Gitanjali Rao: Filmmaker

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Gitanjali Rao is an Indian filmmaker who has focuses on animated shorts. Her work has won many awards, though is not well known in America (yet).

Gitanjali Rao: Filmmaker

Indian Film Maker Specializing in Animated Films

Gitanjali Rao is an Indian film maker who has created some wonderful animated films for which she has won many awards. 

She is a self-taught animator, thought she did graduate from Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art in  Mumbai, in 1994.

Gitanjali Rao's style of animation is filled with such emotion that it captures the audience into it.  When she illustrates joy, you feel joy.

Though much of her work is not readily available in the United States, clips are available online, and some shorts are entirely online (like Orange and Blue).

Printed Rainbow

An Award Winning Film by Gitanjali Rao

Printed RainbowPrinted Rainbow is a beautiful short film written, directed, and animated by Gitanjali Rao, in which a case of matchboxes unite a women with her cat.  The sounds and colors in this film are amazing! 

Gitanjali Rao's Painted Rainbow the Kodak Short Film Award, the Young Critics Award, and the Small Golden Rail in the Cannes Film Festival Awards in 2006 for Best Short Film. It won several other awards as well.

I love how this film, even without words, gives you a feel for the place it is set.  With the music and the georgous imagry even an American like me can feel like I am there in India with the character.

View another clip of Printed Rainbow

Printed Rainbow

Written, Directed, and Animated By: Gitanjali Rao

The Making of Printed Rainbow

Look at in-the-making photos of some scenes in Printed Rainbow

Corel Turotial featuring Gitanjali Rao's Painted Rainbow
A unique glimpse at the methods used by Gitanjali Rao for her digital animation


A film by Gitanjali Rao

In Orange, two women discuss love and one thinks back on love and the loss of love. 

Although the film never cleared the Indian censor board regulations, but it did win awards and was shown at festivals, and internationally.

I love how this film is like a moving painting more than an animation.

Have you ever been lucky in love?


Cannes Film Festival Jury member


In 2011, Gitanjali Raowas invited back to Cannes on the jory for the Kodak Short Film Award. Rao is the first Indian animation film director to be invited on the Kodak Discovery Award jury.  How rewarding this must have been for her!


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More Short Films By Gitanjali Rao

"Different art styles are like vacations. You don't repeat the same ones often, even if they are fun"
--Gitanjali Rao

More About Gitanjali Rao

IMDb: Gitanjali Rao

Official Website of Gitanjali Rao
Learn more about Gitanjali Rao's background, her other works, current projects, and more.

Interview with Gitanjali Rao


A Short Film by Gitanjali Rao

Blue is another of my favorites of Rao.  Being under two minutes in length it so quickly and effectively shows the joy and imagination that a little girl dreams - flying through the night sky playing games. 


A Work in Progress

Kaleidoscope is a project that Gitanjali Rao is working on, but is not yet finished.  I love how open she is with a work in progress that others might shelter from the world until it's completion.  I can't wait to see the finished product.

DVDs of Short Animated Films

They're Not Gitanjali Rao's, but Pixar sure knows how to do it.
Pixar Short Films Collection - Volume 1
Walt Disney Video
$19.99  $13.45
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WordCustard on 06/09/2011

These animated short films are right up my street! I love world cinema for the different perspectives and styles it brings and admire the vibrancy and emotion of Indian film, which clearly is at the heart of Gitanjali Rao's work too.

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