The Everything 80's How to Guide

by katiem2

The 80's are back, the 80's fashions, games, sayings and even 80's candies are coming back. Get ahead of the new 80's trend with everything 80's here now.

This is totally tubular. You're about to get all the rad info on how to enjoy the 80's look and feel without being lame. There are a few things you have got to know before you can rock the 80s look. Take it from this 80's girl who grew up in a time when Reagan was president, fashion was loud and hair was big. I'll give you the 411 on everything eighties. If you have any questions leave them in the comments section at the bottom of this page.
The music of the 80's was very diverse. Today you even have your own new 80's tribute band to enjoy and they are the Rubix Kube. This band sings all the trendy songs of the eighties. Kick back and enjoy everything 80's

The eighties are a hot trend now. Get your Iconic 80's fashions on rocking in this totally rad Halloween fashions. Be trendy and a flash back this Halloween Iconic fave. 1980's

The Comeback 80's Fashions

The malls and online stores are packed with flashback eighties styles.

While you may not realize it, those floral jeans you just fell in love with are a major flash back from the eighties. I was shocked while out shopping with my daughters when they fell in love with floral print and bright colored jeans.  I had a major flash back.  I was their age when I was wearing the exact same thing.  As I looked around the stores I noticed all the 80's fashion stocking the shelves and racks.  It was totally rad!

Yes they bought the floral jeans and the bright colored ones as well. My eighties flash back continues.  I never thought my own fashion diva daughters would ever be caught dead in the clothes I wore when I was their age.  The high waisted jeans are even coming back.

Floral Jeans

Uggs are no longer the hot trend in boots. A green footwear otherwise known as Bearpaws boots is taking over and with good reason? Get great deals here on hot stylish boot!

Don't Forget Your Color Jeans

Floral and Color Jeans

Ah yes every girl had several pairs of floral jeans, jean shorts and even denim floral skirts.

These fashions were typically worn with lace tops. They were worn with many different bright colored tops and blazers which were also in style.

But lace was the really hot trend. Most girls had several lace tops, jackets and such.  I saw so much lace in the eighties you never catch me wearing it now.  I guess you could say I personally got tired of it.

The floral pants came in several different patterns and shades and yet the basic floral print was a standard fashion accessory in the eighties. Oh yea, the jeans were cut much higher, called high waisted jeans, they too are making a come back. Girls you're gonna love them as they are way more figure flattering than the low rise jeans.

Classic 80s Lace Top

This top has everything eighties.

It's a delicate functional lace with the off the shoulder cut giving you that everything eighties look.

You will want to pair this type of shirt with the 80s floral pants.

The white lace is perfect for matching every floral pair of jeans you own.  

Pair this with a brightly colored jacket and you've got the full look.

Plus add some retro 80's style jewelry, say some bright large earrings and a bangle bracelet or two and you've pulled it all together.

bebe Stripe Lace Off Shoulder Top

The eighties are a hot trend now. Get your Iconic 80's fashions on rocking in this totally rad Halloween fashions. Be trendy and a flash back this Halloween Iconic fave. 1980's

The 80's Jewelry

Here you have it the bright colors and geometric shapes.

The jewelry of the 80's was big too. Thinking back it seems most everything of the 80's was big in terms of accents.  

The hair was big, the colors were big with big hair accessories and jewelry, I think I even remember the shoes being big.  Was it the 80s when the tennis shoes got big and clunky too?  

Have fun wearing jewelry like this with what ever you like. Color blocking must have been invented in the 80s because we wore loud colors with things others typically would not, meaning our parents.

The eighties were a great time for self expression.  I think it was the first time when a wide range of very diverse groups expressed themselves as loudly as possible.  You have us to thank for the great big mixed social structure you now enjoy. We broke all the rules and the molds.

The Rubik's Cube

A big toy of the 80's

Rubix Kube

Check out the newest eighties tribute band.

This new band is taking the music scene by storm. They pair up with multiple 80s bands from the actual 80s. You can check them out here and see many more at youtube. Look for Rubix Kube in a city near you.  Note the 80s fashion style they be rockin!

Rubix Kube Video

Any Way You Want It
Updated: 05/12/2013, katiem2
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katiem2 on 10/04/2012

Jerrico, You said it and it is so true. Laid back and don't give a F##@

Jerrico_Usher on 10/02/2012

That took me back! I love how you used even the 80s terminology! (listening to the video above as I comment!) I miss the 80's it was a time of I don't give a F* wear loud colors, acid wash jeans, and crazy loud but cool shirts like dukes of hazard, cubert and more... nostalgia...

katiem2 on 09/14/2012

Brenda, I used to be able to solve the rubiks cube in under 60 seconds, I've gotten a bit rusty. I don't play with it like I did back then. Look out for all the 80's fashions they are back and packing the stores as we speak. :)K

BrendaReeves on 09/14/2012

Katie you are the same age as my kids. I remember all of that stuff. I bought a Rubik's Cube last January and I'm still trying to solve it. lol Great article.

katiem2 on 08/31/2012

Lisa, Thanks for the 80s slang.

Here's a list of 80's Slang for you to enjoy - Please feel free to add more 80s slang

Airhead - Someone not so smart
Ace - Awesome
Amped - totally pumped or psyched about something, excited happy
Bangin - Cool something well liked
Betty - A term referring to someone you don't like or think is a "B"
Big Time - Meaning Yes
Bogart - To hog something, take more than your share
Bounce - Means to leave, I'm outta here
Buggin' - Meaning someone is acting weird, doing something dumb
Jams - My music
Lame - Someone or thing that's not cool
Spangler - A friend, buddy or member of close circle

All These Meaning Something Really GOOD!
1. Wicked
2. Way Cool
3. Trippendicular
4. Totally Tubular
5.Totally Awesome
6. The Joint
7. Rippen
8. Major
9. Killer
10. Def - One of which I'm guilty of using all the time.
11. Cool
12. Cool Beans
13. Bitchin
14, Bad
15. Awesome
16. Boss

lisa on 08/30/2012

Totally rad its like everything eighties... Tubular.

katiem2 on 08/29/2012

Pinkchic, Good tip! Nice to here you too are a fan of 80s fashions. :)

Pinkchic18 on 08/28/2012

I am in love with 80's fashion, so glad that it is coming back! I rummage garage sales now days and you can always find a good selection of fashion items and accessories :)

katiem2 on 08/28/2012

lol thanks for stopping by everything from the next retro era. :)K

Ragtimelil on 08/28/2012

Good view of the 80s. I missed most of this since I was a folky.

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