The Secrets Of The Tarot Part 7 - The Fools Journey

by Jerrico_Usher

Discover the Fool's Journey and more exciting tools for learning the Tarot fast!

During the process of learning to read Tarot cards fluently, a student starts with the most limited methods and advances into less and less limited methods as they gain skill understanding and experience.

It's actually not very difficult to “read” Tarot cards if you know one spread and have a cookbook style set of interpretations to use.The most difficult part of the procedure at that point is properly phrasing your question.

evolution of tarot

As with all simplified things, there are obvious and restrictive limits. A great place to start is here: Free Tarot Course.

That course taught me enough to branch out on my own within 6 months. I printed the whole site out and made a book- a cookbook. The most fascinating part of the site, however, is the "fools Journey" story that ties the entire tarot concept together lucidly- even for the uninitiated!

(fools journey link below)

Fools Journey Page

The Fools Journey

The Fool's Journey is a fascinating and very easy to comprehend way to understand the cards completely and how they are merely a story of the real world, emotional, physical, relationships and more!

The difference between a Tarot reader and someone who uses books to interpret their readings is that a Tarot reader doesn't need a book to interpret a reading.

That isn't true because they have memorized a book, mind you: It's true because they genuinely understand the cards enough to succeed at what they are doing.

This allows them to start going outside the confines of what's in the books and truly start “speaking” and “hearing” the language of the Tarot.

It allows them to read for topics and subjects that would be impossible to use the Tarot cards for otherwise.

In order to genuinely learn to understand the Tarot cards, you need to do two things.First, you need to intimately know what each one is saying.

Knowing and understanding the “essence” of each card is what makes it possible to understand what it means in any sort of situation.

Second, you have to know what it means from experience.What does it mean when you get The Lovers as opposed to The Magician, when the question asked pertains to sex?

How does the interpretation differ between the two when the question is business versus finance?

How do you interpret a card differently if the question is asking about an open-ended time frame versus a finite time frame?

What difference is there when you are considering a day per card instead of a month per card?

All of these things are important factors in understanding what the cards are trying to tell you.

All of these things and more must be considered.In the few minutes it takes an experienced reader to understand the answer, they are considering dozens of aspects of the reading, almost automatically.

It all starts with simply paying attention to what the cards are showing you. The Fool's Journey will really force you to open your eyes and contemplate the cards in a different way, which will lead you to understand it much more deeply.

Later on you can even begin creating your own contemplation questions from what you learned for even more depth of insight.

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Updated: 12/01/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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