The Cutest Dragon - Writing a Book

by jptanabe

For dragon lovers, or book lovers, or both - a lovely figurine of a cute little dragon writing a book. He's even got a quill pen!

As soon as I saw this little green dragon figurine with his quill pen sitting on a book I knew I just had to have him! Then I saw his adorable wings, cute little eyes, little hand holding the pen, and those toes on his feet. How much better can it get?

Of course, if you're not a fan of dragons there might be less excitement. But I'm a fan, born in the Year of the Dragon, collector of all things dragon, and writer who extols their virtues. So don't you think I should own this fantastic little dragon statue? And, I'm willing to share - there are plenty more available for all the other dragon lovers in the world too.

Where Should I Put Him?

I know the title of this piece says it's an outdoor statue. Well, it certainly could be. And it would make a wonderful addition to that fairy garden I'm always going to build. So, if you have a fairy garden, and maybe a kinder climate than where I live, go for it! Just remember to coat him in sealant before you leave him outside.

Since he's not really very big (just 4 inches tall) I think he belongs inside. I'm going to give him pride of place on my bookshelf. Will that encourage him to finish writing that book? Actually, as I think about it, I should really put him on my desk to encourage me to finish writing that novel I've been working on for months.

Are you a fan of dragons?

Do you have a great figurine collection?

More Cute Little Dragons!

This little dragon comes with a number of friends too - check them out below.

This collection of dragon statues has several adorable little dragons in a variety of poses. In addition to the writer, there are dragons reading (or maybe learning to read) the book written by the writer, one that's trying to look tough, and then there's one that's just gotten tired!

Reading dragons

This first cute little dragon is determined to read his book! Not sure if he's quite got it right though, he and his book are perched on top of a book!

The second one is doing much better - and he looks quite proud of himself!




Roaring dragon


This little dragon is trying to look menacing, but I think he just succeeds in being lovable!

He's only 2 inches tall, so he's doing his best.


Sleepy dragon

This little guy is just plumb tuckered out!

He's really cute, though, measuring a whole 3 inches.

Must be all that reading and writing by his dragon friends has got him tired.

Updated: 03/03/2023, jptanabe
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frankbeswick on 12/02/2015

Congratulations Jennifer.

jptanabe on 12/02/2015

Agreed, Candy. They are all cute. And thanks for the congrats!

jptanabe on 12/02/2015

Well, Mira, I like to think he's a supporter of my muse!

candy47 on 12/02/2015

Congratulations on 100 pages!

candy47 on 12/02/2015

I agree, the cute dragon writing a book with a quill pen is adorable! Indoors or outdoors doesn't matter. They're all cute!

Mira on 12/02/2015

These are a lot of fun. They would make nice little gifts at Christmas :) I like all of them! So the one writing a book is a little daimon, huh?:)

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