The Art of Colin Edward Mason

by Photahsiamirabel

Colin is a very dear friend of mine and a gifted artist. Since I retired, I have taken up the happy task of spreading the word about his art!

I first met Colin in the early 1980s. He had just finished as an art lecturer and was devoting himself to oil painting and playing the saxophone. It was as his alter ego, Oliver Tadpole, that we became partners in the musical and personal senses. We gigged together as Tadpole and Co, covering alternative cabaret and the poetry circuit with an act that comprised music, satire, poetry, acting in the great tradition and humour.

When Tadpole and Co had run its course as a musical act, Colin returned to writing and to painting. In recent years, I have showcased his art on Zazzle and on Squidoo and our current project, Thoughtscapes, is based on his more serious ink and watercolour paintings. We have also published a great children's book, The Cat, the Bat and the Burglar....

The Cat, the Bat and the Burglar

An Illuminated Manuscript and Spooky Tale for Children of All Ages!

The Cat, the Bat and the Burglar was one of Colin's literary projects and it took may years for him to produce. He wrote the tale in poetry and it is presented as an illuminated manuscript with full colour plates. The book is available is three versions, A4 comicbook format, A5 US trade paperback (on Amazon) and full colour hardback. It is a lovely story, the illustrations are beautifully done in bold, bright colours and it is well worth seeing. The links that follow will take you to preview Colin's book.

The Cat, the Bat and the Burglar

Colin's masterpiece in US Trade format - full colour throughout!
The Cat the Bat and the Burglar

View on Amazon

Bold and Beautiful Illustrations....

Places to see Art from The Cat the Bat and the Burglar!

The Cat, the Bat and the Burglar
Learn more about the book and preview some of the artwork here...

Persimew Designs
Featured products in Persimew Designs leads off with three posters. These are illustrations from The Cat the Bat and the Burglar


Colin Edward Mason on Zazzle

Thoughtscapes is Colin's new venture on Zazzle. Well, to be honest, it is a joint venture. Colin is not so experienced with the techie side of things and we let him concentrate on producing the artwork. It is my job to scan his pictures, produce workable prints and products, and publicize them as I am doing here. Thoughtscapes is intended to be a place for purists, we are not going into the more commercial art that Colin has previously produced for Persimew Designs. This is about expressing his ideas, not working to a commission and we present it as it is. Personally, I love these paintings, they are interesting and very difficult to classify....

Let's see what you think!

Persimew Designs

Commercial Art and Photography from Oliver Tadpole and Photahsiamirabel

Zazzle is a wonderful idea. It allows both artists and ordinary folks to design produce and sell art and photography. Unlike Moonpig, which relies heavily on already popular mainstream ideas and mass adverising, Zazzle is about originality! Zazzle has literally billions of available products, most of them customizable too. It often surprises me that we make any sales at all, but we have one or two products that we regularly sell in large numbers I am happy to say and quite a few that sell in dribs and drabs. 

How do you get found in such a huge market? Well, by sheer graft. You have to understand the power of tags and choose them wisely, but that in itself is insuffecient. This is where my part comes in and I often write pages to showcase what we have done at Persimew Designs. I would dearly love to get thousands of visitors a day, but at least I get some. 

The one drawback I have found with Zazzle is that some items are disproportionately expensive once you factor in postage. Postcards for instance... The answer is to buy when they are on offer and to buy in bulk! The deals on bulk items are MUCH better. Quality control is generally extremely good, so long as people don't stray too far from the guidelines when they customize! There are warnings if a picture  is too small and could pixilate if enlarged too much. There are red lines where details might be obscured or lost. Customers don't always follow those guidelines, but if they do they will be rewarded with something unique and beautiful!

More about Persimew Designs

Here we showcase some of Oliver's best art and a few of my photos and poems...

The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
One of Colin's illustrations to a poem I love...

Cute Cartoon Pigs...
The entire pig series, some beautiful, some bizarre...

Tadpole's Virtual Art Gallery
An early page of mine I did to showcase Colin's versatility. Some of these designs are amazing!

Images of Shakespeare
Designs by Colin for our joint venture on Zazzle. Those who love the theatre will like these figurative paintings of Shakespeare scenes.

Those Cartoon Hedgehogs Again...
Old Guthram's Almanac, the hedgehog series, Spinewise by Mothlight...

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