The Best Place to Learn Spanish

by katemcbride

Spanish can be learned in a number of different ways and in different places.

It is often necessary to learn Spanish for business reasons and some people just want to learn it for it's own sake. A number of options for learning Spanish are in high school, at night classes or from a tutor. The other two options are to learn it in a Spanish speaking country or to learn it in a home-study course. Each of these options will be briefly outlined in this article and are suitable for different potential Spanish students. So, whatever the reasons you have for learning Spanish, read on to help you choose the best way of doing so for you.

Translates as: We speak Spanish here
Translates as: We speak Spanish here

When you have made the decision to learn Spanish, the next move is to make up your mind about where you are going to study. Financial factors and time will influence  your decision to some extent.  Instead of making up your mind right away, have a  look at all the different choices for where you can learn Spanish. 

The most popular option is of course in a  school setting. Having said this, there are a large variety of different schools where a variety of Spanish courses are taught. It can be learned in the traditional high school setting where it is often taught as part of the curriculum that you can access.

Older students who do not qualify for high school may be able to avail of Spanish classes in the same school as a night class for example. Often, it is the same teachers that teach the High School courses that teach the night classes or they may be retired teachers with a wealth of knowledge and experience of teaching Spanish.

 You will usually find a full course of language studies in high schools and night classes which often include conversational classes. Whether or not you are going to college, there is no excuse for not learning Spanish.

Another option similar to high school is the community colleges that have been founded all over America to satisfy  the market for affordable post-secondary education and community service.  Often these small colleges offer classes for those who wish to learn or improve their Spanish.  They are lower cost  than the traditional universities, but they still have a good curriculum of courses to offer.

In many of the bigger cities, schools are available (operated on a business model) that teach clients who want to learn Spanish for a set price. It is common for these schools to focus on conversational Spanish before teaching grammar so they are very practical courses. They are often developed to address the needs of business personnel who need to learn Spanish for their business.

Getting local tutoring from a Spanish speaker is another effective way to learn Spanish in a practical way. A tutor can design a teaching program specifically for your needs. It can be so specific that categories of words you need to learn can be taught selectively. Working one-to-one with a tutor can be the most useful, practical way to learn Spanish especially if you need to do so for business reasons.

Of course, the ideal place to learn Spanish is in a country where it is the native language. This type of language learning is known as immersion learning. You are surrounded by Spanish speakers. It often occurs that you are in business situations with people who speak only Spanish.  This is a very effective and natural way to learn Spanish quickly. 

If you are in a country where Spanish is the native language, you can also go to school there to learn the language, thus fast-tracking your learning even more. Such classes are usually taught by native speakers and can be available in a community center and/or run as a business.

Spanish can also be learned from home through distance learning courses over the internet or as traditional correspondence courses. Sometimes the telephone is used in such home-learning courses to improve fluency and comprehension.

In summary, you should not have a problem finding somewhere to learn Spanish if you are interested in doing so. Consider the options as outlined above and make your decision on the basis of how much effort, time and expense you are prepared to give this endeavor and then put a plan in place to achieve your goal.




Updated: 09/12/2012, katemcbride
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