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Here are 3 of the best Savage Dragon paperback books that I personally thought was a great read and actually marked a return to form for the Savage Dragon and creator Erik Larsen.

Top Savage Dragon Collected Editions

Savage Dragon Paperbacks

Savage Dragon is a superhero comic book at heart with it's brilliant artwork and sometimes shocking storylines from the mind of Erik Larsen. Based in the City of Chicago the Dragon started off as a Cop for a long time frame of the books run until the change of the book with new and exciting ideas which made the book better as a result with other books like Savage World which put Dragon on an alternate Earth were things were really wrong with the Earth with strange creatures and super powered freaks running the World.

That's what draws you to these comics. The Savage Dragon bookis an unpredictable ride as you never ever know or can work out what may happen with the stories and the characters within the stories. Some characters after getting used to them being there are suddenly killed off and even the Dragon has had limbs sliced off here and there, but seeing as he has a really fast healing power just like Wolverine he can grow limbs back in a week or so.

The following 3 collected paperback books are the best ones that I recommend although I like all of them really. The first book United We Stand sees a few of the other Image Comics heroes taking on an arrogant Solar Man who goes about killing all Super Powered freaks thinking he is doing a good thing getting rid of them all but the heroes don't take it lying down as it's Murder. The story heavily centers around Solar Man and the Dragon's relationship with the public gets a beating in the aftermath of the super powered battle.

This is a good book, although if you are jumping on to this comic book title, then this book won't explain much of past stories, instead you may need to buy earlier collected paperbacks to get the full Dragon story which is recommended.

Savage Dragon is Copyright Erik Larsen. Images And Artwork Also 2011.

Savage Dragon - United We Stand

Dragon Comics
Savage Dragon: United We Stand

Image Comics  / $8.49  $15.99

Savage Dragon - Emperor Dragon

The End Of Dragon?

This is the story that helps to explain more of Dragons origin story and we learn that the Dragon wasn't originally the Dragon we know he was someone else Called Emperor Kurr who was going to destroy the Earth but was stopped before it could happen and his mind erased and substituted with Satellite TV information and dumped on earth burning in a field.

The book is a shock, but it's meant to be as this is not the heroic Dragon we've grown up with from the early 1990's but rather the evil villain that he was meant to be from the very beginning. Of course the books story moves along at a very fast pace and there are some fights a plenty as the world all goes to hell.

The twist at the end I didn't see coming. An enjoyable read this book.

Savage Dragon The Kids Are Alright

The Aftermath Of Emperor Kurr

This is the next book that follows on from Emperor Dragon and the book goes in a completely new direction with the title being all about Dragons Son Malcolm and some of his adventures are slightly mirroring his Fathers as he fights Cutthroats Son and Skullfaces Son too. A sign of the times of how this book is developing across another generation and also that the comic book itself has been publishing for nearly 20 years now.

There are hints that the original Dragon could still be alive somewhere in the Universe as the Krylans took what was left of Dragons old body. But until then the focus is on Malcolm as he tries to take over fighting villains and those wanting to take over the world with his step Sister Angel who is just as powerful as he is.

After all of these years this book still holds an interest to see what's going to happen next as you just don't know. That's the comic book geek in me that says that. The art has changed over the years but still is as dynamic as ever with Erik's use of ink pens and brushes which is apparent in his comic book panels. I suppose art styles would change over the years as it would need to evolve and try out new ways of drawing stuff to keep an artist motivated.

Savage Dragon is still as good today as when it first started, so I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for something different.

Savage Dragon - The Kids Are Alright

Comic Book Paperback Of Savage Dragon
Savage Dragon: Kids Are Alright

Only $16.99
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