The Sixth Sense

by sandralynnsparks

The truth about what the Sixth Sense is and how it affects all of us in our daily lives.

Psychic Sense
Psychic Sense

"I See Dead People..."

Well, not necessarily...

What have you thought about today?

How much do you remember of your thoughts?

Ever wondered just how you perceive those thoughts? You can't see them, hear them, smell them, taste them, or touch them. At least, not usually. So what sense are you using to perceive them?

You are using your sixth sense.


Isn't that some kind of witchy thing?

No. We use it all the time.

We use it to perceive the information that goes directly into our brains, or is generated by our brains.

It becomes a psychic ability if we can sense a bit farther away than most of us think we can. It's like psychics are farsighted, while most people are nearsighted.

Exercise can make us see farther. Just how far can we go? That's an individual thing...

It Shouldn't Be A Surprise We All Have It

We just don't realize we can control it

Many people don't seem to know we have much more control over all our senses. We know we can physically change direction to see different things, or close our eyes to not see them. We can choose what we touch to some extent. We can plug up our ears, or take them closer to a sound, or turn up the volume on televisions and media players, for example. But, we actually have more control over all our senses without doing anything physical, by increasing our energy, and our attention. Focus sharpens all our senses without making a physical move. Meditation is an excellent tool for helping us strengthen our attention. Believing we can increase our control and practicing that increase every day can stimulate all senses to work better for us.

Why Should We Develop Our Sixth Sense?

Because It Becomes Our Best Warning System

To understand how important a well developed sixth sense is, it's a good idea to study your pets' reactions to incoming weather. Many domesticated pets have lost some of their edge, as we have, but if you watch a farm dog, you would see what I mean. One of the dogs here has a very keen sixth sense. He doesn't like being domesticated, and won't have anything to do with the house unless he senses very bad weather coming up. On the morning of April 28th 2011 I opened the front door and he fell through it in his rush to get in. He was not going to leave the house for the rest of the day. Hours later, the terrible tornadoes that destroyed so much in a path along Northern Alabama and Georgia occurred. During a time when one of the super cells was on a direct path to where we lived, the dog was anguished with panic. Suddenly, that panic stopped. I turned to the news, and found that the supercell had changed course. This was when the supercell was still over 100 miles away from us.

In the middle of the night he finally wanted out. I turned the news on again. The warnings for our area had just expired; the danger had passed us.

Using our sixth sense as a psychic sense is very much like picking up the weather as we sense the movements of conscious energy around the world. All energy IS conscious - we just don't have the scientific means to realize that fully, not yet. When we trust our sense and simply use it, without expecting too much of it except for it to go farther and pay attention to things our other senses can't pick up, it rewards us by becoming a stronger and stronger warning system. Realize that. Trust it. Use it.

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Updated: 07/15/2011, sandralynnsparks
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TerriRexson on 07/14/2011

I'm a skeptic. But I'll agree that we're not using our brains to their full potential.

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