Psychic And Physical Reality

by sandralynnsparks

What we see is not always what we get - the difference between the reality we perceive and physical reality.

What is the reality within us?
What is the reality within us?

What Is Reality?

According to the Miriam-Webster dictionary, reality is defined as:


1. The world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them: "he refuses to face reality".
2. A thing that is actually experienced or seen, esp. when this is grim or problematic: "the harsh realities of life".
How many worlds of personal reality are contained within physical reality?
How many worlds of personal reality are contained within physical reality?

Two Definitions Express Our Dual Reality

For reality is, at least on the surface of our experiences, two different things.

The definitions show our true dilemma: The first defines our physical reality, that which is determined by laws of physics and is relatively stable and trustworthy: Almost everyone experiences how the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, for example. But I stated "almost everyone" because those who are born totally blind don't experience the sun's seeming passage overhead. They can be told about sight, but sight is NOT part of their reality - they lack that perception. This leads us to the following:

The way we perceive things determines the second state of reality - what we perceive is real to us. That is what I call psychic reality. If you look up definitions of the word psychic, you'll find that a core definition of psychic is that which relates to or is perceived by the mind. The way we individually perceive things is the only way we can personally relate to reality. As perceptions vary from person to person, that means that psychic reality is also variable. What one person may see as "the harsh realities of life" may be a wealth of opportunity to someone else. What one person may see as delusions another may see as spiritual truths.

Psychic reality is the reality in which we have choice. What decisions we make in our psychic reality, affects physical reality, perhaps more than we know.Yet physical reality gives us a stable platform, a reality we share with others and can use as a common reference that allows us to relate to one another. We have a material world so we can show each other what matters. This is important, because psychic reality never gives us that stability or that lasting form of communication - it's different for everyone, and always changing.

How Does Psychic Reality, Well, Become PSYCHIC Reality?

Most of us are only open to the psychic reality that is close around us, and within us. We only perceive, with our six senses, what is happening to us. This is known as our local reality. Some of us are able to expand our energy and change the frequency of our energy waves so that we can resonate with, or touch, energies of consciousness and events farther away. These things are known as non-local reality. Our sixth sense, in partnership with our other senses, help us pick up this non-local information according to the strength of the long distance connection. In other words - most of us rarely achieve a "four bar" level of connection with our psychic abilities. Our brains - the centers of our physical "cell phones" - are usually hovering around "one bar."

The idea of "bars" can help you visualize your connection to non-local energy. Focus on raising the bars as you raise your energy, one at a time. Your brain will understand what you mean by using this symbol, and do what you ask it to do - raise the frequency of your brain waves, so you can sense things from other places more clearly.

How Do We Tell Our Reality From Our Imagination?

Imagination is a kind of intangible, fast moving thing. Psychic reality has more substance - but sometimes, just barely more substance. If that is not enough of an explanation, I apologize. The lines between what we imagine in our local minds and what comes to us from non-local minds is thin and very fragile. You have to pay attention to the things that come to you over and over again in order to understand what your psychic reality is like for you.

In the video below I tell about the time I went into a critical depression, and, in order to keep my life functioning, my brain somehow managed to borrow much needed energy by draining all the color from my vision. For several weeks all I saw was black and white. That was my psychic reality. I knew I was about to start getting better the day a single bean flower regained its color, and I could believe in the world's colors again. My psychic reality stepped aside and let my physical reality back in.

A Story of Psychic Reality Affecting Physical Reality

My brain made my physical world look black and white, during a deep depression.

How Can We Function If Everyone Has A Different Psychic Reality?

We have always dealt with this issue. You have to choose to respect or not respect that there are differences. Choosing to not respect personal realities limits how you can control the effects other people's perceptions have on your reality, and vice versa. Simply accept that no one sees things the same way you do, ever. Find a way to build a bridge from your psychic world to those of others, in all circumstances.

If this sounds more like a psychological lesson than a psychic one, you should know that sometimes there is no difference. How we handle psychic sense and reality depends on our psychological health.

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BrendaReeves on 06/27/2012

This is a very interesting article. I love reading articles about this subject.

Holistic_Health on 07/07/2011

I like the bar exercise. Sort of a psychic biofeedback exercise. Lots of gems in this article - thank you!

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