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Pete Turner's book Whisper A Scream [Noche files 1] is the first in a Christian Horror trilogy that dose it right. Whisper A Scream should be in every horror fan's collection.

Whisper A Scream

The Best Christian Horror Novel ever written?

A few years ago I came across a book in my uncles house that sparked my interest. The book was called Whisper A Scream by Pete Turner. My uncle told me that he would give me the book under one condition. I had to read it all and tell him what I thought. This seemd like a pretty simple task. 

For those of you that don't already know Pete Turner's book, Whisper A Scream, is of the Christian Horror genra. Now, I would not call myself atheist and I would not call myself religios but I did enjoy this book a great deal. It has everything that a good horror novel should have. It has a believible story with in depth characters and engough susspence to keep you reading from the time you pick it up until page 302. 

Whisper A Scream is a novel about a man named Solomon Noche. Solomon is small town theripist in Retselville, Kentucky that is angry at the world and God as he is still dealing with the loss of his family. Every night Solomon is greated by horrible nightmares that lead him to uncovering a horrifing demonic plot. Each night his nightmares reveal to him yet agin another riddle that he must decipher in order to stop the return of Myiah, a demon hell bent on scacrificing children to the ancient god Dagon. 


Turner has written Whisper A Scream so well that I acctually felt as though I could feel Solomon's anger, pain, and fears as he takes on his journey of repentence. This book is a very fast read. And with almost every chapter ending in a suspence driven clifhanger it is hard to put down. I was able to read this book in one sitting. My uncle was suprised to find that I was ablt to return the book to him without even leaving his house. I have even created a Wizzley article about The Top Ten Scariest Books Ever Written where Turner's book Whisper A Scream. Needless to say, I am a big fan of Turner's work and am very excited to discover that he will be releasing the second book of his future trilogy in December 2011! The new book is called Whisper in the Woods! I wonder what Turner has in store for us this Christmas Season.

Whisper A Scream Accolades

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#1 ChristianThriller

#1 Religious Warfare

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#1 Christian Horror

#1 Christian Mystery


#1 Occult Horror and

#5 Mystery & Thrillers 

#1 Christian Science Fiction

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Whisper a Scream makes for a Great Christmas Gift

You can even get it in a Kindle Edition
Whisper A Scream: Noche Files I (Kindle Edition)

I know evil exists, I met it face to face Solomon Noche is a therapist in the seemingly normal small town of Retselville, Kentucky dealing with displaced anger toward God ...

Only $2.99
Whisper A Scream: Noche Files I (Volume 2 Paperback)

I know evil exists, I met it face to face Solomon Noche is a therapist in the seemingly normal small town of Retselville, Kentucky dealing with displaced anger toward God ...

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Whisper A Scream novel Video Trailer

Going Above and Beyoned

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