The Tetris Gods - The Most Popular Game In History That Influenced Generations, Art, Furniture, More

by Jerrico_Usher

Discover All You Ever Wanted To Know About Tetris - History, Pop culture/art, Tetris's Influence On The World And More...

I remember the early days of NES (that's Nintendo Entertainment System), one of the first drastically popular play at home consoles ever...

There was one game in particular that really became addictive to me, no not Super Mario Brothers or Donkey Kong, but Tetris (as I'm sure you guessed by the title of this article).

Tetris was created in Russia and the very first copies made the inventor NO Money- because the USSR owned the rights!

Tetris would become one of the most popular games of all time and even inspired pop culture art work, building designs, furniture, flower pot (modular) designs, and more. Let's go through the history and pop culture this brilliant game inspired.


Great Tetris Like Design For This "Block"!

"Tetris Apartments"
Around The "Block"


Tetris History, Cool Facts, And More...


Tetris History In A Nutshell - Discovery Channel Presentation/Show

(the video on the right is the real first tetris game on the same computer it was invented on

Tetris Music (play as you read for inspiration?)

History of Tetris Game Invention

Tetris was first conceived in 1989 by Alexey Pajitnov.

It was built on the Elektronika 60 home computer, a very low tech device by today's standards.

He quickly rose to stardom because of his brilliant and simple game "Tetris" which became all the rage in Russia/USSR.

What bytes (spelling pun intended) is that he couldn't make any money from his invention because at the time it was owned by the Soviet state!

Tetris's journey began in Russian audiences PC's. It was so popular it spread across the entire Sovient Union and far into East Europe.

It wasn't long before it was a world wide sensation.


Alexey Pajitnov Inventor of Tetris
Alexey Pajitnov Inventor of Tetris
First Tetris Game On Electronika 60
First Tetris Game On Electronika 60

Interviews With Alexey Pajitnov Tetris Inventor


Tetris Uprising


1989 Nintendo

By 1989 Tetris became a huge global success story practically overnight. Gameboy later brought to life.

It was bundled free with the gameboy and this sparked a revolution even the inventors/rights Pajitnov holders didn't see coming!

Gameboy Tetris


Gameboy Launched Tetris Into The Stratousphere...

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2002 Marked A Turning Point For Pajitnov

(finally can profit!)

In 2002 Pajitnov moved to the United States and armed with full rights to Tetris (the USSR owned the rights for 10 years and it was now back to him owning the rights at this point).

Pajitnov began working for Microsoft as a game designer. Over the years he created all the successors to the original (various formats and for various consoles) Tetris including Hexic, Welltris, and many others.

Tetris actually has an entry in the Guiness Book of World Records as having the most "ported" game in history. To this day, nobody or no game has beaten it. This entry was made in 2010.

Tetris 2002
Glass Cube Tetris

Pop Culture and Tetris

Tetris became a pop culture icon. It was starting to show up everywhere from art to buildings (see Tetris Apartments at the very top of this article), to games played in Japan that tried to make a version likened to "human Tetris" where people run towards a cut out in a large piece of wood and had to run through shaping the body to fit in without touching the board (like in the Parker brothers game "Operation").

A guy named Peter Carter of Hastings College created a game where shaped glass cubes are placed one at a time on a game board to create a board game of Tetris (but not your typical board game). See the image above this paragraph to see it in action.

Tetris Buildings!

More Pop Culture Influences

The lights in the building shown on the video above were manipulated with computers to switch on and off to create the illusion of playing Tetris in real time.

In some cases the lights are not showing a preset illusion, but rather someone ACTUALLY playing tetris on a computer that is reflecting their moves to the computer controlling the lights.


I suspect this is the case with the above video. The blocks (windows) would fall just like on a computer screen giving each window or office in the building the job of performing the job of a pixel! 

Tetris even went green. You can actually buy "Tetris Pots" by French Designer Stephanie Choplin.


Some Great Humor From College Humor

Modular Shelving You can keep adding to In Tetris Style

Tetrad Bamboo Shelving (10 Block set)
Brave Space Design
Tetrad Bamboo Shelving (5 Block set)
Brave Space Design
Only $1570.00
Tetrad Mega Shelving (5 Block set)
Brave Space Design
Only $3500.00

Ikea has/had a selction of Tetris block shaped shelves and furniture (stairs?)

Tetris Furniture
Tetris Furniture

The Purdue basketball team were given a treat when a bunch of students in the first row came dressed as various Tetris blocks!

Nobody really knows why, but it sure looks like a great deal of fun doesn't it?


Slideshow History of Tetris Releases

And Of Course The Offline Non Digital Version Game (like connect 4?)

Tetris Link
Techno Source
Only $31.50
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Wournos on 12/11/2012

This brings back memories!
My all time favourite version of Tetris was a black and white version for Mac (early 1990s) that had typical Russian music and static images of Soviet ice hockey players and Vasilij cathedral.

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