The Sprite

by cherylone

A poem (fictional **SIGH**) about a beautiful sprite who visits me one day and takes me on a tour to show me the world and my life in a whole new light.

Sprites are tiny, delicate and beautiful with wings of silvery threads. They hold magic and powers beyond anyone's dreams and they sometimes visit people to help them through their difficult times or just because. Is this the real definition of a Sprite? I don't know since I have never seen one; however, I can immagine the beauty and delicate charm that they would carry with them for all to see.

My imagination

My imagination takes me to so many places and on so many adventures without ever having to leave my room.  I dance on the moon, drink from the fountain of youth and fly with the birds.  Okay, not really, but my imagination sends me to so many places that help me to see things in such a different light.  Like this poem below about a sprite that visits me and takes me on a tour of the world as she sees it.  How powerful such a tour would be if it were real and how beautiful the world would be if some of the mystical creatures we hear about, think we see, and believe in would actually appear to us in the 'real' world we see each day.  Come join me as I meet my sprite and begin to see things differently.  

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The beginning of my trip

Image by NemoI woke up one morning from the sun in my eyes

I blinked once or twice and to my surprise

There sat a woman dressed all in white

Her wings were clear, she was a Sprite


“Hello,” I softly spoke so as not to scare

She smiled and waved as if to say ‘come here’

I rose from my bed and to my delight

I became as small as the beautiful Sprite

We flew to places unknown

She took my hand and off we flew

To see the world from a very different view

She showed me things I had never seen

And took me places I had never been


Suddenly the sun began to sink real low

The sprite flew to my room with me in tow

She smiled sweetly as I grew to my size

Then she flew out the window waving her good-byes

The world

World Explorer Map
17th Century World Map

The bright sun

Forest Sunbeams
Redwood Forest

The journeys end

I looked about me and saw anew

The things I have and the things I do

Because of the things that I had seen

I would never be the one I had been


I hope that soon she visits once more

But till then I’ll think of the tour

She gave to me in the bright sunlight

Showing me in my life there was light

I believe in Sprites, Fairies, Dragons, Gnomes, and any other creatures of magic and beauty, do you?

Are you a believer?
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I know I am.

This video shows what appear to be actual fairies and sprites

Updated: 11/27/2012, cherylone
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cherylone on 12/10/2012

Katiem2, I am glad you liked it and I hope your daughters really do love it. I hope, some day, I get to see my sprite in person.

katiem2 on 12/10/2012

Great tribute to the magical sprite, the video is amazing. My daughters are going to love this. :)K

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