The Lorax - My Favorite Dr. Seuss Book

by kab

The Lorax is an amazing book by Dr. Seuss that addresses environmental conservation in a simple and direct way that will teach kids (and adults) about the importance of trees.

The Lorax: An Amazing Dr. Seuss Book on Conservation

My Favorite Dr. Seuss Book

Dr. Seuss has so many amazing books that it is hard to decide on just one as a favorite, but for me the one that stands out is The Lorax.  This book is beautiful and important story on the importance of conserving our environment. 

In the story, the Lorax, does what the trees cannot - speak up.  "I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees".  When the trees are being senselessly cut down, the Lorax gives reminders and warnings about the dangers of destroying the environment. 

This story is one that spans the generations.  People of ALL ages can enjoy this book, and when it was published in 1971 it attracted many to the environmental movement.  Plus, The Lorax has a sweet walrus mustache!

The Lorax

Buy the Classic Dr. Seuss Book Now
The Lorax (Classic Seuss)
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Eco Bags Help the Environment

As we learn from The Lorax, we must all do our part to help preserve our environment.  We need to avoid deforestation, water contamination, and air pollution. 

Carrying a reusable bag with you to the store should be a part of your plan to be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem. By carrying a reusable bag with The Lorax on it, you will remind others of their responsibility to the environment in a fun and cute way.

The Lorax Eco-Bag

A Plastic bag takes 1,000 years to decay in a landfill, so go reusable!
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The Lorax Plush

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The Lorax Pics

Loraxunless.The Loraxy2.d155 | i am the Lorax, i speak for the trees.IMG_20100912_181030he is the lorax!

The Lorax, Coming to Theaters

Tim Burton's The Lorax

Coming to theaters in May 2012 is Tim Burton's The Lorax with voices by:

  •     Ed Helms as Once-ler
  •     Danny DeVito as The Lorax
  •     Zac Efron as Ted
  •     Taylor Swift as Audrey
  •     Betty White as Norma
  •     Rob Riggle as O'Hare
  •     Sherry Lynn as additional voices

Dr. Seuss's The Lorax

The US has less than 4% of its forests left.


I Speak for The Trees Certificate

Includes 38 identical Awards

The Lorax Project

Using the Lorax in Conservation Projects

If you are planning a go green project with a group of students, scouts, or a church group, then consider using The Lorax to introduce the topic.  The endearing qualities of The Lorax and the images in this book may help grab the attention of the kids.

People of ALL ages respond well to this story.

This is especially effective when the project is tree related. Consider planting trees, raising money to protect rainforests, encouraging paper recycling and reduction, etc. At the end of the project, use these certificates to recognize the students who participated.

The Lorax Books & DVD

How to Help the Earth-By The Lorax (Step into Reading)

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The Lorax Makes a Great Gift

If you are going to a baby shower or a birthday party for a child, give the gift of The Lorax.  By raising our chldren to be environmentally concious we give them the chance to change their future.  We can give them the last truffula tree seeds, and let them grow a future that is bright and beautiful.

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ohcaroline on 06/03/2011

It's so sad to see what is happening to our forests and trees. This book is a great lesson and message about the environment.

JoyfulPamela on 06/03/2011

The Lorax has always been one of my favorites since I was little and now for my children. I really like that Lorax bag you show! : )

tandemonimom on 06/02/2011

Danny Divoto as the Lorax? Hmm, gonna have to think about that one.

HealthfulMD on 06/02/2011

Didn't know that the Lorax was coming to theaters soon. Good to see that the Seuss book is being used to teach conservation. That Dr. Seuss was ahead of his time.

mandeesears on 06/02/2011

Knowledge is key to change. Excellent article!

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