Thai Style Vegetable Fried Rice, Quick and Easy

by honeybee

Delicious vegetable fried rice. For vegetarians, this is a Thai style recipe, very simple, quick, and easy.

What is Chinese food? In western countries what we classify as food at the local Chinese restaurant, or Chinese takeout, is typically quite different than authentic Chinese food.

What about Thai food? First thought is usually, hotter than the blazes, so to speak.

Our Thai food, authentic Thai food, is diverse, but yes, also characteristically hot. Fried rice with egg and vegetables is a common staple meal item in Thailand.

Is everything in Thailand spicy and hot? We like spicy but not always desire the eye watering, five alarm fire hot spiciness that leaves your mouth and lips begging for mercy to stop eating it.

Vegetable fried rice, our Thai style, quick and easy.

Kao Pat, What?

Kao (cow), Pat (pat),  Pak (pawk), Si (s-eye), Kai (k-eye). That is Thai for vegetable fried rice with egg. 

Thai style vegetable fried rice, with egg, quick and easy.

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First 100 Words
Thai Vegetable Fried Rice

Thai Vegetable Fried Rice

Prep time 20 min  -  Total time 30 min  -  220 cal/serv
Ingredients for 6 servings
6 cups of cooked rice  • 1 egg  • 1 cube vegetable bouillon  • 3 tablespoons cooking oil  • 1 cup chopped mushrooms  • 1|2 cup chopped tomatoes  • 1|2 cup chopped pumpkin  • 1| cup sweet frying chilies

Step 1

Step 1

Put three cups of uncooked rice in rice cooker. Start your rice first, and then prepare vegetables while your rice is cooking.

Step 2

Step 2

Prepare vegetables. Wash thoroughly then chop. The seeds in the chilies are where most of the fire is. I usually split the chilies, clean out all the seeds, then chop. This time, I left the seeds in and just sliced the chilies. Depends on if you like a little or a lot of heat.

Step 3

Prepare your rice for making fried rice. Once my rice cooker, goes "pop", you know when it clicks from cook to keep warm, I always take a large wooden spoon and "fluff" the rice. This breaks it apart and makes it more presentable when eating, or in this case, it makes it easier for making fried rice. Less clumps.

Step 4

Step 4

Heat oil in your frying pan or wok, crush the bouillon cube. Break one egg and quickly scramble. Add your rice and stir thoroughly to coat rice with a bit of oil. Add all your vegetables and stir continually until vegetables are cooked.

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Details, Details, Details

Tips on enjoying spicy food and how to temper the heat

My Thai Vegetable Fried Rice is a vegetarian recipe, quick and easy. I like mixing some dense vegetables such as the mushrooms and pumpkin, with the softer tomatoes and chilies.

The fun and easy part is experimenting and adding things you like.

Fried rice is a bit of a misnomer as it is not really fried, in the strict sense, while cooking.

"Oil, oil, oil." One big taboo for our taste is food that is too oily. The primary reason I prepare fried rice at home is the fried rice we find at the food vendors on the street, is usually swimming in oil and often leaves our stomachs swimming some as well. We use minimal amounts of oil when cooking so the result is yummy and enjoyable, but not oily.

So what is the tip for tempering the heat of Thai food? If you observe Thai people eating, or notice in some of my recipe photos, there are almost always small cucumbers, chopped cabbage, or long beans. First, we love the taste, and the "crunch!" Second, eating these while enjoying a Thai spicy meal always helps dissipate some of the fire, but you still enjoy the taste.

Please look for upcoming recipes, including papaya salad, Thai chili dipping sauce, and Thai curry dishes.


Updated: 06/04/2015, honeybee
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honeybee on 06/10/2015

Pumpkins are very good in fried rice. We like the flavor and crunch.

frankbeswick on 06/10/2015

That sounds a good idea. I have pumpkins growing and this is another way to use them.

honeybee on 06/09/2015

Thank you for your comment. Yes, in Asia we have ready access to so many different vegetables. Our small pumpkins are very sweet and yummy. Adds a twist to fried rice. Enjoy!

honeybee on 06/09/2015


candy47 on 06/09/2015

I never thought of adding pumpkin to fried rice, but I like the idea!! I agree with you about too much oil in take-out fried rice, it's heavy and unpleasant. Good recipe, thanks!

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