out, a good quality measuring tape is a definite must have. The five featured below are the best on the market, the most popular and great value for money.

Bosch DLR130K Digital Distance Measurer Kit

With an almost perfect five star rating, the DLR digital tape measure is the best measuring device. Being a digital model, it's accurate, delivers rapid results and it's incredibly easy to use. It works across four separate measuring systems, making it a versatile piece of kit. It's pocket sized so doesn't feel like a burden to carry and the laser technology is awesome.

It measures area, volume and length and has a 2 to 130ft range. It comes with four AAA batteries to get you started and can measure as you move - it re-calibrates automatically. It comes with the batteries and handy belt pouch and won't let you down in a tight spot - especially when you consider that it's accurate to 1/16th of a inch. Now that's what I call accurate. Worth every last cent.

Bosch DLR130K Digital Distance Measurer Kit

Utilizing precision laser technology, the Bosch DLR130K Digital Distance Measurer Kit provides fast, easy, and accurate measurements every time you use it. Pocket sized for easy...

Only $267.0

Komelon 4912IM The Professional 12-Foot Inch/Metric Scale Power Tape, Yellow

The five star rated Komelon is the best metric tape measure and whilst it doesn't have the fancy technology of the previous product, it does the job it was meant for. It hangs around until you need it, delivers results that are as accurate as your hand is steady and it won't fall apart in a tornado.

It's as cheap as these things can get, won't take a chunk from your hand when retracting and won't rust or bow out. The blade's got a nylon coating, the housing is chrome and it's good enough for pro use, hobby use or for something to have to hand round the house. Inexpensive, measures stuff - less than five bucks? Buy it.

Komelon 4912IM The Professional 12-Foot Inch/Metric Scale Power Tape, Yellow

Ergonomic case for comfortable grip. Impact-resistant case. Nylon-coated blade for maximum durability. Triple riveted end hook. English metric scale blade. Hi-Vis yellow case.

Only $7.27

Stanley 33-425 Powerlock 25-Foot by 1-Inch Measuring Tape

This is the best Stanley tape measure, though the FatMax is a close second. Comes with a belt clip on the housing, measures up to 25ft in 1/16 inch increments.The blade's lockable and it pulls out and retracts fluidly. On top of that, the blade has a Mylar coating, which helps promote longevity of use.

The other rather awesome little feature is the patented Tru-Zero hook, a little gadget that has a dual function: it's a hook that acts as a pivot for those times when you need to draw an arc or circle. It's solid, it's going to stand up to a lot of hammer and it's a Stanley. Top buy.

Stanley 33-425 Powerlock 25-Foot by 1-Inch Measuring Tape

The Stanley Powerlock 25-Foot by 1-Inch Measuring Tape is a classic, and for good reason. Designed for professionals and weekend warriors alike, this top-notch product offers ma...

$18.76  $13.95

Rolatape MM-12 Measure Maste

This is the best tape measure for measuring surface areas. It's the best there is when it comes to road surfaces, sidewalks, floor space and anything related to the need to use use a wheel measuring device. It's absolutely solid in it's construction, doesn't care if a surface is wet or dry and will forgive you for dumping it in the trunk.

It delivers fairly accurate measurements, almost as good as a standard measuring tape and the wheel circumference is 1ft. It's as good as it gets when you need to estimate distance, such as for accident investigations, or realty appraisals. It's not the cheapest, neither is it the most expensive but - it's definitely the best.

Rolatape MM-12 Measure Master

Measures in feet and inches; 1 foot circumference wheel; Limit 10,000 feet; 5 digit type w/push button reset; 3-piece telescoping aluminum handle

Only $102.49

LaserJamb ProCarpenter PMS25 Pad Metric Standard Tape Measure

The LaserJam is the best tape measure for the wood workers, the guys and gals that work in the carpentry trades. It covers both imperial (standard) and metric measurements and has an incredibly smooth retract action. It feels solid in the hand, isn't overly weighty and will clip to a belt - and stay there.

One of the coolest features on it is the mini note-pad on one side - it's as handy as it gets when you grab your pencil and need a place to write down the measurements before changing position. The housing is rubber cased to absorb shocks and knocks, it locks in place and even possesses an awesome little pencil sharpener. Lots of bells and whistles on this tape - and all for less than ten bucks.

LaserJamb ProCarpenter PMS25 Pad Metric Standard Tape Measure

Metric/Standard Tape. Metric measurements are to the mm; standard measurements are to the 1/16". Innovative tape with features not found anywhere else have made these easy-to-re...

Only $9.99
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