The Lalaloopsy Toy Line

by sciencestudent

Everything you need to know about the whimsical world of Lalaloopsy Land and it's adorable inhabitants.

The LaLaLoopsy dolls were once rag dolls, but as the story goes, they “magically came to life when their very last stitch was sewn.” They carry the adorable characteristics of traditional rag dolls with their extra long limbs, big heads and button eyes, but their articulated heads and limbs make them more durable for play and their clothes are completely removable so that you can swap their outfits around.


Aside from the outrageous level of cuteness that the LaLaLoopsies exude, they also have multiple other characteristics that make them an excellent toy choice. The many different characters have different pets, stories and personalities. The website includes fun activities for kids and the dolls even star in their own Nintendo DS game! With over 150 items available for purchase, the LaLaLoopsies are not only collectible, but give almost limitless food for the imagination.

The characters of LaLaLoopsy land are carefuly crafted to create believable characters with interests that will match any child.

The personalities are matched to the items that the “rag” dolls would have been made from in years past. An example of this would be Prairie Dust Trails- A brunette cowgirl-styled doll with a pet cactus who loves square dancing and rope tricks and was sewn on Annie Oakley’s birthday! Another contrasting character to Prairie Dust Trails would be the little red-headed boy, Ace Fender Bender. Ace was sewn from a mechanic’s clothes on Henry Ford’s birthday and loves taking things apart and has a darling pet monkey.

All New- Meet the LaLaLoopsy Littles!

The newest addition to the this adorable family is the LaLaLoopsy Littles line that includes eight toddler styled dolls with short arms and legs and oversized heads. They include Sprinkle Spice Cookie, Scribbles Splash, Trinket Sparkles, Pita Mirage, Specs Reads-a-Lot, Squirt Lil Top, Bundles Snuggle Stuff and Matey Anchors. The Littles have extra baby accessories available inlcuding a hooded towel, pajamas and a sleeping sack for tucking these sweet babies snuggly into bed.

LaLaLoopsies in a Three Inch Package: The Minis!

Also included in the vast Lalaloopsy family is the Mini Lalaloopsies line. The minis are 3 inches tall and come with articulated arms and legs, but are too tiny to be dressable, so they come with a huge collection of accessories and play things that you can collect for them. The themed dolls are spoofs of popular children’s characters including Cinder Slippers and Prince Handsome, Alice in Lalaloopsy Land with the Wacky Hatter, Snowy Fairest and Pete R. Canfly. You can buy playsets for them including a house, a treehouse, cars and all sorts of furnishings.

LaLaLoopsies on the Nintendo DS

The DS Game includes all sorts of features that allow you to explore the beautiful, expansive LaLaLoopsy Land, where each doll’s personality is matched by its home. In the game you can also choose your character and care for that character’s pet, and using your character you can bake cookies, grow flowers and visit the other characters that live in the “whimsical world of LaLaLopsy Land.”

LaLaLoopsy Tiny Tots?

The minis and littles can get confusing, but it gets even worse when you add in the term “tiny tots.” I’m not completely sure why, but a lot of people are trying to find “LaLaLoopsy tiny tots” and ask about them in my local toy stores, only to be directed to the Littles and Minis collections. There isn’t any such thing as a Tiny Tots line by LaLaLoopsy as of yet, but if they make one I’m sure it will be a winner, just like everything else they’ve produced!

Updated: 02/07/2012, sciencestudent
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