The Safest Decorative Houses For Garden Toads

by LPerry

Decorative, but safe toad houses for gardens offer protective shelter for some of the most vulnerable outdoor visitors; those cute little toads and other hoppers.

If your yard has a lot of toad visitors, it can be heartbreaking to see how vulnerable they can be around neighborhood cats, dogs, birds, and other wild animals.Even the simplest little shelter can offer them some safety from predators and give them a chance to survive. Decorative toad houses are not only cute, they give these creatures a chance to escape danger. Create a whimsical, yet safe garden with these adorable little homes.

Garden Shelter For Vulnerable Visitors

Garden ToadBuying decorative frog and toad houses for gardens is not only a way to create a magical outdoor environment, it can help protect one of nature's most overlooked garden visitor, the frog or toad. These adorable little amphibians rarely make their presence known in a big way. Sometimes, homeowners may not realize they have toads or frogs living nearby until it rains or becomes very humid outdoors.

Along with creating a frog-friendly backyard pond with plenty of plants like water lilies, your frogs and toads will feel more at ease having someplace to hide and rest. Frogs and toads are wonderful for keeping insect populations down in the garden. After eating 50 to 100 insects every night, they will want to kick up their frog legs and rest after such a big meal.

Small Openings Make It Harder For Predators

There is no point in having a cute house if anyone can just slide their claws in and snatch you out to eat you for dinner.Nor is it a pleasant thought to imagine an uninvited forked tongue slither into your front door ready to suffocate you to death.

When you think deeply about these products, you really must consider the little creature who may need to make them a home. A safe home. A cozy home. Hopefully a home that doesn't make it easy for you to be part of a fast food menu.

Below Are A Few  Housing Options To Consider

American Toads Love French Blue Houses

This looks like a pottery project I did in Junior High School, but it is one of the higher security styles that people purchase to protect their toad buddies.

 See The Other Colors Available

  •  Gets excellent reviews for effectiveness.
  • Can be set up at an angle to provide a back escape for the resident.
  • A Made-In-The-U.S.A. product.

Fancy Toad Dwelling With Separate Bath

Sometimes, you get a choosy toad who won't move in unless the property comes with a pool. You have to keep the skin moist, you know.

 Read Reviews And Opinions Here

  •  May work better digging a trench in the soil at the front door. The opening is small.
  • The separate water tray will need regular attention. 

For The Toad Who Prefers The Simple Life

 This is your  basic, upside-down-pot-shaped house that finds popularity in its simplicity of design.

 View A Toad Resident In His House

  •  Blends in beautifully among garden foliage for camouflage.
  • This design can be replicated if you are savvy with pottery making.

How Do You Measure A Wild Toad?

Well, you can't really. However, the best way to make sure your house will be suitable is to study the species in your area. The photos of these products can be a bit misleading about their true dimensions.

Some toads are too plump for these houses.The plump waistline may come from heritage, or from eating high-calorie bugs.

Some homes can provide shelter for multiple critters and even other species at the same time.

Must you squeeze the merchandise, human?
Pixabay Free

Pre-Made Toad Houses Come In Many Styles

People who want to make quick and inexpensive dwellings for toads find that using an old broken clay flower pot turned upside down can work in a pinch. However, many clay pots have a big drainage hole. If you were a toad, would you want a big hole in your ceiling? Upside down clay pots don't have much decorative value either. Toad dwellings come completely covered on top for protection. Most are made of porous ceramic/clay materials just like flower pots. Clay houses collect moisture, which they love. The styles are quite unique and interesting. Some are smooth and plain with a rounded shape. Others are so fancy they look like mansions and castles. Yes, they even come in two-story designs.

Embellished Houses Look Adorable In A Garden

These products come in so many different styles that any homeowner can easily find the type that blends into the theme of their garden. They can be woody and natural-looking and almost disappear into landscape. They can be used as a decorative touch serving a dual purpose. Some frog and toad houses are shaped just like,  you guessed it, frogs and toads. Some are very artistic in design. They create whimsy and ambience for outdoor spaces. The most popular styles are those that say a Toad or Frog lives here when family and friends come to visit.

Why Do Garden Toads And Frogs Need Houses?

