Texting Gloves for Touch Screen Devices

by eslevy17

Buy some texting gloves for use with a smartphone or other touch-screen device so you enjoy technology without freezing your fingers off!

Touch screens have become increasingly ubiquitous in our technlogy-driven culture, and soon enough they'll be found in every device imaginable. But when winter hits, they become nearly useless, or we have to deal with frozen fingers whenever we want to send a text or answer a phone call.
Luckily texting gloves are readily available, not any more expensive than ordinary gloves, and popular enough to come in all sorts of styles to suit all sorts of fashionable fanaticism.

How do texting gloves work?

Hint: Magic!

Smartphones and other touch screen devices can sense user input in a number of ways, though one commonly used method (the one found in the iPhone and similar devices) is to detect electrical currents. Whenever the user touches the screen with a finger, a little bit of electrical charge is transferred from the phone to the user. The phone registers where this contact occurred, and processes it as a tap. Yes, your phone electrocutes you all day long.

Texting gloves exploit this by simply placing conductive material, like particles of metal, into the fabric of the gloves. Instead of the current having a hard time moving around, like it does with fabric, the conductive particles offer it an easy avenue through which it can jump into your fingers.

Because many of the gloves have these conductive portions only on the fingertips, where they're most useful and the material is cheap anyway, texting gloves can be dirt cheap, and there's no reason not to get them over ordinary gloves. So let's do some shopping!

Unisex Texting Gloves

Ambidextrous, highly dextrous

So "unisex" will remain in the eye of the beholder, but these gloves are about as gender-neutral as one can find. Most inexpensive texting gloves consist of the knit variety, the kind that stretch to fit most hands, and can fit on either side.

There's quite a selection out there, from acrylic fabric to wool, and gloves featuring just a few touch-sensitive fingertips, and some that can be used with all 10 fingers. Some of them advertise the fact that they work with touch screens, and others try to be as subtle as possible, and look just like regular gloves. Shop around and take your pick and just remember to pick the right size, as many of these come in multiple sizes for different people.

For tougher gloves, check out some of the options listed further below. Knit gloves tend to be cheap, but might not last as long as you might like. People who live in colder climates or will otherwise make more use of the gloves should probably pick out something a little tougher.

Knit Texting Gloves

Inexpensive gloves for anyone
Wizgloves iPhone gloves, texting gloves, smartphone gloves (Color Black, Size: S/M)

Made of 70% wool, 20% polyester, 7% spandex and 3% silver nylon.Wizgloves let you keep your hands warm while you keep in touch with your device. Wizgloves interacts with your ...

View on Amazon

Agloves ® Original Touchscreen Gloves, iPhone Gloves, Texting Gloves

You can text with these gloves on! Agloves are lightweight, soft, warm, stretchy and slightly fuzzy knitted gloves. Made in the USA, these seamless, knitted gloves have high ...

View on Amazon

Touch Screen Texting Gloves (Medium) - Works on All Touch Screen Phones, Tablets and GPS

Your fingers no longer have to freeze when texting or using your tablet, just slip on a pair of these stylish knit gloves, features special conductive tips that work like a ...

Only $15.8

View on Amazon

SwypeGloves Black Texting Gloves - 'Streets of New York' Touchscreen Gloves

SwypeGloves (www.swypegear.com) Magic in your fingertips You've skinned your computer monitors, internet browsers and even your mobile devices to match your identity. Now, ...

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Joe Touch Screen Gloves - Classic Snow Flakes Black, yet all 10 fingers work on Touch Screen ...

Joe Touch-Screen Gloves are designed using special conductive yarns, so there is no weird fingertip sensors. It allows you to text, or use any touch-screen device-smart phone, ...

View on Amazon

Agloves ® Sport Touchscreen Gloves, iPhone Gloves, Texting Gloves

Agloves ® Sport are soft, warm, stretchy and slightly fuzzy knitted gloves made a bit thicker than the original Agloves for added warmth. Agloves are the top-rated touchscreen ...

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Texting Gloves for Women

Or people who don't care about colors

There's a saying in some sectors of the clothing industry when a product has been made to fit male bodies, and the manufacturer wants to expand into the female market as well. "Pink it and shrink it." Socks and gloves tend to fall into this category quite frequently.

That said, there are plenty of options for the ladies out there, from simple knit pink gloves, to more elaborate creations that hopefully will be as fashionable as they are functional.

For a step up from knit gloves, look further below for gloves that will last a lot longer, a must for anyone living in colder climates, or who might use them much more frequently, and want them not to fall apart quickly.

Women's Knit Touch Screen Gloves

Click for more options from Amazon!
Women's Texting Gloves (Gripper Palm, Stretch Fit)

These gloves are the best for texting for those colder winter days. Fits most ages 13+. Take a look at these product details: Index finger & thumb fold back to allow you text, ...

View on Amazon

Touch Screen Texting Gloves For Women Pink (1 Size fits All) - Works on All Touch Screen ...

Your fingers no longer have to freeze when texting or using your tablet, just slip on a pair of these stylish knit gloves, features special conductive tips that work like a ...

View on Amazon

Text Gloves - Pair of Texting Glove For Touch Screen Phones (Pink/White)

Our Touch Screen Phone Smart Gloves Feature: Super Warm Material Construction Form Fitting One Size Fits All Design Ambidexterious With Active Touch Screen Compatibility on ...

View on Amazon

CTM Women's Hi-Tech Knit Texting Gloves

If you have a touchscreen phone or gadget, these gloves are for you! Look trendy and stay warm while you send texts or use any touchscreen gadget without taking off these eye ...

View on Amazon

Tougher Texting Gloves

No more loose threads

While the above choices might be readily available and inexpensive, some people might want to invest in some tougher gloves that will hold up for quite a few seasons, instead of cheaper options that will inevitably unravel into a ball of yarn.

Tougher gloves can be found by the likes of Isotoner, as well as some of the larger brands such as North Face and Timberland. These will probably last for many years, and will be a lot warmer and more weather-resistant than the knit gloves, which tend to get soaked pretty quickly in the rain, and ripped apart when scratched against something.

These gloves will be more expensive, but you'll probably have them far longer than the knit gloves above, and if that's what you're planning on doing, these are the way to go. You'll probably save money by buying just one pair, instead of a new set of knit gloves every year or two.

Men's Tough Texting Gloves

Click to buy from Amazon
Isotoner Men's smarTouch Fleece Lining Touchscreen Compatible Glove

These gloves allow you to operate touchscreen devices while wearing them

View on Amazon

Timberland Mens Touch Screen Gloves

Use your touch screen device in cold weather without getting cold hands - Brand New Technology. The material is stretchy. These are not thick, so if you plan to wear them in a ...

View on Amazon

Women's Tough Texting Gloves

Click to find more models and colors
Women's smarTouch Stretch Gloves - Ultra Plush Lined

Stay warm and connected! These unique gloves solve the modern hassle of having to remove your gloves to operate your smartphone or other touch-screen device. A conductive ...

View on Amazon

Isotoner Women's Smartouch Matrix Nylon Gloves

This glove allows you to operate touchscreen devices while staying warm

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Updated: 03/03/2012, eslevy17
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