The 100 Episode Review: “The Human Trials”

by StevenHelmer

A review of the season 2 episode that first aired November 19, 2014.

Synopsis: Clarke (Eliza Taylor) is reunited with Abby (Paige Turco). However, the reunion is short-lived as she, with the help of her friends, sets out to find Finn (Thomas McDonnell) before he inadvertently escalates things with the Grounders. Meanwhile, it becomes clear the leaders at Mount Weather have an ulterior motive for providing shelter to the Ark survivors.

Guest Stars

Guest stars include Jojo Ahenkorah and Nisreen Slim.

Finn is Going Off the Deep End

My wife and I discovered this television series on Netflix last month and have been doing our best to get caught up on the show. This finally happened last night with this episode and, so far, I have to admit I’m intrigued about where the series is heading.

When we first started watching this episode, I had to main questions. The first was how far off the deep end has Finn gone? The second was how will Abby handle her chancellor responsibilities? And, this episode did a great job answering both.

As far as the question about Finn goes, he has definitely snapped. His slaughter of those unarmed Grounders probably should have been more shocking than it was but, based on his obsession with finding Clarke, I kind of figured something like that would happen. Of course, to be fair, the Grounders were partly to blame because, had they simply stayed put, he probably wouldn’t have pulled the trigger. I can only imagine what will happen next now that he knows they weren’t responsible for Clarke’s disappearance.

Abby, on the other hand, is somewhat intriguing. Early on in this series, she was a major protagonist that always seemed to be opposed to those in charge. Yet, the second she was handed the chancellor reigns, she adopted the exact same philosophy they did. And, while some of it obviously is related to being reunited with her daughter, I do have to agree with Raven’s (Lindsey Morgan) observation that Abby’s parental instincts seemed to be missing when she sent Clarke to Earth in the first place.

The revelation at Mount Weather about potentially experimenting on the 47 Ark survivors wasn’t really that much of a surprise. Their underlying motive became pretty clear the second they started discussing how the Ark survivors had a natural immunity to radiation.

What I am curious about, however, is what exactly they are trying to do to Lincoln (Ricky Whittle). They are obviously getting him and other Grounders hooked on something. But, I’m not sure what the substance is or their underlying motive for doing so. It’ll also be interesting to find out what kind of long-term effect it will have on that character.

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Final Opinion

Well, we’re all caught up and I am still as interested in this show as I was when we first started watching it. And, this episode was a big part of the reason for that because it really has me wondering what will end up happening next.

My Grade: A

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Updated: 06/29/2017, StevenHelmer
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