Why do garden creatures like toads and frogs need houses? All animals need shelter and safety from predators. The nature-loving gardener puts these products in the garden to make it a friendly and inviting place for creatures to live. They need shelter from danger, extreme sun and bad weather. They love moist, shady places to hide and live. Having decorative toad dwellings in the garden is a conversation starter that brings awareness of the need to shelter them as their natural habitats become smaller and smaller. Frogs and toads can become the innocent victims of dogs, cats, raccoons, opossum’s, predatory birds and even pond fish.

Just A Few American Toad Varieties

American Toad (1)
American Toad (1)
Bufo americanus American toad
Bufo americanus American toad

McMansion, Or Simple Abode?

Which one is better?

The range of prices for these products really varies. There are top-of-the-line houses made to look like important sculptures of mystical garden mushrooms, magical castles with towers and many other great designs. There are V.I.T  ( very important Toad) two-story McMansions for the amphibian with discriminating taste. Some are small and inexpensive dwellings that kids are able to afford that will teach them about caring for wildlife. Most of these houses range from $15 to more than $90 for highly-decorative ceramic versions.

 Not only do these products add decorative value to an outdoor garden space, they make wonderful gifts when you can't think of anything to get the nature-lover in your life. They are wonderful teaching tools for children and those interested in biology. Frogs and toads simply jump for joy at their cool new garden houses. Sorry, I couldn't help myself on that one.

If You Have A Fancy Toad

Only a custom-built abode will do

Should A Toad House Always Have A Back Door?

Many novelty Toad houses only have an entrance door. Depending on where you live, this can be a death trap, or no big deal. Caring for these creatures doesn't have to be complicated, but they are vulnerable in the wrong type of shelter. They may be safer in a suburban Toad house, but it depends. 

Please Protect Us

We are so good for your garden

We might have faces only our Mama Toad could love, but we are wonderful to have in your garden. We love to eat all the delicious pests that want to chew on your plants.

Don't be afraid of us. We cant help it if we look a bit wrinkled. We might give you a wart or two if you pick us up, but we mean well.

Eastern American Toad
Eastern American Toad by Bnski, CC BY-SA 3.0

My Toad Rescue Adventure

Saving Mr. Stinky

When I was 15 or so, I lived in a suburban housing development that was rapidly growing. The outlying country fields were being bulldozed for new houses. After one particularly rainy weekend, the construction trenches became full of slippery clay-mud. It was in one these trenches that I found a cute little Toad struggling to climb out of the slick mess.

I slide down the bank to rescue the poor thing.Not only was he coated with slippery clay-mud, he smelled like raw sewage. I carried Mr. Stinky to my car, wiped him off with a paper towel and decided he needed a better place to live.

I drove him to a beautiful place, The Tridelphia Reservoir. There,I walked with Mr.Stinky through patches of ferns and shady knolls until I found the perfect spot to let him go. I will never forget you Mr.Stinky. I hope you were happy and healthy there.

Updated: 05/07/2021, LPerry
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LPerry on 04/29/2021

I know what you mean about rescuing a living thing from cruelty. My Sisters Grandchildren were given this horrible toy called a '' bug motel" and I absolutely hate it. I think these kind of toys teach kids how to be mean and insensitive to living creatures.

WriterArtist on 04/29/2021

Frankly No. I was too scared to hold any. Besides, I would not want to trouble any living being however small and trivial it might seem. I would shudder seeing kids of my age tying and playing with dragonflies. If at all, I wanted to rescue them from cruelty. We human species have taken others for granted for so many centuries that no matter what we do now, species keep getting extinct with irreversible climate changes. I do appreciate your gestures of saving these small little beings, they have a right to live. The toad houses you showcased are amazing.

LPerry on 02/24/2021

The spring peepers at your place sound quite entertaining. I love all the little creatures. It is awful when their habitats are destroyed.

DerdriuMarriner on 02/24/2021

LPerry, Thank you for the practicalities and products along with the pictures of faces not just Mama toads love.
The spring peepers are in the vernal pool bordering the back yard, what with the springlike weather in-between sleet for a couple three days and snow for a couple three days more. It's 12 years now that I've been doing wildlife mapping so I know and love the sounds of all the frogs and toads here, of which I must say that I find the American toad's the most beautifully lilting.

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