Mythical Creature Salt and Pepper Shakers

by jptanabe

Salt and pepper shakers from out of this world! A whole collection of salt and pepper shakers featuring mythical creatures.

I've long been a fan of mythical creatures, those legendary creatures that appear in tales and mythologies of all cultures, and I was surprised and happy to discover that a whole collection of salt and pepper shakers featuring these amazing creatures exists, available to add a touch of fantasy to your table.

I had to feature the dragons here, my special favorites, but there are also unicorns, elves, mermaids, gnomes, fairies, and even leprechauns. Something to make everyone's world fantastic!


The dragon is my favorite mythical creature, probably because I was born in the Year of the Dragon! Chinese dragons bring fortune and heavenly power. They are usually portrayed as having supernatural or spiritual qualities.

The Western version, like this gorgeous golden dragon, breathes fire and has huge wings for flying.  Nothing mundane about your average dragon, eastern or western!

Dragons are fantastic mythical creatures - they fly, they breathe fire, yes they can be dangerous. But Chinese dragons bring good fortune!

Magnetic Dragons

These are a must have for the dragon lover! They're so proud and colorful.
Dragons Magnetic Salt & Pepper Shakers


I love unicorns, they're really one of my favorite mythical creatures. Apart from their pure nature and special abilities, the fact that they are featured on the coat of arms of Scotland is also a plus for me!

They are always mysteriously beautiful, with their gorgeous long white tails and single spiral horns. How wonderful to have them in your home!

Unicorn Fields by Steve Harlan
Unicorn Fields by Steve Harlan

Lovely unicorn and pegasus

These beautiful creatures are really too attractive
Unicorn and Pegasus Attractives Salt and Pepper Shakers


Probably the best known of mythical creatures due to their appearance in fairy tales, fairies are a bit of a mixed bag. Some are really mischievous, tricksters who delight in fooling human beings. However they are also known to be helpful to those in need.

Fairies can be really cute. They have those gorgeous wings, they are pretty, they wear flowers in their hair, and they're petite.

Wouldn't you want some on your table?

Fairies are humanoid mythical creatures, probably the most commonly known of those that appear in tales of legend and fantasy, otherwise known as fairy tales!

Cute fairy couple

Love their butterfly style wings!
Fairies Fairy Magnetic Salt & Pepper Shakers

What's your favorite mythical creature?

All these are available as salt and pepper shakers!


Gnomes are strange little creatures. There seem to be various kinds. There's the traditional kind that seem to like dark places and gardens and have something to do with mushrooms. I suppose related to them are garden gnomes, that are usually statues although it is said that they come alive at night.

Then there's the "roaming gnome" of that online travel site.

All of them are rather short bearded little men with funny hats, and they seem relatively harmless. Kind of cute!


Then there's elves. They are often portrayed as similar to fairies but without the wings.

Elves feature quite prominently in "The Lord of the Rings" saga, where they seem to be long-lived creatures, as big as humans, mysteriously beautiful, but with pointed ears!

There are also "house elves" in the "Harry Potter" series. And I have to say Dobby was one of my favorite characters.

Then there are Christmas elves. Of course there are some really cute salt and pepper shakers with Christmas elves!

Cute Christmas elves

Have to say they look s a little bashful!
Publix Christmas Elves Salt and pepper Shaker 3" (H) x 1 3/4" (L) x...


Mermaids are quite special creatures - they are actually chimeras, a combination of human beings and fish.

Now that may not sound too enticing, but mermaids are always portrayed as beautiful sea creatures, lovely females with gorgeous fish tales. But watch out - they may use their enchanting voices to lure sailors to their death with their songs!

Of course the "Little Mermaid" is well known, both from the original story by Hans Christian Andersen, and more recently from the Disney movie. 

Beautiful Mermaids

One for salt and one for pepper
Beachcombers 3.55" Ceramic Mermaid Salt/Pepper S/2


The Irish Leprechaun is usually portrayed as a rather jolly little fellow (well they do usually have a pot of gold!).

But they can be quite tricky, especially if you try to take their gold away from them.

This happy little fellow is sure to charm all your guests. And he's got a magnet to keep his pot of gold close!

Learn more about mythical creatures

If you want to learn more about these fantastic creatures, check out these articles:

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Yes, they make fantastic gifts!

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Yes, I do! Any of them would add a fun touch to someone's kitchen or dining table.

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blackspanielgallery on 06/17/2015

You have a nice selection here.

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